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Today’s women are more eager than ever to drive change in all spheres of their lives, including their families, careers, neighborhoods, and the global community. They have advanced from being unnoticed to taking on leadership positions and eventually promoting inclusivity.

Ironically, Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, Director of Investor and Public Relations at Pristine Advisers, did not set out on this route after graduating from high school to become one of the best IR and PR leaders in the industry. She began working at this IR/PR/Marketing Agency since she needed a job with medical insurance and a paycheck as a new mother. Patricia Baronowski-Schneider was a secretary there while also pursuing her college education.

She was intrigued by this company because it was predominantly led by women and liked their intelligence and commitment. Patricia concentrated on the niche as a career because of the joy and excitement around her. She was motivated to work hard by seeing how hard everyone else worked. Everything from NYSE Bell-ringing ceremonies to roadshows, yearly meetings with international clients, etc. fascinated her.

Decorated and Experienced Leader

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is a well-known marketing, investor relations, and public relations executive with over 30 years of experience in organizing and leading all marketing and investor relations operations.

Working in the IR/PR sector has allowed her to collaborate with clients from all over the world in a variety of industries, including technology, restaurants, food businesses, tech, entertainment, travel, pets, gamers, finance, healthcare, jewelry, LGBTQ, health & wellness, beauty, and fitness, as well as individuals, corporations, sports teams, authors, and medical professionals.

Early Difficulties

According to Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, things were different in the past, and technology today makes employment a lot simpler. When she first began, things like Digital presentations and other tools were not readily available, and there was a lot of additional labor and stress.

Patricia put in a lot of overtime as a single mother and new employee to keep her job. She had a busy schedule and her kids had to be picked up from daycare at specific times. Patricia worked late into the night and on weekends. Although she struggled in her early years of employment, she learned a great deal about all facets of business in general. The company’s investor relations division, which was part of its business, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Journey to Pristine Advisers    

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is a lifelong learner and a perfectionist. She constantly asks “why?” and attempts to learn in whatever she does. Since she was 12 years old, she has worked, first as a babysitter for neighborhood kids and later as a cashier at neighborhood grocery stores. She then started working as a secretary for her mother’s real estate company. She attended two distinct high schools, one was an academy and the other where she attended for half a day and then spent the other half working for credit.

She had previously worked at accounting firms, office supply stores, and even Barnes & Noble. When B&N realized the caliber of her work when she was a cashier, they quickly elevated her to the post of manager.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider enjoyed her jobs and spent 16 years at the first IR/PR firm, giving the organization her all. She quit the company as it was closing and was now obliged to look for new work. She was performing investor relations, public relations, media relations, and marketing duties for the agency side of the company.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider collaborated with a proxy solicitation company that worked with some of her current clients to turn the company into a full-service organization offering clients IR, PR, marketing, media relations, and proxy solicitation. Her clientele all followed her to this company, which is a good testament to the caliber of the work she produces.

After six years of service to the company, Patricia Baronowski-Schneider decided to strike out on her own. Once more, every client she had, followed her. As a result, on January 3rd, 2010, Pristine Advisers was launched. She expanded, hired personnel, created an annual investment conference, held several industry-specific webinars, and produced monthly and quarterly newsletters promoting various companies in the sector. Patricia has been in the business for more than ten years and is still developing, growing, and doing well.

About Pristine Advisers    

Pristine Advisers is an international Investor Relations/Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media and Financial Communications boutique firm. It has more than three decades of experience offering a comprehensive range of services to investment managers, both publicly traded and privately held businesses.

The company provides top-tier knowledge and advice in the area of IR/PR/Marketing/Media Relations. To give its clients visibility, support, and recognition, this company is driven by the street and closely collaborates with all significant investors, analysts, and the financial press.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider wants Pristine Advisers to be a worldwide organization that helps clients everywhere. She said that although the business works with clients all over the world; it is still small enough to provide each one with individualized service.

Art and Education

“Life’s Obstacles Can Be Your Biggest Motivators”, Patricia’s most recent book, is a narrative of many of the challenges and turbulence she has faced throughout her life. She thinks people constantly make assumptions about people based on their appearance or looks and presume they are smart and/or have always had it easy.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, however, always grins, as people have no idea how difficult her life has been. It is discussed in the book, which aims to offer consolation and motivation to anyone going through a difficult moment. “I want them to know that they are not alone. I, too, have gone through hell and back and if they have faith in themselves and don’t give up, they can come out ahead in the end ” Patricia asserts. She has another book she is working on and is set to publish soon.

Patricia’s college experience did not influence her in the way that one might expect. She thinks it’s her personal experiences that opened the door. She took a lot of courses in school that weren’t technically necessary but were required for credits. Many of the additional training years have given her an advantage over her rivals.

Years of Expertise & Experience

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is a lifelong learner who is constantly looking for new methods to assist her clients. She claims, “In life, we must evolve, and in business, that goes the same. I am always seeking what others in the industry are doing, to learn what else I could be doing if I am not already. If there are new skills–I quickly learn them. I network with others in the industry to share ideas, thoughts, and feedback. I do not see them as competition, but rather, as colleagues in the same space. We learn and support one another. It is how we grow.”

