Google allows users to check generative AI with Gmail and Docs

AI in Gmail and Docs: Google allows users to check generative | CIO Women Magazine

Two weeks ago, Google provided an overview of the generative AI features coming to Workspace applications. Today, public testing of these features AI in Gmail and Docs has started.

The United States commercial, business, and educational users (who are over 18) are all included in the current trusted test programme. This “small group” that Google asked to participate in the programme must sign up and opt-in, with the option to withdraw at any time.

Generative AI in Gmail

You can use generative AI in Gmail to create anything from an employment cover letter to a birthday invitation. Users can also ask Google to edit their writing, adding more details or condensing it down to bullet points. Additionally, there is the option to “Formalize” a note, and Google has demonstrated an amusing “I’m feeling lucky” option that adds humor and uses other amusing stylistic choices. (e.g., emoji).

We’ve seen Gmail for Android in development, and Google has already shared what the UI appears like. The choices are made visible by a floating action button (FAB), which appears in the lower right corner of the compose screen.

The Google Docs’ AI

Similarly to this, Google Docs’ AI can rewrite text to be more succinct or more thorough. It can even be used to write music lyrics or draught blog posts. On the internet, there will be a “Help me write” button that, when clicked, expands to show a prompt input. After that, Google generates your request and gives people the option to “generate/View another” and “Refine.” After that, you can edit it by “Inserting” it into the present document.

Participants in the test program will be able to provide feedback on AI in Gmail and Docs, which Google will use to improve and iterate the generative AI feature. For the first time, users outside of Google will have access to these Workspace features.



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