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Marianna Amper is a tenacious leader being a trailblazer in the field of technology. CIO Women Magazine is proud to introduce her as one of The Most Inspiring Women Leaders To Watch Out For In 2023. 

Marianna Amper’s impressive career trajectory is a prime example of determination and resilience. Marianna Amper‘s designation as a key decision-maker in a prominent technology company is a testament to Marianna Amper’s capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is also a reflection of the trust and confidence placed in her by her family, who have always been her strongest supporters and advocates. 

With their guidance and assistance, Marianna Amper has been able to cultivate a healthy work-life balance, allowing her to excel in both her personal and professional life. This balance has lent her a visible and contagious passion for her work, driving her to achieve her maximum leadership potential. 

Incode, established in 2015, was founded with the purpose of revolutionizing the digital identity space. Since then, Marianna Amper and her team have been at the forefront of this effort, tirelessly working towards creating seamless and efficient practices for KYC and KYB onboarding processes. 

Marianna Amper’s success can be attributed to a combination of her hard work, unwavering determination, and the support of her family. She serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the impact that can be made when one’s personal and professional life is balanced and aligned towards a common goal. 

In its nascent stages, Incode functioned as a photo-sharing platform that utilized facial recognition technology to facilitate the transfer of photos. The company sought to offer users a novel way to preserve and share their cherished memories. 

However, the difficulties posed by traditional forms of identification, such as physical IDs, passwords, and paper-based forms, led to a reconsideration of their approach. 

In 2018, Incode pivoted to focus on identity verification, recognizing the pressing need for secure and seamless customer experiences in the enterprise sector. Today, the company offers an Omnichannel Biometric Identity Platform, which seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing software and facilitates user verification through biometrics captured via a mobile device. 

To ensure the privacy and security of users’ data, Incode has automated the process of document verification against government databases, while avoiding the storage of photos. Instead, images are transformed into hashed alphanumeric data, which cannot be linked to a specific individual or unscrambled to form a face, even in the event of a data breach. 

With its advanced and highly accurate identity verification solutions, Incode is revolutionizing industries such as healthcare, retail, and finance on a global scale. Incode Omni and Fan ID represent the world’s most cutting-edge and precise identity verification offerings. 

Marianna Amper’s success and the success of Incode are a clear testimony to the support and encouragement of those significant individuals in her life- her husband and three kids, and her dedicated team, who continuously spur her on to attain greatness. 

Getting to know Marianna Amper 

Recollecting on her journey to success, Marianna Amper would impart this quote to her younger self – Flying high with perfect balance. This phrase underscores the critical significance of maintaining balance within oneself, for once achieved, the skies are the limit. 

This idea of balance is something that has been instilled in her from an early age, particularly by her family who have always encouraged her to believe in her abilities, pursue and achieve her goals, and, most importantly, balance her career and personal life. This balance has been essential in enabling her to fully chase her dreams while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Marianna Amper holds her brother, Ricardo, in the highest regard and has unwavering trust in him. From the onset, Ricardo possessed a visionary outlook for Incode, recognizing the need to revolutionize the way enterprises interact with and earn the trust of their customers. 

His exceptional leadership style, characterized by unwavering dedication and hard work, has been a major source of inspiration for Marianna Amper, who fully believes in his mission to transform the digital landscape. 

“My experience in this dynamic and creative industry has contributed greatly to my development as an entrepreneur.”

The Game Changer 

Incode is changing the game in the world of identity verification, by providing world-class solutions that enable a world of digital trust. 

With its innovative solutions, Incode is unlocking the full potential of various industries including finance, government, retail, hospitality, and gaming. This transformation of human interaction with data, products, and services is done by reducing fraud and increasing the level of trust. 

Incode’s identity solutions are based on its commitment to delivering advanced and precise technology. 

The key to Incode’s continued success is its strategy of investing in partnerships. These global partnerships across every industry ensure that the technology remains ahead of the curve, constantly driving innovation and progress. 

The results of Incode’s partnerships and commitment to innovation are evident in the company’s technology. Its solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses and consumers in the modern world, delivering seamless and secure authentication experiences. 

The combination of cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence has made Incode the leader in the field of identity verification. With a focus on delivering universal solutions, Incode continues to reshape the way people interact with data, products, and services in the digital world. 

Roadblocks Along The Way 

Every industry faces its own unique set of obstacles that can impact business operations and customer relations. In order to stand out and succeed, companies must effectively navigate these challenges and maintain the quality of their customer relationships, brand reputation, and employee satisfaction. 

Marianna and the team at Incode faced their own set of challenges as they worked to establish their company from the ground up. The task of building a finance department and developing a cutting-edge product with a dispersed team operating across different time zones and locations was a formidable challenge. However, their determination and hard work paved the way for their continued success. 

