25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers

25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers | CIO Women Magazine

The business of a freelancer needs to-do list Apps for Freelancers, task managers, and full productivity software. How you want your to-do list app to look will depend on the size of your small business, the types of services you offer, and your preferences.

You might be a one-person freelancer who wants a simple task app that syncs well with the cloud and works with your favorite devices. Or, you may often work with a team and need certain features to help everyone get along and work well together.

Even though every user has different needs in a to-do list manager, some features add functionality, and looking at them will help you choose the best to-do Apps for Freelancers.

Here are the 25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers;

1. Wunderslist

This is the task manager I use right now. It looks like a native Mac app that has an easy-to-use user interface and is easy to customize Apps for Freelancers. It has most of the features listed above, like the ability to sort, prioritize, set due dates, make notes, sync with the cloud, and work with other people.

It doesn’t let you use tags and hierarchies to organize your tasks. It also doesn’t show the whole calendar or work with the calendar. Still, since it’s free, it’s a great solution that I’ve been happy to use Apps for Freelancers.

2. Teuxdeux

Teuxdeux is a simple task manager that you can use for free on the web and for a small fee on your iPhone. It syncs with the cloud. It has one view of the calendar, which is a weekly view with tasks for “Someday” shown below.

25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers | CIO Women Magazine

You can get up and running quickly because there aren’t many features and the design is simple. Collaboration, note fields, categorization, and other features you may need are not available. This is a nice, basic solution that could work well for freelancers who work alone and don’t need many advanced task manager features in Apps for Freelancers.

3. Tadalist

This app has been out for a very long time. I logged into the app with an account I hadn’t used in years so I could write this article. The app is just as simple, straightforward, and easy to use as it has always been. It fits with the “less is more” philosophy of software design by 37 Signals in Apps for Freelancers.

It’s easy to make multiple lists with many items, add notes, share them with other people, and finish tasks. It’s free to use, but it doesn’t have any helpful features like due dates, tags, or notes. It also has a well-thought-out mobile version that you can use when you visit the site on your iPhone.

4. Remember the Milk

Remember that Milk is a web app that can be used on many popular mobile devices. It can also work with Apps for Freelancers like Gmail, Outlook, and more. This task manager lets you make as many lists as you want, and each one can be prioritized, tagged, given a note, and more. It has features for sharing and more advanced options for notifying people. Some of the more advanced features of this list manager can only be used with a Premium subscription. Most of the features, on the other hand, are free.

5. Do it Tomorrow

Do it Tomorrow is about as easy as it gets when it comes to getting things done. The paper would probably be the only thing simpler. This app has a simple interface with two columns: one for tasks to do today and one for jobs to do tomorrow. Anything you don’t finish today will go into the column for tomorrow.

The interface looks great and has a lot of app choices for popular devices. There is a small fee for these Apps for Freelancers, but you can use them for free on the web. This app is great for simple task management, but it’s probably not what you need if you need to keep track of complex projects and deadlines. Here is a deeper look at Do it Tomorrow.

6. Toodledo

Toodledo is a powerful way to keep track of tasks. Tags, contexts, and subtasks are just some of the tools you can use to organize your tasks. It gives you a lot of ways to work with your different devices, like Apps for Freelancers, browser extensions, and more.

Toodledo has advanced options for customization, and Premium users can share tasks and work together on them. It has a unique timer and can send you notifications. You can start with a free account, or you can upgrade to Premium to use its more advanced features. Check out the Toodledo Task Manager Review here on FreelanceSwitch to learn more Apps for Freelancers.

7. Flow

Flow has a polished, beautiful user interface that makes it feel like a Mac. It works in your browser on a PC, but there is a separate app for Mac users and Apps for Freelancers for the iPhone and iPad. Those who use Macs will love this app. This app is more than just a simple to-do list tracker. It has powerful teamwork features that let you give tasks to other users and work with your team.

It also has a commenting system, so you don’t have to send long emails to talk about things. Flow is an app that lets you keep track of both personal and work projects in one place. Yes, you can use this productivity app to manage your projects and life.

8. Hitask

Hitask is another good task manager for working with other people. This app for making a list of things to do works well with data and can be used on almost any device. It has a clean user interface, but it feels more like home on a Windows computer Apps for Freelancers.

