How to Best Support Your Children?

3 Best Tips For Supporting your children | CIO Women Magazine

Having children opens up a whole new world. Being a parent will come naturally to you, but you may still feel like you are unsure of what you should be doing. Many parents feel guilty that they are not doing enough. While this isn’t true, there are always things that you can learn from other parents.

It is great to connect with others, share stories and experiences, and help each other. Supporting your children will look different, so not one approach will be right for all children. It is therefore important that you consider the needs of your child, and find a way to best support them. To help you on your journey,

Here are some top things you may consider while supporting your children:

1. Create a safe space to talk

If you want your children to come to you with their problems and open up, so you can better support them, you need to create a safe space for them to talk to you. You cannot just expect them to talk to you without working on your behalf first. Many things will accumulate in your home that will create a sense of safety for your children.

3 Best Tips For Supporting your children | CIO Women Magazine

This will start with you being open and honest as a parent, and speaking to your children about things. You should be consistent with being there for your children and regularly display affection. Consider the way you respond to your children when they come to you for anything, as if there are negative consequences, they will not come to you again. Set good examples, and let them be kids. This will help you to build a strong relationship with them.

2. Boost their self-esteem 

As a parent, your actions and words will have a huge impact on your children’s self-esteem. It is therefore important that you consider what language you use around your children, how you speak to them, and how you behave. You want to ensure that you make your children feel strong and capable and praise them for what they have done well. You should avoid using words as weapons or using loaded statements. Children will remember what you say and it will impact their development, so make sure you choose accordingly. 

3. Encourage learning 

Learning is a significant part of your children’s development. Learning is great fun and encourages children to be creative and curious. It will also set them up for a great life as they grow older. As a parent, it is up to you to encourage your children to learn. You can do this by eliciting curiosity, leading by example, challenging your children, prioritizing homework, giving children agency, providing praise and rewards, and considering what education system is best for them, such as international school.

3 Best Tips For Supporting your children | CIO Women Magazine

Having children is a wild ride. Not only do you need to support yourself, but you also need to learn the needs of your children so you can support them the best you can. Supporting your children by creating a safe space for them to talk to you about their life, the good and the bad. You should also encourage them to be themselves, boost their self-esteem, and ensure that you help their development through learning and curiosity. 



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