70 Great Print Adverts of All Time

70 Great Print Adverts of All Time | CIO Women Magazine

In an era in which digital advertising has become the predominant method of marketing, it is surprising that traditional formats still play a significant role in increasing brand recognition and generating leads. Great Print Adverts of All Time, However, the fact of the matter is that conventional methods of advertising, such as creative newspaper advertisements, are not even close to being extinct.

According to research conducted on the topic, the majority of Americans (70%) still like reading from paper over digital devices, and 67% still favor printed things over digital formats. Great Print Adverts of All Time, Customers have a greater level of trust in printed advertising than they do in those presented via any other media.

However, it has to have high-quality printed content in order to stir the feelings of customers and spark their attention. If you want to make advantage of this kind of advertising, you’ll need to bring a hearty helping of creativity and inventiveness to the table.

When it comes to the quality of a print advertisement, these features are the most important factors to take into consideration; Great Print Adverts of All Time , nevertheless, we also want to present some examples to inspire your creativity while you collaborate with an advertising agency.

To succeed, print adverts should make you double take. In order to make an impact, they need to be complex and multi-layered, deploying the potent mix of sharp copy and a stunning picture. Get it right, and it’ll be just as impactful as a video. 

We’ve found examples that prove those points. This list includes the most impressive, funniest, controversial, hard-hitting and simply excellent print adverts out there. Stay tuned for a masterclass in promoting your brand through print.

Here are the 70 Great Print Adverts of all time;

1. McDonald’s WiFi
2. KFC Apology
3. Pepsi Halloween
4. Marmite Don’t Forget It
5. KFC Finger Lickin’ Good
6. Seitenbacher- No wonder you wake up hungry
7. Hellmann’s Christmas
8. Burger King: Flame Grilled
9. Coke: A bottle for everyone
10. Barilla: Happy New Year
11. McDonalds: Happy Halloween
12. McDonalds: XL coffee
13. KRAFT cheese
14. Heinz Hot Ketchup
15. WMF: Sharper than you think 
70 Great Print Adverts of All Time | CIO Women Magazine
16. IKEA: Designed for apples
17. Ekopen: Good Night
18. WMF Knives
19. IKEA: Pee with purpose
20. BOSE: Noise Canceling Earphones
21. MacBook Pro: Ultra Thin
22. JBL: Noise-canceling earphones
23. Orion
24. iPod Shuffle
25. PNET
26. Bandaid
27. Nivea Night Cream
28. Veet
29. Listermint
30. Colgate Dental Floss
31. Orbit Chewing Gum
32. Nivea Men
33. Mandevu
34. Sanzer Hand Gel
35. Ajax Wipes
36. Softlan
37. Sta-Soft: Softens even the toughest
38. Jeep
39. VW: Park with Precision
40. Opel: Texting and Driving
70 Great Print Adverts of All Time | CIO Women Magazine
41. VW: Touareg
42. BM
43. Honda: Ride Your Way
44. Fiat: New Panda Cross
45. Ford: Rear View Camera
46. Gripex: Take a breath
47. Weight Watchers
48. McCann Health
49. French Ministry Of Health: Child obesity
50. Gold’s Gym
51. Asics: Go for a run
52. Keloptic.com
53. WWF
54. Plant for the planet
55. Van Gogh Museum Café
56. Penguin Books
57. Tzomet Sfarim: Read a Book
58. Pilot Pens: Water Resistant
59.  Faber Castell: Artists colour pencils
60. Capacitate
61. Lego: Imagine
62. Lazer Bike Helmets
63. Whiskas: Feeding your cat’s instincts
64. Pedigree: A dog makes your life happier. Adopt
65. ECOVIA: Stop the Violence
70 Great Print Adverts of All Time | CIO Women Magazine
66. StrongerMarriage.com
68. DHL
69. FedEx
70. Gett Delivery

Bottom Line

We found the most impressive, impactful print ads which we just couldn’t ignore; they have a great mix of copy combined with creative imagery that just pulls the message together successfully. Great Print Adverts of All Time, Read on to see what we rate are 70 best print ads of all time!

You don’t need to go any farther than this comprehensive listicle we have compiled to find the most creative print advertisements and ads that are currently available on the market. Despite their creative potential and ability to leave an impact, advertisements that appear in printed periodicals are often ignored. Great Print Adverts of All Time, The most eye-catching and convincing print advertising we came across featured an enticing blend of text and imaginative images that made it hard to ignore the complete piece as a whole.



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