7 Closing Strategies in Sales to Expand Your Business

Best 7 Closing Strategies in Sales to Expand Your Business | CIO Women Magazine

Closing the deal proves the result of your efforts. You need to be careful of these strategies in sales. Many-a-times, these are the now-or-never moments of sales that need to be addressed in an intellectual manner. The strategies in sales are a helping hand for your efforts and the final “deal signing meet” with your client. It’s true that not all deals go till the closing part, but at least you can analyze where it went wrong and what’d have you done instead. 

So, the next time using those strategies in sales, you take in account the previous failure into account. You try your best not to repeat the same mistake. There are strategies in sales whose success rate is on the top while some need modifications. Make those changes as per need and the client you’re currently dealing with. Keep them in a sheet saved on your laptop. Study those strategies in sales and check which should be used for which type of client. Hold meetings and brainstorming sessions for the same.

Listing down some of the strategies in sales which are almost proven;

1. Create urgency with value

In the strategies in sales, creating a sense of urgency by adding value to the client is where he will be convinced. Given the said situation, you can offer some value that will directly benefit the client. Value addition in strategies in sales can be done by offering a one-year extended membership on whatever tenure they’ve opted for or offering a discount on other products too which the client is in need of. If meeting face-to-face try to prove the urgency and the value added with a touch of intellect.  

2. Anticipate objections

In the list of strategies in sales, coming up with objections or anticipating the objections the client may put in is a skill. If you can forecast them and keep some solutions ready, it can be seen by the client that you’ve done your homework or research well. He will be impressed by the readiness with which you’re showing the solutions to the objection he brought to the table.

Best 7 Closing Strategies in Sales to Expand Your Business | CIO Women Magazine

Closing a deal is a big deal, isn’t it? Over here, be an empath. Meaning, put yourself in his shoe. Do a role play if required with some of your colleagues. Conduct a role-play session anticipate the objections and formulate solutions to those accordingly. 

3. Hammer the benefits of the product

Yes, that’s right. Draw the clients’ attention toward the benefits they will have. Make him realize the hindrances that he will not have to face when dealing with you. Show him past references or referrals of yours. Show them the popular referrals in your field which you’ve received. Discuss this with them via a call or request an email ID during the cold call.

Send them a list of benefits they’ll like and oblige as promised. Try the storytelling method here, to explain the benefits of the product. Keep the story aligned with some daily experiences and make the pitch stronger. Relatability is key in storytelling. In this way, the benefits will be well-grasped by the client, closing the deal then and there. 

4. Begin a conversation

Within the strategies in sales, after completing lead generation, use online tools for finding emails and verifying them as well. There are such tools that won’t let your sent email land in the spam mail section of the client. Yes, there are tools like these available. Search for them online and send the emails via those tools. Connect with them via a call to check their mailbox and ensure they’ve received the same or not. 

Best 7 Closing Strategies in Sales to Expand Your Business | CIO Women Magazine

5. See whether the needs are met

This should be the first thing to be studied actually. Apologies for mentioning it so late. But the point is, to conduct a careful scrutiny of the customer needs. Verify whether you’re doing enough to meet those customer needs. Not every prospect is your customer. Having said that, not every person needs what you offer. So let that group be on the side and concentrate on where you see prospects and leads. Check the leads who can get converted by their demands and your ability to fulfill their demands. 

6. Eye contact while communicating

When meeting your contacts n person, make eye contact. Due to the online meetings trend on roll, face-to-face meets are no anymore a priority. Meeting in person creates a bond with the person and you can persuade him too. But while speaking to him upfront always make eye contact with confidence. This shows that you genuinely want this deal to happen and you’re confident enough for it. Add a bit of humor when you converse. Don’t overdo it. Overdoing it will seem you as immature and non-serious kind of person.  

Best 7 Closing Strategies in Sales to Expand Your Business | CIO Women Magazine

7. Every client will be different

Before putting your pitch in the vision of the prospect, have a good study about his behavioral patterns of him. His likes, dislikes, and spending pattern too. Make a study of his past clients that he’s dealt with and modify the pitch accordingly. Check the past history of the client. Try to relate your pitch to his vision of you, the product, and the brand. This way when you modify the pitch there’s more of a possibility for the client to come on board. 


The strategies in sales are endless. There can never be one proven formula for a sale to be a success or a failure. Show the excitement in you to sell and pitch the product. Your enthusiasm must be seen through and through. Again, don’t overdo that too. Follow-up with the client if no answer is received after a particular period of time.

Chances are your mail goes down in the received mail list in your client’s inbox. Don’t let your efforts go in vain due to such petty reasons. If asked for time, let the client take the time to get back to you. Give a gentle reminder again after some time. This may sound irritating, but money doesn’t grow on trees, does it? Keep on striving to succeed, that’s it! 

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