34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023

34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

Here are the 34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023;

1. The Plastics Circle

Theplasticscircle.com | Sydney, Australia

The Plastics Circle is a Sydney-based “non-bearded hipster tech” company Best Women-led Startups that primarily serves Asian markets. In 2018, four persons – Gillian Hyde, Trish Hyde, Murray Hyde, and Ben Reay – created it.

2. Mented Cosmetics

Mentedcosmetics.com | New York, USA

Mented Cosmetics, a premium cosmetic company Best Women-led Startups that offers the ideal nude lip tones for women of all hues, was founded in 2016.

3. Mrs. Wordsmith

Mrs. Wordsmith | London, United Kingdom

Mrs. Wordsmith is the creation of Sofia Fenichell, Best Women-led Startups who launched the e-learning firm in London, UK, in 2015/2016. Mrs. Wordsmith bills itself as “the world’s silliest learning firm.”

4. Solv

Solvhealth.com is based in San Francisco, California.

The app asks users about their symptoms and desired appointment times before connecting them with nearby physicians Best Women-led Startups who may fit their requirements.

5. Save Your Wardrobe

Saveyourwardrobe.com | London, United Kingdom

An app that employs artificial intelligence to help individuals classify the clothing they currently possess and create new combinations without purchasing new outfits. Best Women-led Startups The program also allows users to donate their items and buy recycled goods.

6. Verge Genomics

San Francisco, California, USA | vergegenomics.com

A company that is changing the healthcare sector by employing artificial intelligence to discover novel treatments for brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Maven Clinic | mavenclinic.com | New York, USA

Through its private platform, the firm links working women with physicians and offers them with health education.

7. Modern Fertility

San Francisco, California, USA | modernfertility.com

The firm provides low-cost hormone testing that women may do at home in order to make educated choices early in life.

8. Snorkel AI

Palo Alto, California | snorkel.ai

Snorkel is a platform that enables customers to rapidly and simply construct AI applications.

Werklabs in Chicago, Illinois | werk.co

The firm mainly functions as a people-centered platform that develops predictive analytics solutions to assist businesses in building flexible cultures via data.

9. Coworker

34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

San Francisco, California | coworker.com

Best Women-led Startups , Coworker is similar to Airbnb in that it allows freelancers to reserve a space and write a rating.

10. Agrowave

Agrowave.in | Gurgaon, India

Best Women-led Startups , Agrowave is a Farm2Business fresh produce mobility supply chain that links farmers with markets through mobile pickup stations.

New York, New York, USA| rocketsofawesome.com

Rockets of Awesome is a subscription-based curated box that gives parents 12 articles of clothes every season based on their children’s prior purchases.

11. Guild Education

Denver, Colorado | guildeducation.com

Best Women-led Startups , Guild Education is a corporation that assists large companies in providing education as a work perk to address the gap of working people without a college degree.

12. Future Family

San Francisco, California | futurefamily.com

Best Women-led Startups , Essentially, the subscription-based reproductive firm aims to provide women and couples with a stress-free fertility experience.

13. The Athena Club

athenaclub.com | New York, USA

Best Women-led Startups , This female-led firm is revolutionizing the menstruation market by offering inexpensive tampons as a subscription service to women in the United States.

14. Artemis

allaboutartemis.com | Budapest, Hungary

Artemis is a smart bodysuit that uses micro-vibrations and heat to decrease menstruation discomfort.

15. Daily Harvest

daily-harvest.com | New York, USA

This subscription-based food service prepares meals using healthy ingredients.

16. Alfred

New York, United States

Provides busy individuals with the experience of having a need-based butler who can assist them with household duties.

17. Firmsy

Firmsy.com | New Plymouth, New Zealand

Firmsy saves attorneys a lot of time while providing their clients with improved access to useful legal services.

18. Caretaker

caretaker.com | New York, USA

Caretaker is a new marketplace that uses blockchain technology to assist consumers avoid paying costs for breaching their lease by subletting their spaces to other people.

19. Abartys Health

34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

abartyshealth.com | Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Patients’ medical data become portable, and their identity becomes global, owing to the platform’s superior technology.

20. Digitail

Digitail.io | Austin, TX

Digitail is veterinary clinic CRM (customer relationship management) software that automates administrative activities.

21. Winnie

Winnie.com, San Francisco, California

Winnie links parents with daycares and preschools while also assisting these institutions with managing waiting lists, etc.

22. EmptyTrips

emptytrips.com| Sandown, South Africa

EmptyTrips is a company that links carriers with businesses who need their items transported between cities.

23. Klasha

klasha.com| Lagos, Nigeria

A new fashion e-commerce company that not only sells contemporary clothing at low costs, but also delivers within 1-5 days.

24. 1928 Diagnostics

1928diagnostics.com, Gothenburg, Sweden

A tool for clinicians that uses DNA analytics to help them determine the best antibiotic therapy for each of their patients individually.

25. Karma

karma.life | Stockholm, Sweden

Attempts to reduce food waste in grocery stores and restaurants by selling unsold food at reduced rates.

26. Rebellyous Foods

Seattle, Washington | rebellyous.com

The company sells plant-based nuggets, patties, and tenders at reasonable costs so that everyone in the family may enjoy them.

27. Hey! Vina

heyvina.com| San Francisco, USA

Vina is similar to Tinder in idea, except instead of a date, ladies receive a new buddy.

28. PolicyPal

policypal.com is based in Singapore.

Policypal employs AI technology to allow clients to personalise their insurance experience on their phone through an app.

29. Homage

34 Best Women-led Startups in 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

homage.sg | Singapore, Singapore

Homage, an online network, links local caregivers with elder care users. At the same time, it keeps patients’ family informed.

30. WIZ AI

wiz.ai | Singapore, Singapore

The firm employs artificial intelligence to deliver humanized, automated customer support chatbots.

31. Traceless Materials

traceless.eu | Hamburg, Germany

Traceless Materials has developed three plastics alternatives – film, coating, and plas(ic) – that are non-toxic, bio-based materials that do not compete with food or cause land-use change.

32. Patsnap,

An artificial intelligence-driven organization that provides subscribers with access to intellectual property patents in order to analyze trends and encourage innovation.

33. BioXplor,

Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia

Through better data analysis, BioXplor is on a quest to uncover innovative medication combinations and increase clinical development performance.

34. Blushh,  


A sensuous audio app for Asian ladies. Women may listen to personal and engaging audio tales with a simple monthly subscription.



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