Accenture acquires Flutura to expand its AI Capabilities

Accenture acquires Flutura to expand its AI Capabilities | CIO Women Magazine

Accenture, the multinational professional services firm, has announced its acquisition of Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, an industrial artificial intelligence (AI) company based in Bangalore, India. Flutura provides AI-powered solutions that optimize industrial processes and equipment performance, enabling businesses to increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower costs.

A Strategic Move

The acquisition is part of Accenture’s strategic effort to expand its Industry 4.0 practice, which helps clients digitize their operations and adopt new technologies such as AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). By combining Flutura’s expertise in industrial AI with Accenture’s capabilities in digital transformation and consulting, the two companies aim to deliver end-to-end solutions for clients in the energy, chemicals, metals, mining, and pharmaceutical sectors.

“Flutura democratizes AI for engineers, enabling manufacturing and other asset-intensive companies with the carbon intelligence to reduce emissions, energy consumption and lost output due to unplanned downtime of industrial assets. This acquisition will power industrial AI-led transformation for our clients globally and particularly in Australia, South-East Asia, Japan, Africa, India, Latin America and the Middle East,” says Senthil Ramani, Senior Managing Director and Accenture Applied Intelligence lead for Growth Markets

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

Flutura’s platform, Cerebra, uses machine learning and predictive analytics to provide real-time insights into equipment performance, maintenance needs, and production outcomes. The platform integrates data from various sources, including sensors, cameras, and enterprise systems, and uses advanced algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies. This allows businesses to identify potential issues before they occur, optimize maintenance schedules, and reduce unplanned downtime.

The acquisition of Flutura will enable Accenture to enhance its industrial AI services and help clients achieve their sustainability goals. With climate change becoming a pressing issue, many companies are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and move towards net-zero emissions. Industrial AI can play a crucial role in this effort by optimizing energy use, reducing waste, and improving resource efficiency.

“Our AI platform enables engineers to respond with agility to everchanging market and operating conditions. We look forward to scaling this as part of Accenture and helping more industrial clients achieve high-value outcomes in their production operations,” adds Krishnan Raman, Chief Executive Officer at Flutura

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.



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