There is a built-in calendar, and there are easy-to-use collaboration and management tools for each task or project. In this review, well-known blogger Chris Brogan also gave the app high marks: HiTask is My New Favorite Organizer.

9. Todoist

Todoist is one of the best personal task managers because it is helpful, quick, and easy to use. It has an easy-to-use layout. It works with many different browsers, email programs, and operating systems. Tasks can be color-coded and organized by the type of project they are for. It’s a simple web app based on functions that you can start using right away for free. It does have a freemium business model, so if you need to, you can pay a small amount to get extra features like labeling and more

Todoist is one of the best personal task managers because it is helpful, quick, and easy to use. It has an easy-to-use layout. It works with many different browsers, email programs, and operating systems. Tasks can be color-coded and organized by the type of project they are for. It’s a simple web app based on functions that you can start using right away for free. It does have a freemium business model, so if you need to, you can pay a small amount to get extra features like labeling and more Apps for Freelancers.


10. Get it Done

Get it Done is a powerful to-do list app that is easy to use. You can just as easily use it to keep track of your grocery list as you can of your client projects. It has a lot of the things you’d want in a to-do list manager, like tags, syncing calendars, notes, delegating tasks, secure data backup, and more.

The app is based on the book Getting Things Done, about getting things. So, if you like that popular productivity system, you’ll fit right in with this productivity app. They have Apps for Freelancers for iPhone, iPad, and Android, which are the three most popular operating systems. Everything is synced in the cloud app, of course.

11. Stay Useful – Do

This is a very simple app for making to-do lists. It doesn’t have any advanced features or even basic ones like tagging, setting due dates, or grouping. But that’s part of what makes it great: it’s simple and easy to use. It helps you focus on the things you need to do today. It makes me think of how I create lists on paper. I always write down what I must do at work for the day with a pen and paper. This helps me stay on track.

Most of my longer-term tasks are kept track of by my task Apps for Freelancers. This task manager could take the place of a pen and paper for me. It has a simple interface that can be used on almost any device with any browser. It’s a web-based list of things to do, but it can work even when you’re not online.

12. Producteev

Up to two people can use Producteev for free. It is a powerful task manager and project organizer with a to-do list. The interface is well-made, and it has a lot of powerful features. It can be used on many different devices and operating systems. It has advanced ways to work together and syncs calendars in Apps for Freelancers.

It’s first set up by workspaces, which are like sections for your projects. It gives you a lot of ways to import tasks, like through email, Twitter, IM, and more. This gives you a lot of freedom over how you add tasks. This is one of the best ways to keep track of things you need to do.

13. Calendar

Calendar is a simple app for making lists of things to do. It doesn’t have many advanced features, but it looks nice and is easy to use. It doesn’t have tools for working together, so it’s better for freelancers who work alone.

25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers | CIO Women Magazine

This app uses hashtags instead of categories to help you keep track of your tasks. You can use Coolander to keep track of your time and tasks without having to deal with complicated features. Along with a web app interface, there are also Apps for Freelancers for Android and iPhone.

14. Vitalist

If you like the Getting Things Done method, you’ll like Vitalist. It uses GTD in an online to-do list app that can be used by anyone. Almost any device with a web browser can be used to get to the site. It’s set up so that it’s easy to fully use GTD. Tasks can be given contexts, due dates, and priorities. It also has options for working together. This productivity app has many features, but the way it looks feels old.

15. Google Tasks

If you use Gmail a lot, Google Tasks is a simple way to keep track of all your tasks. It’s a small window that pops up in Gmail that lets you organize your tasks Apps for Freelancers. It works with Google Calendar and can be accessed through any browser, just like all Google services. Even though it’s not a full-featured project manager, this is a great thing to add to your inbox to keep track of things you need to do and keep your priorities straight.

16. Gtdagenda

Gtdagenda is an app for managing to-do lists that lets you use the GTD method. It has more than one level of organization. You can organize projects, lists, and other things inside of goals. You can make schedules, which are templates for tasks that you do often.

This app is easy to use, comes in several languages, and syncs with the cloud. It works in your favorite browser and apps for your phone. It costs a little bit more than some of the other Apps for Freelancers out there. This app is really simple to use and will help you get more done.

