All you need to know about Technology and Interpersonal Communication

All you need to know about Technology and Interpersonal Communication - 4 points | CIO Women Magazine

Interpersonal communication, in simple words, is the normal conversation that two or more people are having. Discussing a particular topic on the basis of a context and deriving a similar thought process or multiple views on it is interpersonal communication in simple language. As the digital era has taken over, the mediums and modes of communication have changed.

Individuals have brought together technology and interpersonal communication in a way that the process of conversing with each other has left some barriers behind. It has helped not only in my personal life but professional life too. So, the amount of help it has provided in enhancing the process of communication is tremendous. 

Technology has changed the perspective of human beings to look at things. Majorly the use of computers and the Internet have changed the face of almost all industries we work in. Technology and interpersonal communication have fastened the process as the quality and speed of work increase extensively. 

Here we bring you some more pointers on how technology and interpersonal communication enhance our work process;

1. Internet is the new synonym for communication

As the pandemic hit us all the things changed for us dramatically. Especially on the work front, nothing is possible without using technology and interpersonal communication. As organizations have grand operations all over the globe, the communication part has become easy and hassle-free. Firms hold meetings online, audio, and video calls, and sharing of files. Everything works around technology and interpersonal communication these days. 

All you need to know about Technology and Interpersonal Communication - 4 points | CIO Women Magazine

2. Lessens barriers

Technology and interpersonal communication have helped us lessen the barriers like distance and time, while urgencies are addressed immediately. It saves a lot of time and is helpful in times of emergencies. One is incomplete without the other. In organizations, client communication is done via emails, video or audio meetings and doesn’t need in-person, as online meet is as good as in-person meet. It almost gives the experience of meeting the person physically. So, technology and interpersonal communication play an important role in curbing out barriers and making human lives easier. 

3. Social Media is a huge example

Whatever we communicate to each other on social media is an example of interpersonal communication. Sharing reels, short or long videos, commenting on images of friends and liking their posted images, whatever is the action on social media, all of those actions are of interpersonal communication. From engaging on celebrity photos and reels to engaging on generic reels while liking and commenting on them, all these are done via technology and interpersonal communication. So again it is proved that technology and interpersonal communication are interrelated. 

4. It has increased employment

All you need to know about Technology and Interpersonal Communication - 4 points | CIO Women Magazine

It is jaw-dropping to see the way interpersonal communication and technology have increased employment opportunities. Imagine a world without technology and communication. Got a blank picture in front of your eyes, didn’t you? If the internet wasn’t in existence, career fields like corporate, management and the information technology (IT) sector wouldn’t exist. So, imagine the amount of unemployment that would exist in and around the world. So many individuals would be without a job and depressed. Communication has gained a lot of importance due to the internet and is not even realized as much actually. 

Importance of technology and interpersonal communication in the digital space?

1. Improves personal and professional relationships

While communicating with each other we make the confusion clear about a particular aspect, in a way. In majority of the situations, we are trying to solve a doubt that we have in our minds. Be it personal or professional relationships. In the office, we seek the help of our colleagues in order to get to know some stuff regarding office operating procedures or any situation like discussing client requirements. When at home or among friends, we discuss things to get to know the perspective the other person holds about a particular thing.  

2. Reduces stress

A lot of times as we communicate with our friends or family we feel at peace. This is possible with the help of technology and interpersonal communication. Some people face social anxiety, depressive moods, or lethargy when not in communication with any of their near and dear ones. This is the impact that interpersonal communication and technology have created in recent years. In the work culture too, meetings are an example of technology and interpersonal communication.  

3. Makes organizational operations faster

All you need to know about Technology and Interpersonal Communication - 4 points | CIO Women Magazine

As technology and interpersonal communication allow you to share your thoughts and opinions, the functioning of the organization becomes faster and improves the processes too. As said before, distance and locations aren’t a barrier, the colleagues and diverse departments can be known as virtual teams. It is as good as meeting in person. Different platforms for communication are available so the video or audio meetings curb down the hindrance factor. Sharing of files, screen sharing and other benefits allow users to interact. Often, organizations conduct team-building activities too, via online meetings. 

4. Nuances involved

Due to the available technology and ease of interpersonal communication, social media allows us to communicate to anybody at any given time. From commenting, liking, and sharing content to replying to comments, all come under interpersonal communication. A whole new branch of communication specialists has opened up. Fields like digital marketing and social media, online reputation management (ORM) have boomed like there’s no tomorrow. These are the nuances involved in this aspect, that may get unnoticed. 


Now, as you’ve read this article, you must have realized the importance of communication, the internet, and technology in our lives. Sending a single WhatsApp text is an example of technology and interpersonal communication. All the office meets that happen is an example of technology and interpersonal communication.

Communication has become impossible without technology. Many career streams are functioning on these two aspects. The harmony in the functioning of organizations and smooth workflow is ensured via making use of communication and technology. Both are incomplete without each other these days. Especially with the onset of digital trends.  



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