15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing | CIO Women Magazine

We are bombarded with ads on a daily basis and consumers are growing more and more immune to large budget advertising. Marketers that focus on creativity and buzz can generate effective results with (generally) inexpensive techniques. Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Like surprises? Don’t we all! Creating a “Wow!” moment for your consumers is an effective way for your marketing to ‘stick’ and be memorable for the viewer.

Guerrilla marketing (no, not the animal) is an advertising strategy all about creating buzz by using unconventional means, time and most importantly, creativity and imagination. Usually Guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected, possibly interactive and consumers are targeted in unforeseen places (general public, campuses, street marketing/giveaways, PR stunts, etc).

Here are 15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing ;

1. Covert Marketing

1st Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing , Undercover marketing is another term for stealth marketing. It just enlists the help of top classmates, celebrities, and product placement. Hiring great actors and musicians to influence your product’s characteristics is a tactic employed to reach your target audience. Hyundai and the NFL are prime examples of this kind of marketing.

2. Graffiti Stencil Artworks

2nd Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Although stencil graffiti is much smaller than full wall mural art, it is simpler and more convenient since it is made in tiny places over several regions in a short period of time. This method has been used by businesses to assist them in introducing their products and services to the existing market.

15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing | CIO Women Magazine

3. Flash Mob

3rd Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, You’ve probably seen photographers gather a gathering of people in a certain spot to halt for their photography and videography campaigns. Flash mobs are excellent guerilla marketing strategies that instantly capture the attention of audiences. The people that pose for flash mobs are mostly celebrities and regular people who like seeing them.

4. Stickers

4th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing , Stickers are a frequent approach in which any firm may participate. Furthermore, the creativity and excellent application of stickers is an excellent guerilla marketing approach.

5. Ingenious Viral Videos

5th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, This is a significant online guerilla marketing approach that has advanced and captured the attention of target audiences. Doritos created a viral film that was utilized as an advertisement on YouTube and other social media sites. They took a complex film and made it incredibly humorous by linking it to our daily lives. Viral videos are one of the most effective guerilla marketing tactics.

6. Advertising on Billboards

6th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, People will remember this billboard advertisement if they see it. Billboard advertising must utilize innovative language, and its goal is to help customers remember a brand as they enter the sales funnel.

15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing | CIO Women Magazine

7. Treasure Hunting

7th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Treasure hunts entail concealing clues to a certain product online and offering your audience the opportunity to locate and be rewarded for finding them. The rewards may include digital coupons or the ability to collect items at a local location.

8. Unique Landing Pages

8th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Landing pages raise brand recognition and target the most appropriate demographic for a specific website. Another guerilla marketing strategy that sells the company on the web is creative land pages, which drive more visitors to your website and lead your business campaign.

9. Environment Staging

9th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing, Businesses have successfully used social media best practices to get in front of their target audience. Giving your pins or posts a creative touch and organizing them in a way that provides visitors a feeling of stopping by and appreciating your creativity is a guerilla approach on Pinterest and Instagram. When it comes to marketing, staging the setting of your business’s posts and advertisements on social media is quite important.

10. Reverse Graffiti

10th Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing , Reverse graffiti is another innovative way to expose your brand’s message. Regardless of the occasional negative connotations associated with graffiti as a recognized art form. This method may be effective since it employs non-permanent paint or dye.

15 Best Examples of Guerrilla Marketing | CIO Women Magazine

11. Colgate Cavity Campaign 

Colgate, a toothpaste and toothbrush manufacturer, used an excellent and innovative guerilla marketing strategy. They created Popsicle sticks that look like toothbrushes inside chocolate and cake to remind everyone who eats the cake to clean their teeth after eating an ice cream bar to prevent cavities from forming.

12. Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing occurs when consumers discuss a product or service with their friends, family, or coworkers. This marketing, on the other hand, is meant to form an opinion in the user’s head by other consumers who evaluate the product and their experience with it.

13. Barcodes

Smartphones have facilitated faster communication. QR Codes may be used in a variety of ways to draw attention to your business. For example, you might use a QR code to connect straight to your website or whatever you’re selling. You must identify a visible site with heavy foot traffic and utilize such QR Codes with a message that encourages people to open the message.

14. Merchandise

Merchandise are not often used, but they are effective. Merchandise remains with a customer for a longer period of time. Use stuff that contributes to your brand’s image and connects with customers. Key chains, personalized bags, stickers, t-shirts, and hats are popular items that many firms utilize to raise brand recognition.

15. Vending Machines and Food Trucks

Using vending machines or food trucks to advertise your items might be an excellent approach to reach a broad audience. If you run a restaurant, you may install vending machines in prominent locations in your community or have food trucks. It may help you attract more customers.



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