9 Podcasts Every Student should listen to

9 Best Podcasts for Student should listen to | CIO Women Magazine

It is high time that podcasts become popular again. If you read the headline of this article, rolled your eyes, and thought to yourself, “That is so 2003,” you need to rethink that statement. Podcasts for Students are a fantastic tool for staying updated about the world around you without exerting too much effort at all. Learn about everything from politics to technology to pop culture by listening to audiobooks on your headphones as you commute to school or work out at the gym.

Here are 9 Podcasts Every Student should listen to;

1. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

This Podcasts for Student, which is hosted by Steven Novella and a panel of individuals referred to as “skeptical rogues,” discusses scientific discoveries in the modern world without using any jargon. Skeptical examinations of topics such as myths, conspiracy theories, cosmic radiation, neuroscience, pseudoscience, the paranormal, and many general forms of superstition can be found throughout the series.

9 Best Podcasts for Student should listen to | CIO Women Magazine

If you decide to investigate these topics, you will be exposed to them from the perspective of scientific skepticism. It seeks to impart knowledge to its audience in the hopes of enhancing their comprehension of topics such as rationality, critical thinking, and science.

2. Stuff To Blow Your Mind

It is only entertaining because the knowledge that you get on the podcast won’t be accessible anywhere else, but Robert, Joe, and Christian explain things by covering a series of themes that are only amusing due to this fact. Their Podcasts for Students are quite entertaining, and they give the impression of knowing what they are talking about, despite the fact that some of the research they have done is questionable, and that some of the statements they have made are not backed by evidence.

Make use of it as a means to enlarge your thoughts and experiment with a few other items to determine whether or not they function for you as well as the presenters tell how they do.

3. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Continue reading even if the terms “personal development” and “self-help tactics” make you want to roll your eyes. Little Leaps, Great Changes is a book that focuses on the habits that may be developed in day-to-day living to lead to larger changes in one’s life. If you want to make a difference in yet are tired of hearing advice on how to live your life in general, pay attention.

4.  Stuff Mom Never Told You

Chrissy Conger and Caroline Ervin are the “girl next door” sorts who effortlessly interpret the biology, psychology, and society that lies behind men and women. The Podcasts for Student Something Mom Never Told You to discuss a variety of issues, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), the reasons women join cults, and mansplaining. Listen up if you’ve ever been curious about women in general or what it’s like to be a woman.

5. Freakonomics Radio

9 Best Podcasts for Student should listen to | CIO Women Magazine

Have you ever wondered why people wait in lines or how many people die annually as a result of preventable medical mistakes? In the event that you didn’t, you most likely are now. Listen up if you are curious in the economics that lies under the surface of all that we do.

6. Stuff You Should Know

While you are out on a date the next time there is an uncomfortable lull in the conversation, you may break the ice by sharing some information like the history of the Black Panther Party or how body language works. You will never again have the impression that you are uneducated on a certain subject. If you want to expand your knowledge on a variety of subjects in a novel manner, listening to Podcasts for Students is the way to go.

7. My Favorite Murder

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two comedians and true crime fans who can’t wait to talk about passing away. When each murder is examined with clever commentary, you won’t be able to stop listening even if you want to. If you don’t easily get scared out and appreciate hearing real crime tales, this Podcasts for Students is for you (obviously).

8. Bad With Money

9 Best Podcasts for Student should listen to | CIO Women Magazine

Do not be deceived into believing that this is just another dull Podcasts for Students offering financial advice; the presenter, Gabby Dunn, is really terrible with money. Join Gaby as she discusses the topic of why money governs so much of our life with a variety of people, including artists, financial psychologists, her parents, and more. If you’ve ever had anxiety over the amount of money you’re earning, saving, or spending and you want to know that you’re not the only one, give this a listen.

9. The Read

Join Kid Fury and Chrissie for their weekly tea-spilling gossip session about the hottest performers in hip-hop and pop culture right now. Kid Fury and Chrissle will be dishing the dirt on all of your favorite artists. What could be a more enjoyable way to spend your time on the way to class than to listen to two humorous bloggers make fun of Drake? If you are someone who lives for the pop culture and celebrity gossip, give this a listen.

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