Claudia Patricia Eusse: Redefining Real Estate Leadership with Effectiveness and Gender Advocacy

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In the past few years, real estate has evolved into a more welcoming sector for women, giving them ample opportunities to grow as leaders and contribute to the sector’s growth. While certain challenges related to gender diversity tend to persist, more women are defying the odds and breaking the shackles of inequalities with pride and passion. Essentially, Claudia Patricia Eusse (CEO of  The Eusse Group) has earned recognition in the real estate landscape for her effective strategies of organizational success as well as her advocacy towards gender equality in the industry. 

For 20 years, Claudia Patricia has been actively involved in real estate and marketing in South Florida, extending her influence to Las Vegas and California. Presently, she offers her expertise as a representative for some of the leading luxury developers in Miami. For the past two and half years, Claudia has successfully undertaken the responsibility of dedicatedly promoting the ARIA RESERVE MIAMI project by Melo  Group–a project that has achieved substantial success (with sales exceeding $200 mn in the last two years) under her representation. Claudia’s extensive experience and practical strategies make her a key player in real estate and the marketing landscape. 

Acing the Transition with Zeal and Enthusiasm

Although Claudia Patricia has a background in broadcast journalism, where she was actively engaged in high-demand, daily news reporting that required timely, on-air presentations, transitioning to real estate has surprisingly been smoother. She highlights daily timelines as crucial in journalism;  however, in real estate, transaction timelines vary, sometimes from two weeks to a month. The latter makes the pace somewhat relaxed, requiring a different approach to coping with the work rhythm.

Despite the differences, she appreciates the shift. While both fields demand long hours, real estate involves more follow-up, contrasting with the daily intensity of news reporting. Moreover, Claudia’s people-oriented nature aligns well with her interest in learning about individuals and their backgrounds, a trait she carries from her journalism days. Her experiences in broadcast journalism and real estate have been instrumental in shaping her current position, allowing her to navigate the nuances of both fields effectively.

Presently, Claudia Patricia serves as the Vice President of Sales for ARIA RESERVE MIAMI a remarkable $1.8 bn project in what is currently referred to as the Billionaires’ Road in Miami. Spanning from 17th to 36th Street, this project is particularly significant for her, coming into play just before the pandemic lockdown in Miami.

Expressing her gratitude, she redirected her plans from another project to join ARIA RESERVE MIAMI. Being acquainted with the area for over a decade, Claudia values the area’s connectivity, with plans for a boardwalk linking to Kaseya, the  Kaseya  Center, and the Performance Arts Center—all within a short walking distance of less than minutes. Her enthusiasm for this vibrant and upscale region is grounded in her deep connection with the area. Grateful for her role in the Melo team, she actively contributes to the success of ARIA RESERVE MIAMI.

A Straightforward Philosophy of Success

Success is being consistent and perseverance.  I tell everybody and preach it every time,” its an accumulation of false steps that create the momentum for the quantum jump called “ Success” says Claudia Patricia. Fostering such a mindset, she consistently emphasizes this in her coaching sessions and seminars to ensure constant organizational success. She also stresses the importance of listening to people, often reminding others during these sessions. In the rush to complete transactions or secure sales, individuals sometimes overlook the human aspect of the person in front of them. 

Whether dealing with brokers or clients, Claudia emphasizes establishing a strong connection and understanding the individual’s preferences, family situation, and lifestyle, whether they are young professionals, entrepreneurs, or families. Building this understanding is crucial, not solely for making a sale but also for developing meaningful connections; hence, she believes in getting to know people, whether or not they make a purchase. Additionally, she values learning about different cultures and countries, acknowledging that this knowledge contributes to a broader understanding of how the world operates.“Getting to know the human being is very important,” asserts Claudia. 

