McDonald’s: The Largest Fast Food Chain Temporarily Shuts US Offices, Reportedly Preparing for Lay Off Notices

McDonalds: The Largest Fast Food Chain Temporarily Shuts US Offices, Reportedly Preparing for Lay Off Notices | CIO Women Magazine

The largest burger chain, McDonalds Corp announced on Sunday that it will be temporarily closing its US offices this week. The move comes ahead of the company’s other major announcement to inform its employees about the layoffs which will be taking place as a part of McDonald’s broad company restructuring.

One internal email to the US employees and some international of Mcdonalds last week asked them to work from home from Monday through Wednesday. The Wall Street Journal report further also said that this was so that the company can deliver its staffing decisions virtually. Although, it is still unclear to how many employees will actually be laid off, but the company is still planning the move.

“During the week of April 3, we will communicate key decisions related to roles and staffing levels across the organization,” McDonald’s said in a message.

McDonald’s temporarily SHUTS US offices, to announce LAYOFFS | World Business Watch | WION

According to the reports Mcdonalds’ has also asked its employees to cancel any in-person meetings, with vendor’s or even with outside parties at its headquarters.

At the start of the first quarter of the year, McDonald’s had released a statement saying that the company would be reviewing its corporate staffing levels as a part of its updated business strategy. The company also said that this move could lead to layoffs in some areas while there could be expansion in some others.

The corporation is expected to start announcing its key decisions from Monday.



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