Fed introduces a New Payment Mechanism that enables Quick Money Transfers

For Quick Money Transfers Fed introduce a New Payment Mechanism | CIO Women Magazine

FedNow, which enables customers and companies to quick money transfers and receive in seconds, was officially launched by the Federal Reserve on Thursday. The system enables Americans to rapidly pay for goods, make supplier payments to companies, or make payments to one another. It will have full access to finances right away and be accessible every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

The Backbone of Fast Payments

Although FedNow is not made available to people and companies directly, it will form the backbone of the infrastructure for fast payments through connecting banks. Quick money transfers from one bank account to another instantly is made possible by transactions, which take place between bank accounts.

Although the initial setting of the transaction limit will be $100,000, the maximum per customer credit transaction will be $500,000. It help Consumers to quick money transfers to businesses, businesses to consumers, or businesses to other businesses. According to Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, “The FedNow Service was built to help make regular payments and quick money transfers more convenient over the coming years.”

“As more banks decide to use this new tool over time, the advantages to individuals and businesses will include enabling a person to instantly receive a paycheck or a company to instantly access funds when an invoice is paid,” the article states. Unlike Venmo, which only allows transfers to and from your bank account, FedNow allows transfers to and from your bank account directly. Additionally, it isn’t immediate.

According to Rusiru Gunasena, SVP of RTP Product Management and Strategy at The Clearing House, consumers might believe that transmitting money through Venmo is instantaneous even if the app doesn’t provide real-time settlement. “Your wallet contains no cash on hand. Because of the complicated back-end procedures required to settle the payment, it is not a true real-time payment.

Federal Reserve launches ‘FedNow’ Quick Money Transfers system

Distinguishing from Conventional Methods

In addition, FedNow is distinct from conventional payment methods including wire, ACH, and cheque services. ACH transfers are digital money transfers from one bank to another carried out over the Automated Clearing House network.

A total of 35 banks of all sizes, including JPMorgan, Wells Fargo, and credit unions, are taking part in the service’s launch. The Fed is working to increase the number of institutions that help to quick money transfers and receive payments through FedNow. The provision of the service by financial institutions is not required in the US.

To handle the extended 24/7 operation hours, certain banks will need to modernise outdated payment infrastructures, accounting practises, and other back-office activities. The Federal Reserve believes that once FedNow is fully operational and widely adopted, people will be able to promptly receive and use their paychecks, and small businesses will be better equipped to manage cash flows without processing delays.



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