How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines?

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines - 5 New Methods | CIO Women Magazine

Website optimization is the need of the hour for each and every business existing on our planet. Without a website, your business isn’t seen on Google rankings. As search engines begin displaying your website on search engines, gradually the ranking rises from one position to another according to the Google algorithm. To increase the website ranking for search engines, it needs to appear on the first page organically. You can also appear in first place in the rankings via posting ads, but for that, you need to pay money to Google. 

Organically ranking your website is a skill for which you need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can keep track of how many website visitors you have, how many days you get that traffic, and on what devices was your website seen. The list goes on and on. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website awareness is increased and prospects get to know about the existence of your business in the market. 

Search Engine Optimization is the basic key to improving your website’s ranking on search engines. 

But what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that helps to improve the website ranking from the last to the first page on various search engines. The different search engines regularly crawl and index websites to check for the content’s authenticity and legitimacy. Crawling and indexing mean they read the content posted, and based on the value-addition and newness in the web page decide where to position the page in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s).    

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines - 5 New Methods | CIO Women Magazine

An ideal SEO is where the benefits of the content posted are highlighted and also what value will it bring to people’s lives. It shows how people’s lives are becoming easy too. Organic SEO is the best thing you can do, instead of posting ads and ranking your website. But, a layman not understand that. An ad icon exists before the link from the left side of the screen. If seen an ad, it means it isn’t ranking organically. 

Methods to improve website’s ranking via Search Engine Optimization;

1. Keyword research

For the website to rank on search engines accurate keyword research is needed to be conducted. Keywords are those words that people use to search for the information they’re looking for. What do they type in the search box of search engines to gather information is called as a keyword. Those words are to be used in your website’s copy and the content you post on it. On your website’s keyword analytics, you can forecast what terms are people using to search content and target those keywords to conduct your SEO. 

2. Persuasive website copy

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines - 5 New Methods | CIO Women Magazine

The finalized keywords according to their search volume should be included in the website copy to help rank in the search engines. The website’s metadata, the website’s URL, page titles, blog headings, meta descriptions, and alternative text, all of these elements should have the keywords that you have researched. Whether you are selling a product or a service good and effective content posting on the website needs good copywriting skills. Unique and different content posted will help the ranking of your website. 

3. Build topic influence

This is an opportunity for you to showcase your in-depth knowledge on the skills and expertise you possess. Via blogs, you can showcase your skills and come up with in-depth topics that are related to your field. It helps people to know your knowledge when they find some product/service related to your field. So, that is why it’s said that the topics you post on the blogs should be deeply researched topics that people have doubts about. It shows authority and your fine knowledge on the field you work in. 

4. Strategize your website design

Search engines prioritize websites with a good User Experience (UX). An ideal page loading speed, good readability in their design, and that have simple site navigation capability are ranked on the search engines. Do not overload the website by posting too much content on it. Heavy videos or images will lead your website to take time to open, meaning the page loading speed isn’t that good. 

5. Watch your website’s performance

The website to rank on Google can take weeks and months of effort. It also takes time for search engines to crawl, index, and start showing it on the website. Keep on updating the website content and keep up with the Google updates as the algorithms keep on changing. An aspect like bounce rate should also be kept a watch on as it indicates the number of people going out of your website. 

Importance of SEO;

1. SEO improves believability

A number of on-page and off-page elements are considered that also includes website speed, mobile usability and unique content that adds value. Users of course expect Google to deliver the asked foe results in order to get what is asked for. 

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines - 5 New Methods | CIO Women Magazine

2. Higher ROI

As the reach of the website is relevant and shown to the target audience as and when needed, the ROI is on the higher side as the number of impressions get higher too. It also increases brand awareness and brings in good chances of increasing sales. 

3. Reaches relevant target audience

As mentioned above, the ads and posts are shown to relevant audiences, the ROI is higher. This helps us to get the expected number of impressions and conversions too which directly increases the sales figures for your business. The same is with social media too. As you follow the brand on social media, the posts keep on appearing on your feed, giving you a constant reminder of the brand. 


Ranking your website on search engines requires patience. All the elements mentioned above if in place, still, it may take some time for the website to rank as the crawling and indexing by Google takes time. You need to keep a watch on the Google algorithm too, in order to keep up with the updates. Businesses that invest in SEO, build the required credibility and authority too. An on-point SEO strategy gives you higher returns, builds awareness, and in turn increases sales that the brand is striving for on a constant basis. 



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