The 7 Top Blog Advertising Networks

The 7 Best Top Blog Advertising Networks | CIO Women Magazine

As a new blogger, it’s tempting to join ad networks and make money online. But you should always think about advertising networks that are Top Blog Advertising Networks;

Easy to set up for beginners

Make your dashboard easy to use.

Pay a good sum of money

Have a team to help you

If you don’t like a certain ad provider or if the ads are too annoying or all over the place, you can always contact them and switch your ad network.

Here are the 7 Best Top Blog Advertising Networks;

1. Ezoic Ad Network

Ezoic is an ad network that is becoming more popular with new websites. It is a Google-certified published partner and ad network. I’ve seen exotic ads on a lot of Top Blog Advertising Networks, and I think they pay a fair amount.

When people moved to Ezoic, they saw their ad income go up. It also works with Google Adsense, so you can expect to see good ads.

You have to measure your website’s speed and caching, just like every other ad network. No matter what ads you use, they will affect how your website works, how fast it is, and how well it caches. Most importantly, though, these ad Top Blog Advertising Networks help blogs make a lot of money.

Ezoic is also cool because they have great customer service and will help you through the whole process.

There are also other good things about Ezoic.

Tester ad

Google ads manager

Site speed accelerator

Try it out for free.

You can get paid in different ways, such as through PayPal, a check, or Payoneer.

All of these are good reasons to choose the Ezoic advertising network. Let’s look at the requirements of Top Blog Advertising Networks.

Requirement For Ezoic

You have to have at least 10,000 sessions per month.

You have to follow Google’s rules for ads.

Only have original material.

2. Google Adsense

For years, blogs and publishers have used Google AdSense more than any other ad Top Blog Advertising Networks. There are now a lot of new companies that make money from ads, but Adsense still has its customers. People use it all the time to make money on YouTube.

The 7 Best Top Blog Advertising Networks | CIO Women Magazine

Since a few years ago, it’s been hard for many websites to get Google Adsense approval.

How to get approved for Google Adsense?

Here are a few things you should pay attention to;

Websites must follow Google’s rules and have their own unique and original content.

You have to be 18 or older.

There must be legal pages on the site.

How much could you make with Google Adsense?

The total income depends on how many people visit the website, where they come from, and the niche. Here are the results of a quick test I did. Even though the results aren’t right, this is what I found Top Blog Advertising Networks.

3. Monumetric

Monumetric has become one of the best ad networks for blogs and publishers in recent months. It lets you get advertisers on your website and get paid every month.

If you are always adding to your Top Blog Advertising Networks, monomeric can help you make more money from it.

Monumetric is great because it has different plans for bloggers and publishers. If at least 10,000 people visit your blog every month, you can put ads on it to make money. The monomeric Propel program is great for people who run websites that get between 10,000 and 80,000 views per month.

To get your ads up and running, you have to pay a one-time fee of $99. That’s a rule you have to follow. But you don’t have to pay this setup fee if you have more than 80k pageviews.

Requirement For Monumetric

You must have a WordPress or Blogger site that you host yourself like Top Blog Advertising Networks.

The website must get 10k-80k pageviews

At least half of the traffic must come from the US, UK, etc.

One-time fee of $99

Here is where you can apply for monomeric.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is another smart way to make money from ads on your site. Infolinks is used to make money online by more than 350,000 sites.

Infolinks is a network of in-text ads, in case you didn’t know. It’s not like other networks, and it might not help you make a lot of money. Infolinks is also a way for many websites to make money because they can be used with Google AdSense for Top Blog Advertising Networks.

The ads in the text don’t take up any space on your website. Your text is changed to include them. Since I haven’t used info links, I don’t have much to say about it, but if you want to give it a try, go ahead.

5. Mediavine

Mediavine is a popular service that helps bloggers and publishers make money from their websites by managing their ads. It lets people make a lot of money by putting up ads in Top Blog Advertising Networks.

It works great for big sites that get a lot of traffic every day. It’s known for having a great RPM, a great support team, great speed optimization, and a great user experience.

The 7 Best Top Blog Advertising Networks | CIO Women Magazine

I love Mediavine so much that I can’t say anything else about it. So far, everything I’ve done with medicine has been great. The private Facebook group is so helpful for people who make content. The people who work at medicine make sure that all content creators know what’s hot and what’s coming up next Top Blog Advertising Networks.

Mushfiq, who runs the website Flip, just put out a detailed report on medicine analysis in which he looks at 1193 approved sites. In the report, he gave a lot of great information about approved sites, niches, domain ratings, backlinks, and more.

Mediavine is not just an ad service; it is also a market for premium products like, Create, and Speed optimized WordPress theme.

Requirements for Mediavine

Google Analytics says that the site must have 50,000 sessions.

There shouldn’t be any other ads on your Top Blog Advertising Networks.

The information must be unique.

6. Adthrive

Adthrive is also a top ad network for bloggers and publishers. It is a Google-certified publishing partner. Websites that use thrive to make money make a lot of money and have big businesses.

Cost per mile and cost per impression are important to Adthrive. So, as a publisher, you get paid for every thousand views in Top Blog Advertising Networks.

Adthrive only works with websites that have 100,000 page views. Before you reach that goal, you should apply to the ad networks listed above and start making money from your site.

You can apply for thrive once your site gets 100,000 page views per month.

What you need for Adthrive

Every month, at least 1,000,000 people must visit the site and Top Blog Advertising Networks.

No ad network should be used to make money off of it.

Original content: Most of your traffic must come from the United States.

7. Media.Net is an ad network that is also good for beginners. People who don’t get a lot of traffic from the US and UK will love it. During the first year, I tried out and found that the pay rate wasn’t too bad. With this program, you should expect to make less money.

I haven’t tried these ads in a while, but the website has gotten a lot better, so I think it’s also a good choice.

But it does have a good side. is open to all new bloggers in Top Blog Advertising Networks, and there is a good chance that you will be accepted. You should, of course, do what is asked.

The 7 Best Top Blog Advertising Networks | CIO Women Magazine

It is also linked to the Yahoo network and the Bing network. You can be sure you’re in good hands.

Get contextual ads

Getting access to good ads

Get native ads in Top Blog Advertising Networks


It’s easy to make money with ad networks. All you have to do is get at least 10,000 people to visit your website before you can start.

As you add more posts and get more visitors, you can switch to a better ad network and make more money from your blog. You decide if you want to keep working with an ad network or not.

I have to say that you can make money while you sleep with ads. And that’s one of the best parts of Top Blog Advertising Networks!

At first, you need to focus on making content and getting people to visit your website. Then, keep adding to it to make more money.

I hope this post helped you find the best ad networks for blogs and publishers.



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