Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade

Best Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade | CIO Women Magazine

In recent years, education has progressed toward the incorporation of a greater variety of cutting-edge technology into academic settings. The current Covid-19 epidemic has hastened this digital transition since educators have been compelled to think outside of the classroom-sized box in order to guarantee continuity of instruction while pupils are kept out of classrooms as a result of quarantines.

EdTech Trends Of The Decade, As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of EdTech innovations as well as access to online courses and digital information. Currently, educational organizations of all shapes and sizes are doing research on the most effective strategies for online instruction.

Here are the Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade;

1. Cost-effective remote learning with online tutoring. 

Asia is quickly becoming one of the most attractive areas for online education, and the worldwide market for tutoring services is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 13.7%. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, Students now have an increased opportunity to seek and receive support with their academic work in the form of virtual tutoring whenever it is required, thanks to developments in technology such as the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

Best Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade | CIO Women Magazine

2. Video learning

This method is one of the most engaging and dynamic ways to education since it maintains students’ attention and involvement throughout their educational careers, from elementary school to professional development. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, You don’t even need any previous experience to get started, and there are a large number of tools and platforms out there that you can use to make instructional videos for a wide variety of subjects.

As a result of the accessibility of video recording devices such as smartphones, webcams, and so on, the use of video footage as a teaching tool has increased in popularity. Video has been found to have a beneficial influence on the learning of students when instructors manage and distribute it during class or assign it as homework. This has been shown via a number of studies.

3. VR/AR learning

There is little doubt that virtual reality and augmented reality remain at the top of the list of innovative technologies for classroom use. Extended reality technologies make it possible to have an immersive learning experience. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, These technologies also provide the tools to comprehend ideas that were previously unintelligible.

Students are provided with a clearer perspective on a topic via the use of AR technology. provides viewers with a view of the actual world while also allowing them to interact with virtual objects. To phrase it another way, this refers to the capability of integrating digital data with observation in real time. In order to do this, AR makes use of QR codes, geolocation data, and object recognition.

Best Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade | CIO Women Magazine

The user of a virtual reality (VR) headset or pair of glasses might be transported into a computer-generated world. Students benefit from learning that is more engaging, participative, and pleasurable for them when virtual reality and augmented reality are used in the classroom. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, However, implementing new technology may be costly.

4. Personalized Learning Experiences 

Artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing (the storing and retrieval of data over the internet), and digital learning technologies make it possible for elementary school instructors to give carefully chosen lessons to their children, who remain still the primary focus of their teachers’ attention. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, As they become older, students have a tendency to gravitate toward a chosen group of subjects, topics, and modes of communication that they are most comfortable with.

At this point, the importance of providing students with opportunities for specialized instruction is made very evident.

The use of digital learning tools to generate digital profiles of students that include insights into the students’ strengths and weaknesses, followed by the development of comprehensive learning modules based on those digital profiles, may allow teachers to do more in the realm of customized learning.

5. Learning Analytics

One of the most recent breakthroughs in the realm of educational technology is something called learning analytics. This area of study is tied to the technologies described before. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, It does this by implementing strategies from the fields of artificial intelligence and data science into educational settings.

Best Top 5 EdTech Trends Of The Decade | CIO Women Magazine

The application of learning analytics for competency assessment results in the production of meaningful information. Teachers may make use of this information to determine which kind of media (text, video, images, infographics, etc.) are the most successful in order to better customize their lectures to the different learning styles of their pupils. EdTech Trends Of The Decade, On the other hand, one should find out what isn’t working and then strive to do better the following time.


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