Tesla launches the Model 3 Project Highland

Tesla launches the Model 3 Project Highland | CIO Women Magazine

It has been revealed that the Tesla Model 3 Project Highland, and it looks really amazing. It wouldn’t be shocking if orders for the all-electric sedan significantly increase in the coming months as a result of the introduction of the Model 3 Highland.

More Aggressive and Sophisticated

A closer look at the new Model 3 reveals that Tesla made a point to highlight the Project Highland improvement in both the interior and outside of the car. According to reports, Tesla replaced 50% of the car’s components to improve its looks and aerodynamics. These modifications gave the automobile a more aggressive and sophisticated appearance than before.

The revised headlights on the Model 3 Project Highland unit, which are thinner and more streamlined than the previous model, are immediately evident. Fog lights are gone from the front of the car, however daytime running lights (DRLs) are now more noticeable in the headlights.

Redesigned tail lights that are no longer split are included in the new Model 3’s back end. Additionally, the lights have a unique design that makes them appear sharper. The new Model 3 has even more futuristic-looking 19″ Nova wheels and new 18″ Photon aero wheels.

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Project Highland Is Here!

A Comprehensive Redesign

The interior of the new Model 3 has undergone a comprehensive redesign. The all-electric sedan has a revised centre console and steering wheel, as seen in Model 3 Project Highland test cars. For ambient lighting, an LED strip is also featured in the door panels and the dashboard. The front seats have ventilation, allowing passengers to adjust the temperature as desired.

The new Model 3 no longer has stalks, just like the Model S and Model X. Instead, the infotainment system, which is the same size as before, is used to operate the vehicle. Given that its horn is in the centre, the steering wheel’s capacitive buttons will probably be less contentious than those on the Model S and Model X’s yoke.

Tesla made a point of emphasising the comfort of the new Model 3 as pointed out by carwow’s Mat Watson, an automotive reviewer. Acoustic glass is present on the windscreen and front windows of the outgoing Model 3, but with the Highland update, it is now present on the rear windows and back window. The Model 3 Project Highland is quieter and cosier thanks to additional soundproofing within the car as well as subtle design cues like an upswing in the hood to assist deflect wind over the windscreen.



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