5 Smart Ways To Get Feedback From Customers

Boost Engagement: 5 Smart Customer Feedback Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

A business can improve its products and services by understanding what customers want. Feedback may provide answers to the whys behind people’s actions. If you cannot meet buyers’ needs, your business future could hang in the balance. Therefore, consider integrating customer feedback strategies into your analytics to better visualize growth opportunities and how to fix problems.

Here are some Customer Feedback Strategies to collect their opinions on your business:

1. Live chat data

One practical way a business can generate feedback is by using the live chat feature on its website. The responses can help discover customers’ problems with your business. You can use the data to improve your marketing copies. Live chat functions can also assist you in increasing conversion and reducing the number of customers who abandon carts.

2. Surveys

Surveys are the most common means of generating customer feedback. All you need to do is choose the right platform and sample questions to collect views. For this purpose, you may use online survey platforms like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Qwary. The SurveyMonkey website is popular but has downsides, including high upgrade costs and limited questions in the free plan.

Boost Engagement: 5 Smart Customer Feedback Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

For long surveys, business owners on a low budget may want to use SurveyMonkey alternatives like SurveyKing; the platform has simple-to-use features and is a great choice for beginners on low budgets. Qualtrics, too, is ideal for larger enterprise organizations requiring advanced survey functionality. 

3. Feedback boxes

Consider using feedback boxes to gather data without affecting your customers’ shopping experience. They are simple question forms embedded in high-visibility areas on a website. Survey platforms may produce the required customer feedback, but feedback boxes can go a step further to deliver unexpected results. For instance, consumers may report bugs and other user experience issues in a feedback box, identifying problems a structured survey cannot reveal. A simple feedback box question: how can we make this product better for you?

4. Email

Email is another easy method to obtain candid customer feedback. Build your business email list and use this channel to gather customer feedback. You can maximize your probability of receiving responses if you do the right things in your email message. For example, set clear objectives and add short sentences to the email telling recipients to expect your update soon. Get frank responses from customers by personalizing your message.

Boost Engagement: 5 Smart Customer Feedback Strategies | CIO Women Magazine

Since email allows you to make one-on-one requests, you can use it to get personal feedback than a survey.  When customers subscribe for more information on your services, you may send to-responder emails asking simple questions such as “Why did you sign up?” or “What features do you prefer to see?”.

5. Reach out directly

Low-tech customer feedback strategies work better when you want to collect honest customer feedback. Reach out to buyers directly by organizing meetings to gain feedback in person. You may also use live video chat to get more value from the interaction. Verbal clues may be hard to get from online survey platforms, but you can get from by connecting with customers in person.



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