Apple Issues Public Apology Over Controversial “Crush” Ad

Apple Issues Public Apology Over Controversial “Crush” Ad | CIO Women Magazine

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Apple’s unveiling of the latest ultra-thin iPad Pro this week was accompanied by the release of a new promotional video, titled “Crush!” The advertisement, however, sparked significant controversy soon after its launch, drawing sharp criticism from various quarters within just two days of its debut. The contentious nature of the ad was highlighted in our report on Thursday morning.

Apple’s Apology

In response to the widespread backlash, Apple has now issued a public apology to Ad Age, acknowledging that they “missed the mark with this video.” The “Crush!” ad, which featured the destruction of musical instruments, paints, camera lenses, books, movie characters, and sculptures, aimed to convey the message that such creative endeavors could also be accomplished using an iPad. However, the execution of this concept failed to resonate positively with many creators.

Tor Myhren, Apple’s VP of marketing communications, expressed regret over the controversial spot in a statement to Ad Age on Thursday. He emphasized Apple’s commitment to fostering creativity and empowering users worldwide, acknowledging the inadvertent misstep in their latest advertising endeavor. Myhren’s apology underscored the company’s dedication to celebrating diverse forms of expression and facilitating the realization of ideas through iPad technology.

Impact and Resolution

Despite being promoted on Tim Cook’s Twitter account and Apple’s YouTube channel earlier in the week, the “Crush!” ad had not yet been featured in any paid media placements. However, the Company has now revealed that its plans to broadcast the ad on television have been scrapped in light of the controversy. As of the current moment, the video remains accessible on both platforms.

Interestingly, it has come to light that the “Crush!” ad was developed in-house by Apple, rather than being outsourced to an external advertising agency. This decision to handle the creative process internally may have contributed to the heightened scrutiny and subsequent misstep. Nonetheless, Apple’s swift response in issuing an apology demonstrates a commitment to addressing feedback and upholding its brand values of innovation and inclusivity.

In conclusion, while the “Crush!” ad may have missed its mark, Apple’s willingness to acknowledge and rectify its shortcomings underscores the company’s dedication to maintaining trust and integrity within its consumer base. As the tech giant navigates this episode, it remains to be seen how future marketing endeavors will reflect a more nuanced understanding of creative expression and community sentiment.



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