Google collaborates with Replit to compete with GitHub

Google collaborates with Replit to compete with GitHub | CIO Women Magazine

Microsoft initially made its artificial intelligence-powered Copilot platform available to developers in December 2022 for $19 per month. By utilizing open-source code, this platform allows developers to quickly build reference code for a variety of projects. Recently revealed a new Google collaborates with Replit Inc. to build a platform akin to GitHub Copilot that will also distribute AI-infused code to developers. Although the specifics of Microsoft’s and Google’s business models differ slightly, both aim to provide developers with comparable results.

A Joint Announcement

According to a joint announcement by Google collaborates with Replit, the company’s main Ghostwritter app will be powered by a modified version of Google’s new language-generation AI. While a small group of test users can use Google’s Bard AI chatbot, which is powered by the company’s most recent LLM models, vice president of Google’s Cloud June Yang hinted at a more tailored language-generation AI for Replit’s needs that will house a combination of various systems to handle a variety of developer tasks.

Probable Impacts of the Decision Google collaborates with Replit

Replit has hosted its 20 million Ghostwriter customers and more than 240 million projects using its own AI for about the past seven years. However, soon Replit will be able to use the power of Google’s new AI to help it secure larger enterprise contracts since Google will also use its channels to distribute the platform to its partners.

On the other hand, Microsoft, which owns GitHub, tried to work with OpenAI in 2020 to build a cooperative AI-driven developer platform. The vast repository of GitHub open-source code is made available to developers through Microsoft’s commercial Copilot plans, which cost $19 per month. However, it is currently unknown how Replit and Google intend to set up their monetization strategy around an updated Ghostwriter platform.



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