Top 15 Free Games for Kids

Top 15 Best Free Games for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

This list of the best Games for Kids inevitably includes some of the finest PC games. Kids have been sneaking into computer games for decades by telling their parents they need them for school. Even now, the PC was the birthplace of such gaming phenomena as Minecraft and Roblox. Cuphead, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps are just a few of the games available.

Here are the Top 15 Free Games for Kids;

1. Sago Mini Friends

This sweet set of mini Games for Kids helps you think creatively, be quick on your feet, and solve problems. It starts with you choosing a colorful character who then looks around a cartoon neighborhood. If you knock on a door, you might be invited inside for a lively, fun playdate. This could mean putting on a costume, hammering nails into a birdhouse, or eating a tasty treat. Everything is bright and happy, and the game teaches empathy because one friend will look sad if the prizes aren’t shared equally.

2. Lego Tower

If we’re being honest, we think most parents would rather see their kids play with real Legos than with virtual ones on a tablet. But if you can’t play the real thing, this game is a good stand-in.

Top 15 Best Free Games for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

The Games for Kids gives you the chance to build and run your own Lego Tower. You’ll build apartments and businesses where Minifigures can live, work, and play. They can also go to their friends’ towers to trade things and help them build. There are thousands of pieces to collect and plenty of characters and items to unlock.

3. Llama Spit Spit

Llama Spit Spit is a weird shoot-em-up where a flying llama uses his spit and high-powered weapons to kill crazy cartoon enemies. The controls are straightforward to use, which means that even kids can play. Power-ups and collectible llamas, each of which has its own background art, keep the Games for Kids interesting over time. The only problem is that it’s the same as Shooty Skies (Android(opens in new tab)/iOS(opens in new tab)), which is a better and more bizarre game, but the llamas win this list because they don’t have ads or in-app purchases.

4. Fruit Ninja

In the fast-paced game Fruit Ninja, you use your finger as a virtual sword to cut pieces of fruit that are thrown at the screen in half while trying not to cut into bombs that end the Games for Kids.

It’s a great thing to play on a tablet because you can make nice big swipes across the screen. But the game also has local multiplayer, so two kids can go head-to-head and see who can slice the fruit the best.

5. The Curvy Road

Crossy Road is a clever remake of the game Frogger. Blocky characters hop across chunky, never-ending landscapes, trying not to fall into a river or get hit by a train. But the best part is that you can unlock a lot of characters. There are more than 100 characters to find, and while there are in-app purchases, you don’t really need them to enjoy the game.

6. Frisbee Forever 2

You might think that a video Games for Kids where you throw around a plastic disc wouldn’t be very good. Frisbee Forever 2 is more like a set of roller coasters because you have to guide your disc through gates and pick up stars as you go.

Top 15 Best Free Games for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

With its bright graphics, smart-level design, and simple controls that anyone can use, this easy arcade game reminds me of Nintendo. Even though there are freemium elements, you get in-game currency for every second you play, even if you fail at a level.

7. The Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is our top pick because this classic character and his friends are fun for the whole family. Parents will love being able to play with all their favorite Mario Kart characters, and Games for Kids will love how exciting the game is. It’s fun for a group because up to four people can play at once on the TV or Switch in split-screen mode. The “E” rating ensures the game isn’t too violent or inappropriate for kids. This game is great for Switch fans, but you can’t play it on any other system.

8. Mekorama

Mekorama reminds me of Monument Valley because it has small isometric worlds that you can spin with your finger and a way to change the scenery. But this game doesn’t have any optical illusions like Escher’s. Instead, it’s all about helping a wandering robot find its way to its goals. It’s a cute, thoughtful, and tactile experience that works well on a tablet, where you and your child can work through the puzzles together. If you finish the 50 levels that come with the Games for Kids, you can download more from the internet or make your own.

9. Super Stickman Golf III

Many Games for Kids won’t be interested in golf. But normal golf is not played in the Super Stickman universe. Instead, you hit balls across side-on courses bigger than life, like huge castles, bases with lasers, and floating islands. Even though it’s fun to play by yourself and makes full use of bigger screens (so you can see more of each course and aim more accurately), it also has great multiplayer game types. You can play “turn-by-turn” Games for Kids with your friends or “race to the hole” battles that are fast-paced and crazy.

10. Spaceteam

If you have more than one kid with a device, Spaceteam is a fun and wacky way for them to yell at each other in a way that is sort of productive and helps them work as a team. In particular, a “spaceteam” in a ship trying to get away from a star that is about to explode, with control panels made by a sadist.

Top 15 Best Free Games for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

Once the devices are connected, instructions will show up on your screen, but the controls may be on someone else’s. So people will say stupid things like “someone turn on the dangling shunter” while they try to figure out if their own screen has a “spectrobolt” slider. Just like in Star Trek. You can get Spaceteam for Android and iOS (opens in a new tab). This

11. Simon Says

This is a classic Games for Kids that can be played anywhere and is easy to learn. The object of the game is to do what “Simon” tells you to do, like “jump in place” or “touch your nose.” The catch is that you can only do the thing if “Simon says” comes before the instruction. This game teaches kids to follow directions and pay attention to the details.

12. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles not only help kids focus but also help them learn new words and spell better. As they try to figure out the answers, these Games for Kids put their brains to the test, making them some of the best mental workouts. They make you more focused and less likely to get dementia. Crossword puzzles for kids can be found online or in newspapers.

13. Jigsaw Puzzles

Some jigsaw puzzles for adults are bigger and have more pieces, but there are also a lot of puzzles made just Games for Kids. Most of the time, the pieces in these puzzles are bigger and there are fewer of them than in traditional puzzles. This makes them easier for little kids to put together. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle requires focus, concentration, and the ability to find solutions. It’s a great way for kids to relax after a long day of school.

14. Riddles

Riddles are a great way to improve your ability to pay attention and think on your feet because you have to think quickly and come up with the right answer. They also help you learn new words and spell better. It can be played with friends or family, which makes it a great way to spend time with other people.

With so many electronic devices trying to get our attention, it can be hard to pay attention to one thing at a time. We love board Games for Kids because of this. They not only help you focus, but they also get you out of the front of a screen and into the real world. Here are a few of our favorites:

15. Chess

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular board games, and many people say it is one of the best ways to improve your ability to concentrate and pay attention.

Top 15 Best Free Games for Kids | CIO Women Magazine

This game requires you to think ahead, plan, and be able to predict what your opponent will do. As you play chess, you will develop concentration skills that will help you in other areas of life. Games for Kids can play this game with friends, family members, or even on the computer. Kids as young as six can learn to play chess, making it a great game for the whole family.



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