Marianna Amper adds, “Despite the repeated, you’re crazy and your business is going bankrupt, it was important for our team to remain committed to doing meaningful work and removing limitations in society and for our team. This experience has allowed me to meet people who constantly show me the true meaning of hard work, passion, and dedication.” 

Incode has set itself apart from its competitors by focusing on building a company culture based on trust and empowerment. The company wants to bring in the best talent and provide them with a platform to innovate and grow. 

Despite starting with a small team, Incode managed to secure two rounds of investment and reach the status of a unicorn company by the end of 2021. This is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the leadership team. 

Nonetheless, Incode is rapidly growing and creating new opportunities for itself and its employees. Marianna Amper, the leader of the company, believes that fostering the limitless talent of the team will take Incode even further and help it to achieve greater success in the future. 

The company is excited about the new experiences and opportunities that lie ahead. It is committed to helping its employees thrive and reach their full potential. 

Navigating Through The Pandemic 

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated the move towards digitalization, putting pressure on businesses to adopt stronger security measures they may have previously overlooked. Finding a quick and reliable solution in the digital identity verification market, however, has proven to be a challenge. 

But Incode has stepped up to the plate, introducing Incode Omni and Fan ID, two platforms that seamlessly streamline end-user onboarding while providing enhanced security measures through the use of proprietary machine learning, computer vision, anti-fraud, and digital onboarding components. 

With its ability to quickly respond to the demands of the pandemic, Incode has proven to be a crucial player in the digital world, able to provide a trusted solution for the growing number of new use cases and pain points. 

Success Speaks 

Incode places a great deal of importance on a culture that prioritizes results. During the company’s early stages, finding the right balance between growth, product innovation, and stability was a significant challenge. 

Marianna Amper still places great importance on this, even after achieving Unicorn status. The company is well-known for its commitment to fostering a diverse workplace, recognizing that this is the key to providing exceptional customer service. 

In an effort to drive transformation and inclusion within the identity verification industry, Incode is a proud Silver Sponsor of Women in Identity, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of female leaders. 

The company aspires to be a leading employer for talented, diverse individuals in the industry. With this focus on inclusion and diversity, Incode is poised to continue its growth trajectory and remain at the forefront of innovation in the field. 

Marianna Amper says, “Today, we are proud to have Incoders in more than 20 markets around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Serbia, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Singapore.” 

Team For The Win 

Marianna Amper’s passion for technology and innovation is never-ending. Marianna Amper’s family and the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the Incode global team provide her with a constant source of inspiration to drive the digital identity revolution forward. 

With a team she can fully trust, she is confident in their ability to overcome any challenge that comes their way as long as they work together. The unique perspectives and experiences of the team members bring new ideas and approaches to the table, which helps drive the company’s growth and success. 

In other words, the combination of Marianna’s drive and the diversity of the Incode team make it a powerful force in the world of digital identity solutions. 

A Step Ahead 

Incode is revolutionizing the onboarding process with its cutting-edge technology that provides fully automated solutions, supported in 190 countries and for over 4600 types of documents. 

Not only is the technology NIST compliant, but it also provides lightning-fast results, far surpassing the traditional human-led verification process which can take anywhere from 90 seconds to three days. The company is taking enterprise benefits to the next level with its truly no-code solutions. 

“We’re on a mission to redefine the relationship between organizations and the customers they serve to reimagine trust.”

Incode’s cutting-edge technology empowers individuals and organizations by providing access to essential services, enhancing security both physically and digitally, and minimizing costs to facilitate smooth and cost-effective transactions. 

As a trailblazer in the digital identity industry, Incode’s unwavering commitment to delivering an effortless, user-friendly experience for both enterprises and their clients is underpinned by strong advocacy for promoting a more equitable and balanced industry landscape. 

Diversity and inclusiveness are ingrained into the company’s cultural fabric, and Marianna Amper is steadfast in her belief that fostering a diverse workplace is crucial for her team to perform at their peak levels of efficiency and creativity. 

Word of the wise 

Marianna Amper 

VP Strategic Finance 

As a young woman growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I learned that my own perspective on business is invaluable. I was lucky to have the support of a family who taught me to follow my dreams despite any hindrance to my success due to being a woman. 

They instilled the idea that with enough determination, my success was limitless. I have carried this with me throughout my entire life, and it has allowed me to reach my full professional potential. 

Personal experience has shown me that it is often difficult for women to balance their lives as both professionals, and mothers. I find it very important for women to strive for success and follow their dreams, as my family raised me to do, in turn setting a bold example for their children to follow.



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