Google’s New AI Tool can Summarize Web Pages

Google’s New AI Tool can Summarize Web Pages | CIO Women Magazine

A significant enhancement to Google’s AI tool -powered Search Generative Experience is currently rolling out in the Google App and will soon be available in the Chrome web browser. Google stated in a blog post on Tuesday that SGE will be able to summarise online pages and also show you meanings of phrases you might not be familiar with.

“SGE while Browsing” Feature

In Google’s beta Search Labs area, users can enable the new “SGE while browsing” feature. The information on the page you’re browsing will be used to create a bulleted summary of significant points using Google’s AI tool.The function is accessible via the Google App for Android and iOS, and according to Google, Chrome will soon get it as well. When you click the “generate” button at the bottom of the Google App, Google claims that this will function on some of the websites you visit. Additionally, you’ll notice a list of questions the website addresses and have the option to skip to sections of the page that include the necessary details.

The New York Times is one of the publishers who recently informed Google and other firms that their stories cannot be scraped to feed AI algorithms. Although Google’s blog post indicates that the functionality won’t highlight key points for content that is paywalled, it is unclear exactly how the “SGE while browsing” feature will function with news websites like the Times.

Increasing Proliferance of Generative AI Tool

“SGE while browsing” generates an article’s essential points to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for; it does not train an AI model, according to a Google spokeswoman. They also mentioned that Google would collaborate with publishers to determine the best ways to use material to fuel its AI engines, though they didn’t specify what that may involve.

For the first time in a very long time, Google now faces competition in the field of information collection thanks to the quick development of generative AI. Late last year, OpenAI’s ChatGPT was released, and Google was fast to promote and spread AI throughout its products. The company unveiled Search Generative Experience at Google I/O earlier this year, which includes capabilities like integrating AI-generated replies into results.

Many businesses have begun developing AI-powered tools and products this year, and some analysts predict that generative AI tool could boost the global economy by $4.4 trillion yearly. Everything, from the way we work to the way we obtain information, is predicted to change as a result of the technology. Critics have expressed concern about the possibility of inherent bias and the potential to exploit these tools to spread misinformation as generative AI tool adoption has skyrocketed.

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