Tesla launches a Home Charger that can charge your Vehicle at Home

Tesla launches a Home Charger that can charge your Vehicle at Home | CIO Women Magazine

The Tesla Universal Wall Connector, a new level 2 home charger from Tesla, can charge any electric vehicle sold in North America without the use of an additional adaptor, which is something no other charger can claim to be able to achieve.

Relatively Affordable Pricing

In order for the Home charger to release a built-in J1772 adaptor when the user needs it, The Universal Wall Connector uses an AC version of its Supercharger Magic Dock. Both the new North American Charging Standard, or NACS, and the J1772 inlet-equipped electric cars (EVs), which have been the norm in North America since 2011, can be charged using this.

Today, Best Buy and the Tesla Shop started selling the Universal Wall Connector for $595.00. Given that the Tesla Wall Connector now costs $475.00 and the Tesla J1772 Wall Connector costs $550.00 that is a relatively affordable pricing that is consistent with Tesla’s other home charger options. Customers can order the Home charger starting today, but Tesla told me that deliveries won’t start until October.

Focus on Convenience

The decision of which type of charger to purchase will be difficult for individuals purchasing an EV at this time as the industry in North America switches from the J1772 connector to the NACS. Should they buy one with a J1772 connector and then, after they have an EV with the NACS, just use an adapter? Or should they purchase a charger with a NACS socket and use an adaptor right away, anticipating that they would eventually own an electric vehicle with a NACS connector?

If your EV has a different charging input than the connector on your Home charger, this sounds like such a better option than needing to use an adapter. It will be especially useful for people whose home has two EVs, one of which utilises the J1772 connector and the other of which uses the NACS connector. The Universal Wall Connector will keep the adapter safe and secure inside the body of the machine when not in use. Adapters can get lost, misused, or broken.

Along with the release of the Universal Wall Connector, Tesla also said today that it will shortly upgrade its mobile app. The upgrade will enable capabilities like scheduling your charging session and seeing data from previous charging activities, giving the app far broader capability. Once we obtain more information about the new app features, we’ll report it.

Specs for the Tesla Universal Wall Connector:

  • Range expansion of up to 44 miles per hour @ 11.5 kW/48 amp output
  • A J1772 magic dock adaptor built inside the vehicle can charge any electric vehicle.
  • Handle with automatic sensing to open a Tesla charge port from the Tesla app, keep track of and control your charging schedule and consumption.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote diagnostics, over-the-air updates, and access controls
  • Indoor/outdoor design flexibility
  • According to the installation site, variable amperage combinations
  • Share power with as many as six wall connectors
  • Cable length of 24 feet
  • Warranty for domestic use for four years



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