OnePlus Adds Nordic Blue Variant to OnePlus Watch 2 Lineup

OnePlus Watch 2 Now in Nordic Blue! Preorder Deals & Europe Launch | CIO Women Magazine

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In a move to expand its smartwatch lineup, OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone giant, introduced the OnePlus Watch 2 earlier this year. The device debuted with a sophisticated design and two color options: Radiant Steel and Black Steel. However, the company has recently unveiled a third color variant, Nordic Blue, though it’s currently exclusive to select markets.

Pricing and Preorder Deals

The Nordic Blue variant of the OnePlus Watch 2 comes with a slightly higher price tag than its counterparts. In the UK, it retails for £329, compared to the £299 price of the other models. Despite the price difference, OnePlus is enticing customers with a preorder offer. Those who preorder the smartwatch can enjoy a 9% discount, bringing the price down to match its siblings. Additionally, customers have the choice of receiving either the OnePlus Buds 3 or a Strap and Watch charger as a bonus. The preorder phase is currently underway, with the open sale scheduled to begin on May 7.

OnePlus Watch 2 Nordic Blue Edition makes better use of that big bezel

Features and Availability

Presently, the Nordic Blue variant is exclusively available in Europe and the UK. There is uncertainty regarding OnePlus’ plans to introduce this color option in other regions in the near future. This new edition of the OnePlus Watch 2 features a blue leather band with stitching, complemented by a silicone inner lining. The casing is constructed from stainless steel, distinguishing it from its predecessors. Notably, the numbers around the bezel of the watch stand out against a blue and white background, enhancing its visual appeal.

Powered by a robust 500mAh battery, the OnePlus Watch 2 boasts an impressive battery life. It runs on Google’s latest Wear OS 4, providing seamless integration with Google Assistant, Wallet, Maps, and other essential services. However, it’s worth noting that the OnePlus Watch 2 is currently only available in a single 46mm version, catering to users who prefer larger-sized smartwatches.

With the addition of the Nordic Blue variant, OnePlus aims to offer consumers more choices in terms of style and customization within its smartwatch lineup, further solidifying its position in the wearable tech market.

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