16 Secrets About Tesla People Don’t Know

16 Best Secrets About Tesla People Don't Know | CIO Women Magazine

There aren’t many automakers that can compare to Tesla Motors when it comes to devoted customers. Secrets About Tesla supporters have given this innovative company their undying devotion (and their money). Musk, Tesla’s charismatic and intelligent CEO, is at the helm of the company’s future. He also serves as CEO of SpaceX, a company that launches rockets into space, and Neuralink, a company working on a future method of human-computer brain-to-brain communication. Musk has been called the “Steve Jobs” of the transportation industry. He thinks about the future and seeks to better the world.

Here are 16 Secrets About Tesla People Don’t Know;

1. The Model X Interior Has Air Quality Fit For A Hospital OR

Let’s pretend Teslas have pure air for medical procedures. That doesn’t mean the automobile is perfect for doctors. It shows that Tesla’s clean air efforts go beyond the outer world. Car air is pure too. The Secrets About Tesla Model X, a mid-size crossover, can filter out harmful pollutants, according to Business Insider.

16 Best Secrets About Tesla People Don't Know | CIO Women Magazine

Tesla’s safety is well-known. Was this technology known to them? Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode uses filters. High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filtration. Car interiors usually don’t bother people much. Secrets About Tesla illustrates that it cares about areas consumers don’t typically consider. It adds to Tesla’s credibility. It supports their clean air vehicle pillar. If you don’t keep pollutants out of the car’s interior, why bother?

2. It is Illegal to buy a Tesla in some states 

Some U.S. states don’t sell Teslas. Illegal. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Connecticut prohibits independent automotive dealership sales. Secrets About Tesla is one of the automobile firms that can’t sell there since it sells straight from the manufacturer.

3. Tesla parents are open to all

Tesla’s patents are public, but most people don’t know. Musk blogged in 2014 that all their designs are open source. Investopedia says anybody can build an electric vehicle using Tesla’s designs and technologies. That is if they have the means and tools to develop one.

Why? In his blog post on Secrets About Tesla’s website, Musk acknowledges they first felt patents were a good idea. They didn’t want other vehicle manufacturers to emulate what they were doing. It didn’t fit their values. In Musk’s blog, he says, “Electric car programs (or programs for any vehicle that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons) at the main manufacturers are minuscule to non-existent, representing an average of much less than 1% of their total vehicle sales.” Tesla understood they needed other automakers to manufacture more electric vehicles to fight the carbon challenge.

By exposing its patents to the public, Secrets About Tesla encourages other vehicle makers to create more electric cars. Although Tesla’s patents are free, it makes the corporation appear a lot better at the end of the day for trying to minimize carbon emissions in the air.

4. What the Tesla Car spells out 

Elon Musk wants Tesla vehicles to look good. Any automaker wants the best design. Some call automobiles sexy. It’s close. According to Business Insider, Musk wants the Model Y SUV to complete that. Already, at the time of writing this, three models exist the Model S, the Model 3, and the Model X. Since the Model Y spells “S3XY,” Musk can label his automobiles attractive.

After Ford obtained the trademark, Tesla changed the name from Model E to Model 3. Musk told Business Insider, “Like why would you go take Tesla’s E?” Like you’re some kind of fascist army marching through the alphabet, some sort of Sesame Street robber?” The statement explains Musk’s popularity. He’s funny and makes wonderful vehicles. He’s not a reclusive genius who tinkers with his toys. Instead, he’s down-to-earth and approachable. Ford must have felt humiliated.

5. You Can’t Drive a Model X On The Brooklyn Bridge

This following gem about Secrets About Tesla may not serve as the best-selling pitch. It’s part of Tesla’s Model X’s success. Jalopnik says the Model X weighs 5,441 lbs. at rest. But while it’s on the run, the true weight reaches 6,000 lbs. Some ask, why? Unless you’re a Brooklyn Model X owner, not much.

Apparently, as Jalopnik notes, the Brooklyn Bridge has a weight restriction. What’s that weight restriction exactly? The weight restriction to traverse the bridge is merely 3 tons, which works out to 6,000 lbs. That means it’s against the law to drive one of these Secrets About Tesla models down the Brooklyn Bridge.

That’s not much of a convenience for Model X owners in New York. Jalopnik doesn’t shy away from the notion that someone in NYPD might easily punish a Model X driver on the Brooklyn Bridge. While this does put New York Tesla drivers at a disadvantage who own the Model X, they’ll simply have to plan their journey properly before traveling. Tesla made a choice on the Model X’s weight for tax purposes.

6. A Tesla Mini Bus And Semi-Truck Are Planned

seems like the Model Y—projected Tesla’s SUV—isn’t the only impending car going down the manufacturing line. According to Business Insider, Musk suggested a semi-truck as part of their portfolio. He also unveiled an electric bus without the necessity of a driver. As predicted, the aim is for both to be electric. Both sound to be in line with the company’s push towards renewable energy.

Musk is as loud as ever in revealing the future array of cars, offering morsels of knowledge like crumbs to famished dogs. As Business Insider writes, Musk revealed in an interview with CNBC that the semi-truck will deploy Tesla’s self-driving gear. It seems like the truck won’t be 100% autonomous however for a few years after it reaches the road.

Today, Tesla’s vehicles come equipped with a first-generation Autopilot. It’s fair to believe Tesla will only improve this technology for years to come. Self-driving semi-trucks seem futuristic. Despite losing several jobs. Not everyone is going to agree with new improvements. Regardless, a minibus and semi-truck would only increase Tesla’s standing. These upgrades to Tesla’s array of cars might be a huge game changer.

