Microsoft Expresses Concerns over Apple’s App Store Changes in the EU

Microsoft Expresses Concerns over Apple’s App Store Changes in the EU | CIO Women Magazine

In response to Apple’s recent proposal to comply with the European Union’s tech regulations, major players in the tech industry are voicing their concerns. Following criticism from Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney and Spotify, Microsoft has joined the fray, stating that Apple’s App Store changes in the EU are “a step in the wrong direction.”

Apple’s plan involves the introduction of a new Core Technology Fee for apps operating on third-party app stores in the EU. Developers using these platforms would be required to pay €0.50 for each annual app install after surpassing 1 million downloads. Additionally, Apple would retain a 17 percent commission from developers opting for third-party payment processors.

Microsoft’s Xbox President Criticizes Apple’s Policy

Xbox president Sarah Bond expressed her concerns about Apple’s new policy, stating, “Apple’s new policy is a step in the wrong direction.” Bond, now overseeing all of Microsoft’s Xbox platform and hardware work, conveyed hopes that Apple would consider feedback and move towards a more inclusive future.

At the core of Microsoft’s discontent is its plan to launch an Xbox mobile store, designed as an alternative to the dominance of Apple and Google in the mobile gaming store space. The store, expected to debut later this year, would feature content from Activision Blizzard, including popular titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga.

Potential Implications for Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS

Microsoft’s reaction to Apple’s policy changes may have wider implications, potentially impacting the introduction of an Xbox Cloud Gaming app on iOS. While Apple recently opened the App Store to cloud gaming services, Microsoft’s response to the latest policy adjustments could pose challenges for their cloud gaming endeavors on Apple devices.

As the European Commission pledges “strong action” if Apple’s proposed solutions are deemed insufficient, the tech giant’s acceptance of cloud gaming services on the App Store remains under scrutiny. The industry is eagerly awaiting reactions from major players like Nvidia and other cloud gaming providers to determine whether Apple’s changes will prompt them to publish iOS apps for their services.

In the wake of these developments, it remains to be seen how Apple will navigate the criticisms and concerns raised by key industry players and regulatory bodies, particularly as its new regulations are set to officially go into effect in March.



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