6 Strategies for Building Strong Relationships with Your Team

6 Strategies for Building Strong Relationships with Your Team | CIO Women Magazine

In the dynamic realm of the corporate universe, building strong relationships within your team isn’t just a box to tick—it’s the secret sauce that propels projects forward, boosts morale, and transforms a group of individuals into a formidable powerhouse. The power of strong relationships cannot be defined in words. Corporate events, parties, and get-togethers are the root cause of exceptional team bonding. Sharing smiles and bonding over non-office work is the best thing to break the ice. Long-lasting relationships with fellow employees and seniors help to grow the emotional connection with them.

Job satisfaction and no office politics are two strings that help in better performance and a stress-free environment. When leading a team, it is your responsibility to make sure the team is happy and has no complaints about the daily operations. While traditional strategies have their place, let’s dive into some quirky yet effective techniques that will not only resonate with your team but also leave an indelible mark on your leadership journey. 

Here are some unconventional ways to break the ice between teams;

1. Karaoke-Cubicle Extravaganza: Sing Your Way to Connection:

Picture this: it’s Friday afternoon, and you’ve been grinding all week. What better way to shake off the stress and spark camaraderie than by belting out your favorite tunes? Host a karaoke session right in the office or virtually, allowing your team to showcase their hidden talents and break down the barriers that come with job titles.

6 Strategies for Building Strong Relationships with Your Team | CIO Women Magazine

Remember, it’s not about vocal prowess—it’s about creating a safe space for vulnerability and sharing a few laughs. Who knows, the CFO might just have a secret Mariah Carey impersonation! This helps to reduce the stress of communication as none of them are in an authoritative position and acts as a beginning of strong relationships.

2. Reverse Mentorship: Let Knowledge Flow Upward

Flip the script on mentorship by encouraging reverse mentorship within your team. Empower junior team members to share their expertise and insights with more senior colleagues. This approach not only bolsters their confidence but also fosters an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. Imagine a fresh graduate teaching the CEO about the latest social media trends. It’s like turning the office into a knowledge hub. This imbibes confidence in the juniors and helps them to jell into the environment which will only make the environment better for them. 

3. Emoji-Driven Brainstorms: Express Ideas, Embrace Creativity

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful team, but why not spice it up with a sprinkle of emojis? Organize brainstorming sessions where participants are only allowed to communicate using emojis. This seemingly playful exercise challenges everyone to think outside the box and express complex ideas in fun and concise ways. Plus, decoding a string of emojis adds an element of mystery to the process, sparking curiosity and engagement. To make the session more fun, organize a way of communication via emojis only. It will make the employees get involved in the fun element and also build strong relationships with their teammates in the game. 

6 Strategies for Building Strong Relationships with Your Team | CIO Women Magazine

4. Adventure Board Meetings: Where Boardrooms Become Bored-rooms No More

Let’s face it—board meetings can often be monotonous affairs. Shake things up by taking your team outdoors for a board meeting with a twist. Hiking trails, botanical gardens, or even a beach can serve as the backdrop for these meetings. Fresh air and a change of scenery can invigorate minds and encourage freer thinking. Outdoor meetings are a thing accepted by a lot of organizations these days. Strong relationships are the root of those different venues of meetings that ignite new ideas. Just make sure to bring a whiteboard or a tablet to jot down those million-dollar ideas before they get lost in the wind!

5. Secret Handshake Mania: Bonding Through Quirky Gestures

Remember those secret handshakes you had as a kid? Well, they’re not just for playgrounds. Create a range of personalized secret handshakes with each team member. It’s a lighthearted way to connect on a personal level and build rapport. A simple handshake can start a conversation, and take it to the next level.

It can be the beginning of strong relationships which last for decades. Not only will these gestures bring smiles to everyone’s faces, but they’ll also serve as a reminder that your team is a tribe of unique individuals, united by the quirks that make each of you special.

6. Gratitude Graffiti: Spraying Positivity Across the Office

Foster an atmosphere of appreciation by embracing the art of gratitude graffiti. Set up a designated wall or board where team members can leave anonymous notes of appreciation or recognition for their colleagues. This simple yet powerful practice not only boosts morale but also reinforces a culture of recognition and positivity.

Gratitude and appreciation work wonders. People feel noticed and respected that develops a belonging sense to the organization and the people associated with it. A good vibe, when exists in the office, the comfort, the warmth is what initiate strong relationships. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a sticky note on their desk saying, “Your Excel wizardry saved the day”?


In the world of corporate relationships, a touch of quirkiness can go a long way. These unconventional strategies may seem offbeat, but they’re rooted in the idea that fostering genuine connections within your team can ignite innovation, improve productivity, and create an atmosphere where everyone thrives.

Genuinness and strong relationships don’t seem happening these days when they should ideally. If all are working in the same setup and going through the same issues like distance from home to office, managing kids, or getting married and waiting for that promotion, then why not share the same with each other and give suggestions? So go ahead, serenade your team with karaoke, decode messages with emojis, and hike your way to breakthroughs. Embrace the quirky, and watch as your team transforms into an unstoppable force fueled by camaraderie and creativity. 



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