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider thinks her drive to succeed has benefited her. She constantly strives to excel at all she does. She believes her constant desire to assist everyone was to blame. She believes that the company could provide customers with so much more while charging less. “I’d rather charge less and have clients for a long time so they can see the value, than charge more and have them only remain on for a short while because they can no longer afford it”, this woman says.

Impact on Leadership

A phrase Patricia Baronowski-Schneider often heard, “Don’t talk about it–“Be” About it” has had a huge impact on her leadership. She adds, “We need to stand behind our words, not only talk value but show/do value as well. Show the world that we can do all that we speak of. It won’t take long for people to see through us if we don’t.” 

She continues, “In business and leadership, we need to set an example for those just starting. Show them how things are done and how they, too, can be bigger and better than the next person by going the extra mile.” 

Overcoming Initial Challenges

As a business owner, Patricia Baronowski-Schneider claims that things are different. There are several things that need to be taken care of, including taxes and insurance. There are also concerns about the employees, vacations, disability, etc. Being forced to promote while dealing with all of these issues is difficult. The company’s strategy has been to simply concentrate on giving its customers the finest service possible and letting the results speak for themselves.

As a result, she came up with the following plan:

●  Executive Summary

●  Company Summary

●  Products and Services

●  Market Analysis (industrial Analysis, Market Needs)

●  Strategy and Implementation

●  Personnel Plan

●  Marketing Plan (4 Ps)

●  Financial Plan (3-5 Years)

●  SWOT Analysis (with a detailed or investor-ready plan only)

●  Graphs and Charts

●  And the financial section includes

○  Start-up Summary

○  Revenue Forecast

○  Projected Profit and Loss Statement

○  Graphs and Charts

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider believes business marketing and IR/PR are a process. She claims, “Unless you developed a cure for cancer, you will not become a household name overnight, so to expect me to work my butt off for a “maybe you’ll get paid” was not right or fair, so I chose not to work that way.” I enjoy helping people and have so much experience and skill to assist anyone and everyone.

 In fact, I am starting a podcast channel and also post a 4-minute video of FREE business and marketing tips daily Monday-Friday, and will move this to once a week.  For anyone interested, they can click the YouTube link, subscribe, share and ask me any questions they have.  I am always happy to help the world.  YouTube channel:  Been There/Done That –   The podcast channel can be found here:

Revenue, Clientele Base & Further Services

Pristine Advisers is doing well and is working to develop its power, knowledge, connections, and other attributes. It will continue to grow as needed because it is large enough to handle the work. Through its many years of networking, webinars, newsletters, conferences, etc., the company has approximately 800k contacts that are not drawn from lists that are purchased. All of these people and businesses have chosen to be included in Pristine Advisers’ databases.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider is continually looking for new services that the company may provide to its customers. She wants to improve how the business markets clients at this time in the realm of digital marketing. Investor relations, public relations, media relations, marketing, social media management, and communications assistance are a few of the services offered.

Additionally, it provides analytics, SEO, social media marketing, marketing activation, and marketing in general. The company also offers expertise in market analysis, product marketing and campaign development.  The company offers thorough services in every division, and its development over the years has involved examining the current markets and venturing into new ones with new items.

Long-Standing Success Mantra

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider thinks that the company’s long-standing success mantra is the high-caliber work it produces at reasonable prices. She asserts that the company handles everything under one roof and offers considerably more services than most businesses.

For Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, “Actions speak louder than words. We don’t just talk about it–we ARE about it. We stand behind our work and treat each project and client’s work as if it were our very own. Our client’s success is “our” success and we stand behind it 100%.”

Entrepreneurship Post-pandemic

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider believes that everyone is attempting to launch their own business or become a coach in the post-pandemic world. The future of entrepreneurs and business owners is frequently influenced by macroeconomic issues.

Lockdowns during the COVID-19 crisis decreased sales for already-existing businesses, and those unable to cut operating costs experienced negative cash flow. Entrepreneurs recognize unmet requirements as soon as feasible and develop valuable goods to fill those needs. This kind of response from society is necessary to face a pandemic like COVID-19.

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider thus frequently receives a barrage of letters and posts from alleged coaches. Most of these people don’t even have valid credentials. Patricia considers, “With everyone having to stay home and away from everyone, and many losing their jobs, they looked deeper and became entrepreneurs. Some are great and others, not so much. But I give them credit for going after what they believe in.”

Guiding Words

When asked about advice for aspiring business owners, Patricia Baronowski-Schneider says, “I always believe that you should never hold back. If you have a vision or a dream – go for it. But also, ask. Never be afraid to bounce ideas off of others. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Hear from others’ thoughts, ideas, and opinions. However, at the end of the day, do what you believe in.”

Patricia Baronowski-Schneider relished the challenges and felt tremendous pride in proving everyone wrong. She then paid for her college education, ascended the corporate ladder, married a beautiful man and founded her own company.


“Life is what you make it–so make it grand. As a former skydiving instructor, Patricia used the phrase, “Go Big or Go Home”. So the same applies. Don’t settle for less. Go Big!!”



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