Google One Expands to Include Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware in the UK

Google One Expands to Include Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware in the UK | CIO Women Magazine

Source – Android Authority

In a noteworthy development, Google One has broadened its horizons by incorporating Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware into its premium plans, marking a substantial expansion into the UK market. This move aligns with Google’s continuous efforts to enhance the value proposition for its subscribers by integrating popular services into its premium offerings.

Confirming the expansion, Google has officially stated that Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware are now integral components of Google One Premium plans in the UK, with the new features exclusively available for plans starting at 2 TB. As of the latest update, this expanded service package is accessible only to users in the United Kingdom, emphasizing the strategic focus on the region for the initial rollout.

Moreover, users opting for the Nest Aware Plus add-on can now avail additional features for an extra £5.99 per month, further enriching their experience within the Google One ecosystem.

Enhanced Features and Offerings from Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware

Fitbit Premium users can now access a plethora of additional statistics and features, including the Daily Readiness Score, detailed Sleep Score information, Sleep Profile, Stress Management Score details, and a comprehensive Wellness Report. Furthermore, Fitbit Premium subscribers gain access to an extensive library of workout videos, audio sessions, and mindfulness sessions through the Fitbit Coach, adding value to their fitness and wellness journey.

For users of the Pixel Watch 2, Safety Signal is introduced, providing LTE connectivity in the absence of a carrier plan. This feature facilitates Safety Check, Emergency Sharing, Emergency SOS, and Fall Detection, along with the ability to make and receive calls from emergency contacts.

Meanwhile, Nest Aware, available at $8 per month or $80 annually, provides users with a 30-day event video history for their Nest Cam, along with intelligent alerts for Familiar faces, Smoke alarm, Carbon monoxide alarm, Glass breaking, and e911. Opting for Nest Aware Plus, priced at $15 per month or $150 annually, extends the video history to 60 days and includes up to 10 days of 24/7 video history.

User Experience and Reports on Availability

According to reports from the UK, Google has initiated the communication process by emailing subscribers at the 2 TB tier, notifying them about the inclusion of Fitbit Premium at no extra cost. While some users have reported the live implementation and visibility on their accounts, widespread availability is yet to be observed.

Furthermore, feedback in the comments section suggests that Google One will not only include the base Nest Aware plan but also provides the option to add on Nest Aware Plus for additional benefits. Users are being assured a seamless transition, with the cancellation of their previous Fitbit Premium memberships and a consolidated billing structure, along with refunds for any remaining subscription time.

As Google One expands its services with Fitbit Premium and Nest Aware, users can now enjoy a comprehensive suite of features and benefits, ranging from personalized health insights to extensive workout video libraries, fostering an exciting journey towards holistic health and fitness.

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