17. Checkvist

Checkvist is a task manager with a to-do list that has simple tools for sharing. You can easily work together on a task, and the interface is a lot like that of Google Docs. You can also make a list public so that it can be seen on the internet. This app for getting things done is easy to use and has a simple layout. This cloud-based to-do app has many features, such as hierarchical lists, advanced keyboard commands, assigning tasks, tags, due dates, and more Apps for Freelancers.

18. Nozbe

Nozbe is a powerful task manager with a web platform that has a lot of features. This cloud application can be accessed through a web browser, a mobile phone, or an iPhone app. It’s a well-developed productivity app with a simple interface that makes it easy to drag and drop tasks.

It has everything you could want in a task manager, and it also works with the GTD method. It also has more advanced features, such as the ability to add documents and tools for working together. This is a good option for people who want an easy-to-use to-do list app that also has features for teams & Apps for Freelancers.

19. Pancake

Pancake is an open-source to-do list manager that stands out. You can make a free account on Plancake’s domain or install the productivity software on your server. It has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of the features you’d want from to-do list software.

It works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, even without an Internet connection. It also has a Chrome extension. It’s set up for the GTD system and has options for current tasks to help you get things done faster Its Apps for Freelancers.

20. Dooster

Dooster is a task manager and productivity app that has everything you need. This cloud app is powerful and made to compete with Basecamp and Outlook. It is set up by projects, which you assign and then use to organize your to-do lists of Apps for Freelancers. The pricing is also based on projects, with a free account for up to three projects and increasing prices after that.

This web-based productivity app has great data security through Amazon, helpful ways to work together, and fun extras like mindmaps. It has everything you could want in a to-do list manager and full productivity software.

Have you ever fallen in love with a manager for your to-do list? Did we forget about any great web-based task list Apps for Freelancers? What are the most important features of a productivity app for your business? Tell us in the comments section below.

21. Apploye

Apploye Time Tracker is another one on our list. It is a simple software for keeping track of time and billing, which makes it useful for a wide range of users, such as freelancers and independent contractors. Apple lets you do a lot more than just track time spent on different tasks within a project. It has many features, such as client and invoice management, task management, reporting and dashboard, and more Apps for Freelancers.

22. 2Cushion

Since freelancers made the planning app 2Cushion, you can expect it to meet the needs of freelancers. You’ll be able to schedule and plan your work, keep track of your budget, and manage your projects, emails, and expenses in one place.

23. Doodle

Doodle is a scheduling app that lets you run all of your errands as a virtual assistant from a single app and make it easier for your clients to organize their tasks Apps for Freelancers.

You will be able:

Manage your tasks with a to-do list. Schedule phone calls, conference calls, and Skype sessions in a calendar view that shows days and hours. With one click, manage your client’s appointments through the MeetMe page, which shows your client’s availability in terms of scheduled events in Apps for Freelancers.

automatically remind people of events

24. Buffer

If you have to manage social media for a client, Buffer is perfect for you. You’ll spend less time on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but you’ll be more effective Apps for Freelancers.

25 Best Online To-Do List Apps for Freelancers | CIO Women Magazine

You will be able to:

schedule posts and have them sent automatically to different social media accounts (anything from Facebook updates to retweets)

optimize your posting schedule, look at how people are responding to your posts, and handle other activity analytics.

add your pictures and videos to your posts, or make your own.

The best thing about this app is how it handles scheduling. You can plan content months in Buffer’s calendar, get tips on when to post, and enjoy a custom schedule.

25. Time Buddy

Most virtual assistants live in a different time zone than their clients, but they have to work in their clients’ time zones Apps for Freelancers. Time Buddy is your best friend when it comes to knowing the exact time in multiple places around the world.

This browser app has a simple work clock and time converter that lets you compare your location to that of your clients. Once you enter this information, you’ll see the difference in time between two or more cities; the exact time in two or more cities at the same time; and the day of the week in a certain city (for example, it might be Monday in Sydney but still Sunday in Los Angeles).

Once you have this information, it will be easy to set up conference calls, meetings, or briefings between your client in Beijing and her business partner in Moscow. en when you live in Toronto.



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