10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now

10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now | CIO Women Magazine

The future will be in video games. And the present, to be more specific. The video game business has flourished across all platforms, from personal computers to consoles like PlayStation and Xbox to mobile devices. To such an extent that it is reasonable to assert that it is climbing steadily.

This article is going to concentrate on the top ten most popular and Trending Video Games of a digital type, as described in the instances that came before it. While you may have been expecting a review of the game Spirit of Mustang, you won’t get it here. Feel yourself becoming thrilled as you read about Trending Video Games that have the potential to become some of your new favorites.

Here are the 10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now;

1. Minecraft

Even in the present day, the iconic game created by Mojang Studios continues to pull in tremendous numbers and attract a significant number of players. The open-world sandbox game was first published in 2011, and due to the fact that it is an entity that is always changing, it has remained quite popular up to the present day. As of the year 2021, it had already sold more than 235 million copies around the globe and had over 700 million users enrolled.

Minecraft but I can Buy Realism

In 2022, Minecraft continues to have more than 140 million monthly active players due to its widespread popularity. Given that, it’s quite evident that this should be on your list of hot Trending Video Games right now.

2. Fortnite

Since its debut in 2017, when it was first made available online, Fortnite has been one of the most played and popular Trending Video Games in this genre. It doesn’t matter if players are engaged in massive battle royales, just attempting to stay alive, or even squaring up against one another in tower-defense mode; what matters is that they’re playing!

10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now | CIO Women Magazine

On the popular voting website Ranker in 2022, the contemporary classic received more than 62 thousand affirmative votes, and the website had an average of roughly 80 million monthly active members. On a list such as this, including it is obligatory.

3. Fall Guys

The outstanding multiplayer online battle royale game created by Mediatonic and Epic Games is continuing to climb higher on both the popularity and trending lists. It is now one of the most popular Trending Video Games in the world, and one of the primary reasons for this is the fact that it is completely free to participate in.

In 2021, the publication rights to it were acquired by Epic Games, and since June 2022, it has been available without charge to players. In addition to this, Epic Games has made it accessible on a wider variety of platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. Because of this, its already skyrocketing popularity has been further boosted!

4. The League of Legends (LOL)

The genre of multiplayer online battle arenas, sometimes known as MOBAs, has been around for a long time, but whoever thought that it was dead was mistaken. League of Legends continues to be a huge success that players like, despite the fact that multiplayer online battle arena Trending Video Games (MOBA) may have seen a decline in their own popularity due to the surge in favor of the battle royale genre, owing to the success of Fortnite.

League of Legends continues to attract an average of almost 100 million active players every single month despite the fact that it is the benchmark name that all other strategy-based wars Trending Video Games aim to be. That is just remarkable!

5. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (also known as PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is without a doubt one of the most well-liked and in-demand games right now, and it’s likely that this will continue to be the case for some time.

10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now | CIO Women Magazine

It has a total user base of over 1.2 billion people, with the number of concurrent users reaching a high of slightly less than 700 million in the year 2022. When there are billions of people throughout the world that appreciate something, it’s probably a good idea to pay attention to that item!

6. CrossFire

It’s possible that most people in the Western world aren’t familiar with CrossFire, but over in Asia, it’s a huge thing. Specifically in the country of Korea. The blockbuster game developed by Smilegate Entertainment is now one of the Trending Video Games that has maintained its status as one of the most popular titles over the last several years. During peak hours, there are eight million players logged in at the same time.

Because of an agreement that was signed in 2021 that made it solely accessible on all devices developed by Microsoft, its popularity is only going to continue to grow.

7. Roblox

Roblox is not a game per se; rather, it is a platform that enables users to create and design their own Trending Video Games, which they can then upload and share with other users of the site. It has amassed a massive following on both YouTube and Twitch, and it routinely hosts well over a million active users at the same time during peak hours.

8. Lost Ark

When you consider that Lost Ark was just published in 2022 (that is, this year! ), it is remarkable that it already has more than 800 thousand concurrent players at peak periods. It even achieved over one million active users at peak periods during the first month of its availability!

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

10 Most Trending Video Games Right Now | CIO Women Magazine

One of the most reliable performances now available is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was first published in 2012, but its popularity hasn’t stopped growing since then. It has over 24 million monthly active users, of which there are approximately one million concurrent users at peak periods. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

10. Valorant

Over the last several years, this tactical first-person shooter that was released by Riot Trending Video Games has seen a steady rise in player count and popularity. Riot Games first published the game in the year 2020 for PC and consoles. The following year, in 2021, the company said that a mobile version would be arriving shortly as a response to the strong and constant demand for the game.

As of right now, the game has more than 14 million active monthly players, and anything having to do with it pulls in massive crowds on Twitch.


What an up-and-down ride that was! What course of action will you choose initially, now that you have so many potential courses of action from which to select? Who knows, maybe one of them may become your all-time favorite Trending Video Games. Good luck!



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