The 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S

The Best 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S | CIO Women Magazine

Here are the 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S;

1. Autopilot 

The Autopilot system is Tesla’s high-end active driving assistance system. Depending on the circumstances, the system may operate the vehicle’s accelerator, brakes, and steering. If the driver uses the turn signal, it may even switch lanes.

The Best 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S | CIO Women Magazine

2. Superchargers 

The Supercharger network is Tesla’s system of high-power electrical outlets. They are the only widespread fast chargers in the US at the moment. They’re the most effective method for electric cars to take on long excursions since a full charge can restore hundreds of miles of range in only an hour.

As of right now, they are compatible with the coolest features of the Tesla Model S automobiles exclusively. That leaves just Tesla as an option for anyone seeking an electric car capable of crossing the country without draining the power grids of homes and businesses.

3. Streaming Services 

The coolest features of the Tesla Model S were able to include music-streaming services like Slacker and TuneIn in their vehicles because of their internet connectivity, which is also used for software upgrades. If you use Slacker, you can make your own radio stations and rate songs to make them more or less enjoyable. It’s quite similar to Pandora, only I never saw any advertising and never ran out of skips.

You may use TuneIn to listen to any of the thousands of available radio stations live and online. There is a way for people in Columbus to enjoy the music of their favorite DJs from the Bay Area. Podcasts are also available on TuneIn, and as you can see, I was listening to a timely episode of Radiolab while testing out Autopilot.

4. Web Browser

The coolest features of the Tesla Model S, There is a built-in web browser made possible by the internet connection. Videos can’t be seen, but the rest of the screen is fair game.

It’s worth noting that the web browser is the least developed aspect of Tesla’s software while being a novel and interesting addition. It took forever for websites to load, and scrolling was often jerky. Even images had trouble loading on occasion. It’s still in the works for now.

5. Advanced Parking Sensors

Sensors that detect vehicles in parking lots have been around for quite some time. The same has always been true. However, the coolest features of the Tesla Model S improve upon them. Even a squirrel six counties away from your left bumper will set off the parking sensors on my worn-out Lincoln. When you’re just three car lengths away from a parked car, they go into a full-on blare, and you can still lie down in the space between your car and the other one.

The Best 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S | CIO Women Magazine

The way Tesla deals with it is unique. A Tesla not only alerts you to the presence of an item but also displays its location and distance from the sensor. No, not only relative to the gray area between the red and yellow lines, but in actual inches. Parking sensors have never been less of an annoyance in any other vehicle than in this one.

6. Unique Key 

Car-shaped key. That’s really adorable, right? And if that weren’t enough, the key is actually rather ingenious. Despite its lack of obvious controls, it performs more functions than the standard automobile key fob.

The coolest features of the Tesla Model S The trunk, doors, and ignition of this little automobile can all be opened with a simple touch of a button.

Summon may be activated by chaining together a double tap and hold of the roof with a tap to the front or rear. The automobile will pull itself out of a parking place if you hit the front or rear of the key. A certain distance is reached or an obstacle is detected, at which point it stops pulling out.

7. Mobile App 

The key isn’t required to utilize Summon; the app may be used instead this is also one of the best features in the coolest features of the Tesla Model S. The app may also be used to turn on or off the car’s lights and horn. The car’s location and battery life may be shown on your phone. Finally, the app lets you adjust the car’s temperature from afar. When I was getting ready to leave my apartment, I’d turn on the vehicle’s heater and air conditioner so that by the time I got to the garage, which is a long way from where you could grab a key fob for a remote start, the car would be comfortable to drive.

8. Esther Egg 

Last but not least, there are a ton of cool, secret coolest features of the Tesla Model S to explore. You may use the automobile as a makeshift creative studio thanks to the onboard sketching pad. In a reference to Elon Musk’s other business, SpaceX, tapping the red planet will cause your GPS to display the car as a rover on Mars.

The Best 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S | CIO Women Magazine

There’s also my top pick, which can be seen up there. When you press the secret cowbell, you’ll have to pull the Autopilot stalk four times. If you do so, the Autopilot screen will indicate you’re now traveling down Rainbow Road as the sound from the SNL “More Cowbell” spoof plays in the background.

9. Over-the-air updates 

The Model S was the first vehicle to support over-the-air updates for its software. To fix faults and provide new coolest features of the Tesla Model S, the Model S can be updated with software in the same way your phone can. The Model S has been updated with hundreds of new features and enhancements, including the autopilot, Ludicrous Plus mode, and more, all of which are given out to owners of compatible cars. As an added bonus, the coolest features of the Tesla Model S, Tesla will sell you a vehicle equipped with a suite of cameras that will allow you to complete self-driving functionality in a future software update.

10. Ludicrous mode

Ludicrous mode is required to unleash the full power of the Tesla’s powertrain. Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed, Ludicrous Speed, and Plaid are the four settings on the spaceship’s speedometer, alluding to the satirical film “Space Balls.”

The coolest features of the Tesla Model S, while this is true, the latest update adds a Ludicrous Plus option. If you press and hold the Ludicrous option in the options menu for 5 seconds, the hyperspace animation you see above will play.

11. Auto-raising suspension

Air suspension is a common feature in high-end and off-road cars, allowing drivers to tailor the ride’s stiffness to the road surface and weather. A stiffer suspension can be preferable for sportier driving. You want the coolest features of the Tesla Model S plush ride on the highway.

The Best 11 coolest features of the Tesla Model S | CIO Women Magazine

Adjusting the car’s ride height is another perk of having air suspension. When driving on the highway, it’s sometimes preferable to have the car’s suspension lowered for improved fuel economy; nevertheless, once you reach your destination, you may need to elevate the car’s ride height in order to avoid hitting any speed bumps.



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