WhatsApp is widely rolling out its Telegram-like Channels feature

WhatsApp is widely rolling out its Telegram-like Channels feature | CIO Women Magazine

WhatsApp is expanding its new Channels feature to a broader audience. The Meta-owned messaging app revealed on Wednesday that it’s making the one-to-many broadcasting capability available in over 150 countries.

Initially introduced in June, WhatsApp’s Channels feature was restricted to select organizations in Colombia and Singapore. Similar to Telegram, this feature enables users to receive updates from creators, organizations, and brands in a single channel. Instagram also introduced a comparable feature earlier this year called broadcast channels. Alongside the wider rollout, WhatsApp has announced several enhancements to the feature. This includes an improved directory that allows users to filter channels by country and sort them by newness, activity level, and popularity. Users can now also react to channel posts using emojis. Furthermore, channel admins will have the ability to edit their updates for up to 30 days before the platform removes the post from its servers.

The messaging app is also welcoming “thousands” of new channels, including those managed by Olivia Rodrigo, the MLB, and Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp intends to introduce additional features to Channels based on user feedback. The platform also states that it will enable anyone to create a channel “in the coming months.” If you don’t currently see the Channels feature in your app, WhatsApp suggests joining its mobile waitlist to receive notifications when it becomes available.

This expansion follows the initial launch of Channels

WhatsApp has expanded its Channels feature, which is reminiscent of Telegram and allows users to receive updates from creators, organizations, and brands. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has announced that this feature will be introduced in over 150 countries, with “thousands” of organizations and public figures already participating.

Channels, a distinct feature from Chats, allows WhatsApp users to follow and receive updates. This expansion follows the initial launch of Channels in June when it was initially introduced in Colombia and Singapore.

The updated feature includes the capability for Channel admins to edit their posts. Additionally, there’s an improved directory that enables users to discover Channels by filtering them based on their country and other metrics such as activity level and follower count. Users can also express their reactions to posts on Channels using emojis.

Accessible to all users

Messages sent through WhatsApp Channels will now have a 30-day availability window. While members of a Channel can express their reactions to shared messages using emojis, they won’t be able to respond directly to them. Additionally, it’s important to note that messages broadcasted in the channel do not benefit from end-to-end encryption. As part of the feature’s promotion, WhatsApp has teamed up with celebrities who already have channels on the platform.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has introduced enhanced emoji reactions, allowing users to express themselves with emojis. However, the platform won’t display reactions from other followers, but it will show the number and types of reactions.

The rollout of the WhatsApp Channels feature is gradual, and it will become accessible to all users in the upcoming months.



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