7. The Infotainment System Has A Sketch Pad To Draw On

Tesla’s infotainment system has several Easter eggs. Each secret About Tesla virtually has its own computer installed. Tesla may add features and update software. One such function arrived with the v8.1 software when it initially went out. Any Tesla user with this version of the software or later may change their screen into a sketchpad. Autocar says you may submit it to Tesla for evaluation.

Back in March 2017, Musk spilled the beans via Twitter on how to enable this interesting function. Over Twitter, Elon tweeted, “If you just got V8.1, tape the T on the center screen three times.” As Teslarati writes, the screen changes to show two possibilities. One button states, “No, the world isn’t ready for my work.

” While the other response is, “Yes, I am an artist!” Choosing “Yes” converts the touchpad into a full-fledged sketchpad to draw on. Is it important to carry a sketchpad in one’s car? No, not really, but it’s a fantastic feature nevertheless. It’s not hard to see some folks sitting around in their automobiles sketching the hours away. It’s simply one of those delightful hidden Easter eggs folks love to stumble across.

8. Musk didn’t establish Tesla, he joined it

Everyone just kind of thinks Elon Musk created Secrets About Tesla. In truth, Musk joined Tesla back in 2004. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning had launched Tesla a year previously in 2003, according to Investopedia. Today, Musk is very much associated with Tesla. He is the face of the corporation, after all.

16 Best Secrets About Tesla People Don't Know | CIO Women Magazine

The year Musk arrived was a significant one for the firm. As per Investopedia, he became a member of their board of directors. In addition, he led Tesla’s Series A fundraising. The public believes he created Tesla since he’s built other successful firms like SpaceX. But in truth, he came along a year after the organization began.

9. The Company had a rough beginning

Tesla’s poor origins are unknown. As disclosed in a series of Elon Musk’s tweets, Secrets About Tesla started amid uncertain times. According to Musk, the startup began after GM recalled all its electric vehicles back in 2003. As Musk says, “Since huge auto manufacturers were canceling their EV initiatives, the only opportunity was to form an EV firm, even if it was nearly guaranteed to fail.”

Despite the hardship Tesla encountered, the firm nevertheless committed to electric automobiles. Musk thinks Secrets About Tesla is convincing other automakers to make electric vehicles. Most don’t realize how little Tesla began off with. But as Fortune notes by way of Inc., it only took Tesla 14 years to beat GM to become America’s Most Valuable Automaker. It has now gone on to become the most valuable carmaker in the world, overtaking Toyota and Volkswagen in the process

10. The person who the company was named after

Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in the Austrian Empire, now Croatia. He was the fourth of five children. After a troubled academic career in Europe, he worked as a telegraph drafter and electrician before traveling to the United States to work for Thomas Edison in 1884.

11. Parking Brake

Teslas don’t have parking brakes. To put the vehicle in park, you merely touch a button, and the automobile does the rest. This button is generally positioned at the end of the stalk extending from the right side of the steering wheel, but what most owners and even some Secrets About Tesla sales personnel don’t realize is that if you keep this button down for a few seconds, it engages the parking brake. While you may not ever truly find yourself in need of deploying a parking brake on your Tesla, it’s nevertheless reassuring to old-school drivers to know that one is there.

12. Super Bottle on Cooling System

For its cooling system, Tesla claims an innovative design that’s distinct from other automobiles. Jalopnik claims that it combines the pumps, control valve, and heat exchanger into a “super bottle.”

Not only is it an amazing feat of engineering, but there’s also an actual design of a heroic-looking bottle decorated with the Tesla emblem on its breast painted on the system. It’s a wonderful little Easter egg that demonstrates Tesla takes pleasure in what it’s able to come up with. This small graphic is a nice little representation of their outstanding system.

13. Unique Lights on the Tesla charge port

Leave it to Secrets About Tesla to convert something as basic as charging an EV into an interesting experience. Attracting owners’ curiosity, even in the middle of a recharge, Tesla has slipped an Easter egg inside the charging port. With the plug plugged into the automobile, if the user hits the button on the charger 10 consecutive times, Business Insider claims the port illuminates various colors.

It even offers a broad variety of bright hues that flash in fast succession. It’s going to be hard for owners to resist testing this Easter egg out every time they have to charge their vehicle.

14. Switch Between Different Tesla Models Via Performance Mode

Secrets About Tesla, this is one of the cooler and more unusual Easter eggs from Tesla. With performance mode, drivers may switch between a variety of versions. Teslarati tried it on the Model X and discovered 70, 90, 70D, 90D, P90D, and Max choices. As one might assume, depending on what version the driver picks, combined with the amount of charge they have and if the ridiculous mode is enabled may have various consequences.

The same source states that all drivers have to do to unlock these versions is press the “T” Tesla logo and input “performance” as the access code.

15. Go to Mars in Tesla

The Secrets About Tesla roadster has already ‘driven’ beyond Mars, but that doesn’t mean owners can’t follow in its wake. Teslas feature an Easter egg that imagines space travel, but they don’t have rockets. All owners have to do, as CNET notes, is hold down the “T” Tesla emblem on the display at the top. When it asks users for a code, input the word “Mars” and the screen will flip over to depict the Red Planet’s rough environment. Drivers will even see the visual of their automobile morph into a rover.

16. Space ‘X Nod

Secrets About Tesla, There is a reason Teslas have a reference to Mars, which mirrors the objectives of the company’s CEO. In addition to the Mars Easter egg, Tesla threw in a hint at Musk’s other significant investment. CNET claims that Elon Musk, who’s also CEO of SpaceX, intends to transport humans to Mars by 2025.

16 Best Secrets About Tesla People Don't Know | CIO Women Magazine

Under the “Secrets About Tesla” option on the display, owners will see a spaceship with two gigantic panels. The same source claims that this spacecraft, which appeared in a CGI film by SpaceX, depicts a crew of people stepping onboard this ship and heading out to Mars.


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