How Advertising on Podcast Works?

How Advertising on Podcast Works? 3 Best Points | CIO Women Magazine

Advertising on Podcast Works is the use of podcasts to promote a business, product, or service. This includes podcast ads, which are when the podcast host reads an ad for a brand during a break in the show. In some cases, the ad is a message that was recorded ahead of time and put into the audio.

Podcast sponsorship is a way to advertise a product, service, or business on Advertising on Podcast Works. Businesses pay to have an ad for their product, service, or business played during a podcast. Most podcast ads include information about the product or service as well as the host’s personal experiences with it. The ad may also have coupon codes or discounts that the listener can use to save money when they try the product or service.

Businesses can also make their podcast shows that are all about promoting themselves. Even though the main goal of this type of show is to sell a product or service, branded podcasts also provide listeners with valuable content that helps build the reputation and credibility of the brand and raise awareness of the brand.


There are three different types of podcast advertising: standard, affiliate, and branded. Let’s quickly go over how each of these three things works:

1. Standard advertising agreement

In this Advertising on Podcast Works deal, the business or sponsor pays the podcast host, production team, or company for space in their audio. The ad itself can be fixed or changeable, and it can be pre-recorded or read by the host (more on these terms later). Both parties will also agree on where the ad will be placed in the audio content, which may change the rate for advertising.

How Advertising on Podcast Works? 3 Best Points | CIO Women Magazine

2. Affiliate marketing

In an affiliate marketing structure, the podcaster decides to join the affiliate program and market the business or service in question. They only get paid if their Advertising on Podcast Works leads to sales or conversions.

How Advertising on Podcast Works? 3 Best Points | CIO Women Magazine

3. Branded podcast

Some businesses choose to put all of their money into podcasting by making their own branded show. As we said before, the main goal of this kind of podcast is to get people interested, spread the word about the brand, and ultimately drive sales. But this is also a great way to connect with your customers and community and give them accurate, valuable content that is related to your brand.

How Advertising on Podcast Works? 3 Best Points | CIO Women Magazine


As we’ve already said, where ads are put can change how much they cost. Generally speaking, an ad can be played in one of three places:

Pre-roll ads, Mid-roll ads

After the show.

We’ll look at each one in more depth below.


Pre-roll ads are shown before or after the show’s intro. Most of the time, they last 15 to 30 seconds.


As the name suggests, mid-roll ads are shown in the middle of a podcast episode. Most of the time, these ads are between 30 and 90 seconds long. They are also the ads you can’t skip because they happen right in the middle of the Advertising on Podcast Works.

So, mid-roll ads are usually the most valuable to a sponsor.


Post-roll ads are shown at the end of an episode, usually right before or right after the outro. They usually last between 15 and 30 seconds, just like pre-roll ads.

B) Types of cost models for podcast advertising

Depending on which cost model you choose, Advertising on Podcast Works rates can be different. Let’s start with the most common:


Cost per mile is what CPM stands for. This is how most ads that run before, during, or after a video are priced. The meaning of the CPM podcast is the price paid every thousand times the episode is seen or played. The average CPM for a 30-second ad is $18, and the average CPM for a 60-second ad is $25.

Most of the time, this pricing structure works better for bigger podcasts that get thousands of views per episode.

Keep in mind that there are different ways to count “impressions,” so make sure you know how this is done before making an Advertising on Podcast Works deal.


Cost per acquisition is what CPA stands for. For example, this is how a model for affiliate marketing would be priced. In this cost model, the number of conversions is the most important thing. When a person buys something because of a podcast ad, the business or sponsor pays a set fee.

Note that you will need a way to track conversions if you use this cost model. You could use a unique coupon code or vanity URL, for example.

Flat rate

Some Advertising on Podcast Works deals for podcasts includes a flat fee for putting the ad on the podcast. This method is not very common, though. The parties will talk about the price, which will depend on things like the size of the audience.

C) Types of podcast advertising formats

Most podcast ads are either voiced by the podcast host or are fully produced.

D) Fully-produced or hybrid podcast ads

Fully-produced podcast ads are more like traditional radio ads because the brand, not the podcast host, usually records them. During post-production, the professionally made advertisement is then added to the Advertising on Podcast Works in audio.

With this type of podcast ad, the brand has full control over the quality of the production, the story, the audio, the tone, and more. Once they’re happy with the ad, they send it to the podcast, which then uses it as you’ve agreed.

These ads break up the flow of the podcast more obviously because the voices and sound quality might be different Advertising on Podcast Works.

Host-voiced podcast ads

When podcast hosts voice or reads an ad, they take a short break from their show to talk about your product or service in their own words. As the sponsor, you can give them important points or details to mention or even a script, but the most important and valuable thing is that this endorsement is in the host’s own words. This is a great way to take advantage of the podcast host’s reputation and make it work for you or Advertising on Podcast Works.

They happen most often in podcasts, which makes sense. These ads are much less annoying than others because it’s still the host talking. People who listen to podcasts also like it when the host reads the ad because they think it sounds more real than a generic ad read by a stranger.

Branded podcasts

Unlike ads that are part of someone else’s show, branded podcasts are shows that are all about a business, its sector, industry, and expertise.

This doesn’t mean that the whole podcast is a sales pitch, though. Businesses often try to give their target audience content with a lot of value to build the reputation and credibility of their brand Advertising on Podcast Works.



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