Technology for Continuous Growth

Despite her comprehensive industry and market experience, Claudia Patricia asserts herself as an old school and considers herself new to the latest technology advancements, saying, “I believe technology is blowing us away. It’s so fast, but I love it.” She recalls an instance where she experienced the transformative power of AI while recently creating a video using her image animated by AI. In this three-minute presentation, she showcased her expertise in different languages, including Turkish, Russian, French, and Mandarin, reaching audiences globally.

Recognizing its efficiency in eliminating geographical barriers, Claudia enthusiastically embraces technology. She emphasizes the convenience it brings to clients who no longer need to visit a physical location to explore properties, owing to tools like Google Earth. She is committed to continuous learning, attending two or three seminars at Harvard annually. She further notes, “I believe in investing in technology and in ourselves to be better persons and also to be able to leave something back to humanity. I’m very much into helping out the community. So, I love technology and being involved with people. It’s my thing.” 

Empowering Women by Embracing Personal Identity 

With an impressive portfolio and a lucrative professional career, Claudia Patricia is a renowned face in real estate who constantly sets various examples of women’s empowerment in the industry. While emphasizing how “A woman leader should always remember the word woman,” she believes in the synergy of both male and female perspectives. Drawing on her experience as a mother, Claudia notes that women leaders often bring a nurturing quality to their roles. Reflecting on high-profile executives, Claudia observes that everyone shares common ground regardless of status.

Claudia advocates for a less defensive and more nurturing approach as a woman and a mother. She suggests that empathizing and understanding others’ perspectives allows women to achieve diverse goals. Claudia encourages women leaders to speak out confidently but advises approaching heated situations patiently, allowing time for things to cool down before expressing opinions. Acknowledging women’s challenges, she has seen significant progress in various industries over the last century. However, she views the current era as favorable, with ample opportunities for women. “We have done something like a quantum jump in the last century. So, we’re in the right era, and I believe that if we remember how to be nourished, we could accomplish a lot more,” she remarks. 

At the helm, Claudia greatly prioritizes supporting the ladies working with her, particularly young professionals with small children. Having experienced the challenges of divorce while her daughter was just 19 months old, Claudia is deeply empathetic to the struggles faced by women in similar situations. She considers assisting women in achieving their dreams, supporting their families, and fostering teamwork essential.

Claudia advocates for a collaborative A-Team approach, emphasizing unique contributions from each member, valuing teamwork even when roles differ metaphorically, and highlighting the importance of effective communication and setting aside egos during challenging times. Acknowledging her challenge in the delegation, Claudia Patricia Eusse emphasizes the importance of overseeing tasks to ensure everyone contributes, believing that alignment and shared goals make the team more efficient and yield visible results. Moreover, her leadership and communication skills have earned her accolades, including being named Real Estate Coach of the Year for South Florida. Grateful for the opportunities that life and the universe have presented to her over almost two decades, she attributes her success to the blessings from God.

Leading the Industry and Contributing to the Community

Claudia Patricia obtained her real estate license and subsequently earned her broker license. Currently, she expresses deep gratitude for obtaining state approval for two non-profits. One of them, Successful Women’s, organizes an annual gala called Successful Women Leaders, now in its third edition. Claudia initiated this gala to recognize women entrepreneurs, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of women and men in accomplishing their dreams. In her gala, she specifically honors women entrepreneurs who work alongside supportive men with a firm belief in the powerful synergy that arises when both genders collaborate. 

In addition, Claudia is actively involved in a children’s foundation. She encourages brokers to contribute business to her team, enabling the foundation to provide food and toys to underprivileged children in various countries, including Colombia and the United States. Through this initiative, she addresses essential needs such as school materials supporting children’s education. In fact, she considers her commitment to these philanthropic efforts as her most significant accomplishment and a life mission. “This is what I was brought into Earth for, and just being able to help it gives me a great gratitude to keep doing what I do every day,” Claudia affirms

Despite being a workaholic, Claudia cherishes quality time with her daughter, setting aside technology to engage in activities like picnics, beach outings, and sailing. She finds solace in nature, enjoying moments in the mountains and simple pleasures like watching TV with her daughter and pets at home. Claudia Patricia Eusse takes joy in cooking, especially during holidays, valuing the traditions of preparing meals herself and finding comfort in the warmth of her own home.

