15 Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

Several electronic devices are essential to our daily lives and cannot be left at home. One of the greatest technological innovations that we always have on us is the smartphone, which is constantly improving. You can improve your smartphone’s capabilities and add some cool new tech items to your arsenal without going into serious debt.

Here are the 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use;

1. Geekey Multi-Tool – Key-Shaped Pocket Tool 

This multi-tool consolidates a number of essential implements into a compact and portable gadget.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

In addition to a bottle opener and bike spoke wrench, it also boasts a serrated edge that complies with TSA guidelines and a helpful scoring tip. The Tool is Compact and may be attached to a keychain; it is constructed of sturdy stainless steel.

2. Anker portable card reader

However, not all computers support SD or MicroSD cards, and even laptops that do often only have one slot that can handle these cards Portable Tech Gadgets. In addition, the only method to utilize a MicroSD card with a standard SD card reader is to buy a separate adapter for it.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

A simpler existence is possible with the Anker USB 3.0 SD card reader. There are slots for both SD and MicroSD cards, so you may use either one with any computer and read/write to both at the same time. It can read any MicroSD card and costs less than $16 from retailers like Amazon. If you’re a photographer or a professional who is often on the fly, you need this.

3. Anker PowerDrive Speed 2 car USB charger

Anker also makes a fast vehicle charger, which isn’t something you’ll want to have in your pocket all day but which you definitely shouldn’t leave the house without Portable Tech Gadgets.

The PowerDrive Speed 2 USB charger may be used with any vehicle that has a 12V power outlet, and it has two fast-charging USB ports that can provide a total of 30 watts to your electronic devices.

4. Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds

If you’re always on the go yet can’t stand being without your music and another entertainment, a quality set of in-ear headphones is an absolute must.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

The Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds are Portable Tech Gadgets that continue to be one of the finest and most popular pairs you can purchase, with over 50,000 positive ratings on Amazon. If you don’t want to spend the money on wireless earbuds like the AirPods, these headphones come in a number of colors and prices on Amazon starting at approximately $10 (and only a few dollars extra for the variant with an in-line microphone).

5. JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

A quality small Bluetooth earphone like this one from JLab offers a straightforward, light, and low-profile method of making phone calls without ever taking your hands off the wheel. This convenient mono headset allows you to take and make calls without ever having to remove your phone from your ear, making it ideal for use when traveling or just out and about Portable Tech Gadgets.

6. Airbus holder and cord organizer

Having a pair of earbuds on hand is convenient, but having the cord become tangled up in your pocket or purse is annoying (and it always seems to happen no matter how neatly you tuck them away). Tophome’s earphone holder and cable organizer are crafted from premium real leather, so you’ll never have to worry about tangled wires or lost headphones again by Portable Tech Gadgets.

7. Tesla Coil USB rechargeable lighter 

You need some illumination, right? Traditional forms are given a modern update by electric lighters like this one Portable Tech Gadgets. The popular Zippo lighter, although an American icon, is known for its short fuel life and subsequent messiness, not to mention the cost of replacement butane canisters and lighter fluid. Tesla Coil arc lighters, on the other hand, employ an inbuilt rechargeable battery to project a windproof electric arc in place of a flame. The energy-efficient design can power up to 300 lights on a single charge while yet being kind to the planet.

8. Amir clip-on smartphone camera lenses

This cutting-edge device is perfect for smartphone photographer who is frustrated by the limitations of their current setup.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

The aluminum and glass structure of the Amir clip-on camera lenses ensures their durability. Included in the package are three lenses: a 180-degree fisheye, a 0.4x ultra wide-angle lens, and a 10x macro zoom lens for taking in-depth close-ups. Water and dust can’t get into the metal casing.

9. Samsung Evo Select MicroSD card and adapter

With this Samsung MicroSD card, you can ditch the cumbersome thumb drives and still have plenty of additional storage space, which is particularly useful if you’re often on the Portable Tech Gadgets. With 95MB per second read and 20MB per second write speeds, the Evo Select MicroSD card provides a lot of capacity and performance for the price. One may utilize the SD adapter that is included (or you can use it with the Anker card reader if your computer lacks an SD card slot).

10. Streamlight 73001 Nano keychain flashlight

Even though many of us carry mobile devices that have flashlights, these devices aren’t always the most practical or effective choice like Portable Tech Gadgets. Streamlight makes some of the greatest flashlights available, so it only makes sense that their tiny torch would be a handy accessory for any keychain. This bright and portable flashlight is ideal for illuminating dark corners and negotiating tight situations.

11. MoKo folding Bluetooth keyboard

These foldable keyboards have been around for a while, but even the tiniest variants still tend to be bulky and inconvenient to carry about.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

This MoKo wireless folding keyboard is ideal since it provides a compact set of QWERTY keys while still folding down to around the size of a big smartphone is also Portable Tech Gadgets. It weighs just around seven ounces while being made from sturdy metal and polymer.

12. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

If you want her to really use a fitness tracker, get her the Bellabeat Leaf Urban. This Portable Tech Gadgets or sleek fitness accessory doubles as a necklace or bracelet and syncs with Apple and Google devices to record your activity data and provide it in an easy-to-read format on the corresponding app.

The Bellabeat keeps tabs on more than just your daily activity and calorie burn; it also monitors your resting heart rate, stress, and menstrual cycles. Read our review to learn more about the fashionable Bellabeat series of fitness trackers and to find out where you can get one for as little as $97.20 on Amazon.

13. Tile Mate Item Finder 4-

There is one huge problem with today’s amazing little Portable Tech Gadgets, however: they are easily misplaced. Tile item finders are ideal if you have trouble remembering where you put your little belongings.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

Miniature Tile Mate fits on a keychain and measures 1.3 inches in length and 0.2 inches in thickness. To find your lost item, all you have to do is attach a tracker to it and use the Tile companion app to monitor its whereabouts. To locate objects without an app, just trigger the Tile’s vibration, flash, or ring function from a distance.

14. Amazfit Bip Bluetooth Smartwatch

This piece of technology isn’t just another pocket accessory or Portable Tech Gadgets; it’s a permanent addition to your wardrobe. The Amazfit Bip is an inexpensive alternative to the Apple Watch that can connect with your Android or iOS smartphone and display alerts and messages on your wrist (although not quite as feature-rich). The device’s always-on, high-contrast display is a pleasure for the eyes, and its built-in battery can last for a month before requiring a complete 2.5-hour recharge.

15. Ravpower Luster Mini Power Bank 

With a portable power bank, you can recharge your Portable Tech Gadgets on the go without worrying about finding an available wall socket or USB connection. The RavPower Luster tiny power bank improves upon this convenience by being both compact and powerful, including a 3,350mAh battery. By identifying the correct voltage for your smartphone, RavPower’s smart technology also ensures rapid charging on the move.

Best 15 Portable Tech Gadgets You'll Want to Use | CIO Women Magazine

Despite its small size, the 3,350mAh battery in the Luster compact power bank is more than enough to completely or almost fully charge most smartphones. If your iPhone needs a boost, you can pick up this convenient portable charger on Amazon for $11.



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