12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs In 2023

12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs In 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

Looking for a tech present for someone special (or yourself—okay it’s to treat yourself sometimes)? There’s always a reason to purchase one of the Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs for someone, whether it’s a deep affection for a quirky device or a true desire to update a worn-out set of headphones that have seen too much usage and too few cleaning sessions.

However, determining what’s worth purchasing and what your tech-loving present recipient wants is difficult. Sure, they’d love a Tesla on the driveway, but the realm of useful tech gear is vast and covers everything from cellphones to sleep monitoring. What do you gift them if they already have plenty of devices on their WFH desk or surrounding their TV? There’s always something they want but don’t have, like a new BBQ to wow pals in the yard or a fitness tracker to preserve their summer-bod gains.

Here are 12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs in 2023;

1. GoPro Hero10 Black

12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs In 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

The GoPro has always been the go-to for individuals who want their vacations to be as exciting as they are relaxing, and the latest Hero10 Black is, as expected, the finest one yet. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, This waterproof and almost indestructible wearable action camera can capture ultra-smooth high-resolution film while attached to the tail of a snowboard.

2. Apple Iphone 14 Pro

It’s been a year since Apple’s last flagship smartphone release, and now the company has added the 14th main series of the iPhone. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, Even while it’s not a huge leap forward from the 13, we think you’ll find that it’s perfectly enough for everyday usage because to its extended battery life, gorgeous screen, and high-quality camera. The entertaining new dynamic island, which replaces the top notch and offers a novel set of adaptability and brevity to the set of pebble phones, is also included in the sleek new device.

3. Apple Air pods Pro

With best-in-class noise cancellation for filtering out the loud train and immersive audio to put you at the center of your songs, these in-ear buds are a dream come true for iPhone music enthusiasts who commute often. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, Although Apple has produced newer models of the AirPods (the cheaper 3rd-generation AirPods and the more feature-rich 2nd-Gen AirPods Pro) in the last year or two, we still believe the original Pro pair is an excellent buy.

4. Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Smart Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer staple, and there’s nothing better than a timeless pair. They are the ones that can play your music, take photographs, and upload them to your social media accounts without you having to do anything extra. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, The 5MP camera in these Ray-Ban smart sunglasses can snap up to 500 photographs or record a short video of your beachside beverage. There are many more styles and colors available in addition to the classic wayfarer design that flatter a wide variety of face types.

5. Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs In 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

Its predecessor, the Quest, provided the greatest available standalone VR experience, and its successor, Quest 2, is among the top contenders for best VR headset, full stop. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, It has a better display and is more powerful than its more costly competitors like the Valve Index and HTC Vive, and it does not need any additional sensors to provide accurate head tracking or room-scale immersion. If you can get over the obligatory Facebook account, this is a really easy decision to make.

6. Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is one of the cheapest game consoles currently on the market, and it also has the added bonus of being sold only over the internet. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, The Series S sells less swiftly than its brothers but is otherwise identical to every other Xbox save that it lacks 4K support. The fact that it works well with Microsoft’s Game Pass, which now includes titles like Deathloop, Halo: Infinite, and Forza Horizon 5, is a nice addition.

7. Bang And Olufsen Beosound Explore

With the arrival of warmer weather comes the urge to take a picnic and a couple of beers to the park, or to go on one of those hikes you claim to love on your Tinder profile. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, We highly suggest the Beo Sound Explore if you’re going to be spending time outside and want a high-quality speaker with a robust design. Our four-hour trek up Scafell Pike was sound tracked with Trippy Red, and it hardly drained the battery.

8. Belkin Magsafe Charger

This Belkin MagSafe charger is an elegant alternative to rummaging around for an available power outlet whenever your iPhone or other Apple device needs a charge while you’re at work. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, Superior in every way, including ease of use and good looks.

9. COWBOY 4 E-Bike 

The Cowboy 4 is a more refined kind of electric bike, making it the sort of commuter watercraft that is as much fun to ride as it is to look at. It’s the type of investment that will make you smile all through the year because of the convenient “cockpit” docking station for your smartphone, the detachable battery, and the sufficient and user-friendly riding assistance it provides.

10. Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (Maggo)

Wireless chargers for smartphones are all the rage right now, but the most of them still need you to be in close proximity to an electrical outlet. Anker comes through with a magnetic wireless power pack that can live comfortably in your pocket or on your desk. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, It can recharge an iPhone 12 or 13 at least once, so you can leave it charging while you work and check your feed in the breaks, or you can snap it flat against the back of your phone and go all day without recharging.

11. Xbox Elite Controller 2

The new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is the highest-quality, most ergonomic, and most versatile gaming controller available. It’s well-made, has a convenient USB-C charging port, and can be adjusted to your specifications. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, It is now easier than ever to press certain buttons without removing your fingers from the most critical ones thanks to the inclusion of detachable thumb sticks, customizable D-pads, and rear levers.

12. Ring Video Doorbell

Got sick and tired of rushing to get on trousers before answering the door? You want to avoid your annoying aunt who is coming to visit for the fourth time this week, right? The Ring video doorbell, sold on Amazon, is a great way to keep tabs on who’s coming and going from your home without having to constantly check in with neighbors or calling to see if anyone is home.

12 Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs In 2023 | CIO Women Magazine

It sends real-time video feeds to your smartphone and can send you text messages if anything out of the ordinary happens. Best Tech Gifts Every Gearhead Needs, You may upgrade your doorbell’s digital ringtone by purchasing a Chime for an additional ten dollars.



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