Confronting Gender-Related Barriers

Throughout her career, Claudia Patricia Eusse has experienced several challenges, especially gender-related ones. In fact, she has encountered challenging situations where individuals have acted disrespectfully during negotiations in the US, even resorting to yelling. In these instances, she has learned not to react immediately but to allow the situation to cool down. Later, she addresses the behavior, asserting her right to respect as a human being.

In such situations, Claudia emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure and not stooping to the same level of disrespect. Her challenging experiences have moved her to emphasize the value of coping mechanisms, meditation, exercise, and nurturing oneself. Drawing from her experiences, she shares insights from the book “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Cervantes, which highlights that when people express anger or frustration, it often stems from their issues rather than being a reflection of the individual being yelled at.

Claudia extends this understanding to her team, encouraging open communication about personal issues while maintaining professionalism in the workplace, underscoring the need to focus on business matters during work hours, particularly when representing a significant project like the $1.8 billion development she leads. She believes that earning respect involves not engaging in confrontations but staying focused on delivering results. Through her experiences, Claudia has learned that maintaining professionalism and not allowing oneself to be dragged into unnecessary conflicts fosters a more respectful and productive work environment.

Moving Forward, Staying Focused, and Being Grateful

Claudia Patricia draws inspiration from her upbringing, which, though challenging, instilled in her a strong work ethic. She emphasizes the importance of moving forward, staying focused, and maintaining gratitude daily and shares her belief that personal stories are vital, but individuals should avoid victimizing themselves. Moreover, her resilience is evident as she likens life’s challenges to learning to walk. While she constantly draws inspiration from her peers, she is majorly inspired by Oprah Winfrey for her contributions to the community and motivational impact, and she acknowledges the influence of Mother Teresa and her mother and grandmother.

Her grandmother’s experiences as a black woman in South America during the 70s are a poignant example of progress over the decades. Claudia Patricia Eusse recognizes the contrast between families with varying financial backgrounds, allowing her to appreciate the importance of humility, love, and acceptance.

Despite her achievements, she remains focused on continuous learning and growth. Her primary job, she asserts, is to be a better mother and contribute to her foundations. Looking ahead, she envisions building another family and further accomplishing her goals as a woman, recognizing the ongoing journey of self-improvement.

Envisioning Opportunities and Global Expansion

Claudia Patricia Eusse envisions expanding her company by exploring franchise opportunities, explicitly focusing on entering the European market. She has initiated discussions with potential partners to facilitate this expansion, aiming to elevate her business to the next level. Claudia sees the continuous growth of her team and technological advancements, such as virtual communication platforms like Zoom, as key factors enabling this international expansion. She believes connecting globally will benefit herself and her team, as she aims to represent developers and nonprofits in additional countries. Overall, Claudia is determined to grow her business internationally and is optimistic about the potential success of opening new franchises.

“Don’t Give Up”- The Ultimate Motto

Stressing the importance of perseverance, drawing from her own experiences of financial struggles, Claudia Patricia Eusse advises individuals not to give up during challenging times and recommends creating a budget to navigate difficulties. Reflecting on her journey, she emphasizes the value of hard work, sharing moments from her past when she took unpaid internships and worked without a salary.

She believes in the principle that persistence pays off and encourages leveraging free advertising platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which are more accessible now compared to when she started in real estate. In her coaching sessions, Claudia urges brokers to embrace technology and take advantage of incentives offered by developers, emphasizing the need to build a financial cushion while remaining determined to move forward. In conclusion, Claudia advises: “Keep on going because you will make it sooner or later. There’s no reason to give up. As long as you have something, you can always sell it. So always keep on going, and talk to people.”



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