Restaurant Brands International Acquires Carrols Restaurant Group in a $1 Billion Deal

Restaurant Brands International Acquires Carrols Restaurant Group in a $1 Billion Deal | CIO Women Magazine

Source – The Wall Street Journal

In a significant move, Restaurant Brands International Inc., the parent company of popular fast-food chains such as Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes, and Firehouse Subs, has announced the acquisition of Carrols Restaurant Group, Burger King’s largest U.S. franchisee. The deal, valued at a whopping $1 billion, involves an all-cash transaction at $9.55 per share. The announcement was made on Tuesday, marking a strategic step for Restaurant Brands International in reshaping its business landscape.

Impact on Burger King’s Strategy

The acquisition is aligned with Burger King’s “Reclaim the Flame” plan, a strategic initiative aimed at shifting focus from larger franchisees to local ones. This move is part of a broader strategy to rejuvenate the Burger King brand in the United States, including the refurbishment of restaurant locations and a targeted appeal to a younger demographic. Carrols Restaurant Group, currently operating 1,022 Burger King restaurants in 23 states and 60 Popeyes restaurants in six states, generated approximately $1.8 billion in system sales in 2023.

Tom Curtis, President of Burger King U.S. and Canada, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “This acquisition is an exciting accelerator to our ‘Reclaim the Flame’ plan that is focused on relentlessly pursuing a better experience for our guests.” The plan involves rapid remodeling of acquired restaurants over the next five years, with the aim of placing them under the management of motivated local franchisees to enhance the overall customer experience.

Future Plans and Financial Implications

As part of the deal, Restaurant Brands International plans to invest around $500 million in the modernization of 600 restaurants acquired from Carrols Restaurant Group. This substantial investment is expected to more than double the current pace of remodeling Carrols’ outlets. The company aims to increase the number of Burger King U.S. franchisees from approximately 300 to 400-500 over the next five years. This strategic expansion aligns with the broader objective of fostering a more competitive Burger King restaurant base.

Deborah Derby, President and CEO of Carrols acknowledged the efforts of the company’s team members, stating, “Today’s announcement is a testament to our more than 24,000 Carrols team members who have helped drive the company to record levels of profitability over the past 12 months.” Josh Kobza, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, emphasized the strategic merits of the acquisition, highlighting the commitment to invest capital in long-term, high-return opportunities.

The stock market responded positively to the news, with Carrols Restaurant Group’s stock closing at $8.42 per share on Friday, surging by 22.49% on Tuesday to reach $9.51 at 12:36 p.m. ET. This acquisition not only reflects the evolving landscape of the fast-food industry but also showcases the commitment of Restaurant Brands International to position itself for sustained growth and competitiveness in the market.



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