How to Thrive During the Exam Rush?

10 Best ways to Thrive During the Exam Rush | CIO Women Magazine

With examinations approaching, students may begin to feel the strain of attempting to learn and recall course material. We’ve compiled a list of practical study methods to help you minimize stress and improve your scores. Not every studying approach works for every student, so try a couple of these suggestions to see which ones work best for you t Thrive During The Exam Rush.

Here is How To Thrive During The Exam Rush;

1. Make a study schedule.

In order to avoid completing all your studying the night before your test, we suggest developing a study schedule in the weeks running up to your examinations. Your study timetable should sketch out the extent of what you need to learn to Thrive During The Exam Rush. Note that certain topics may need more preparation than others, so balance your timetable accordingly. Make a study schedule, print it, and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day. This will hold you more responsible and assist you in sticking to your timetable.

2. Take frequent breaks

Attempting to pack as many hours of studying as possible is not an efficient approach to remembering knowledge. Our brains (and bodies) need rest, so take frequent pauses when studying. We suggest doing some study on the Pomodoro Studying Method to Thrive During The Exam Rush. This method entails setting a timer to divide your study sessions into 25-minute segments interrupted by brief breaks.

10 Best ways to Thrive During the Exam Rush | CIO Women Magazine
The approach consists of five simple steps:
  • Make a decision and define the work at hand (E.g. Read one chapter)
  • Set a timer (typically for 25 minutes)
  • Begin your work.
  • Take a quick rest when your timer goes off (5-10 minutes)
  • Following four 25-minute study sessions, take a lengthier study break.

There are several online programs and resources that promote this type of learning. Use this Pomodoro Timer Tool Online.

3. Construct Diagrams

Visual aids might help you divide down knowledge into bite-sized chunks while preparing for tests ans to Thrive During The Exam Rush. Instead of just repeating your textbook notes, consider creating diagrams and visual aids to help you grasp and retain topics. Don’t spend time adorning and over-designing your study notes, but make them nice, straightforward, and easy to grasp.

Diagrams may help you study by:
  • Giving a comprehensive view of the course content (big picture)
  • Making the learning experience more pleasurable
  • Enhancing photographic memory
  • promoting creativity and critical thinking
  • Increase your focus.

4. Review Live Lessons

According to studies, the visual and aural aspect of videos helps viewers receive and remember information more efficiently and to Thrive During The Exam Rush. Every one of our live classes is recorded and preserved on the CambriLearn platform. These lessons are accessible to you at any time, so be sure to review your course material by re-watching our Live courses throughout your test preparation.

5. Give Yourself a Treat

Establish study objectives for yourself and reward yourself when you achieve them to Thrive During The Exam Rush. Goal-setting and incentives are very powerful methods of self-motivation. When students feel good about themselves, they are more inclined to study hard. Therefore, congratulate yourself and remember to be kind to yourself! Since each individual is unique and has various motivators, ensure that your incentives are pleasurable and motivating to YOU. You may reward yourself in a variety of ways for reaching your academic goals.

Here are some easy incentive ideas to keep you motivated:

  • 30 minutes on the phone for every 2 hours of study
  • Watch your favorite television program
  • Pay a visit to a friend
  • Take a snooze.
  • Consume chocolate (see next point for more on this)

6. Eating and Drinking

Have you heard the expression “you are what you eat”? Your nutrition has an influence on your energy and attention. To keep your brain and body well-fueled, avoid eating too much junk food and instead choose nutritious meal options. Fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt, and blueberries have all been shown to improve focus and memory and also help to Thrive During The Exam Rush.

10 Best ways to Thrive During the Exam Rush | CIO Women Magazine

To ensure that your body and brain perform well throughout your tests, we suggest having a well-balanced breakfast and lunch. It is also critical to stay hydrated. Consuming adequate water is critical for your brain to function properly. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

7. Make Your Workplace More Organized

While studying online, it is critical to creating a learning-friendly environment. Consider the following factors while organizing your workspace to Thrive During The Exam Rush:

Sit at a desk and on a comfy chair. Choose a workstation that reaches your rib cage and a chair that suits the height of your desk. You should be able to put your feet down on the floor without hunching your shoulders. Sit up straight and maintain appropriate sitting posture.

  • Lighting: A poorly lighted study area might make you tired and strain your eyes. Make sure there is adequate light in the room and that your screen is not overly bright, since this may also strain your eyes.
  • Supplies: To prevent clutter, keep your pens, paper, and books organized. Have these materials nearby so you don’t have to stand up and disrupt your focus.
  • Organize: To provide an effective learning environment, keep your desk nice and organized. A tidy work place may help keep you engaged and minimize distractions.

8. Get Enough Rest

Sleep is necessary for brain function and memory. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain doesn’t operate properly, which may contribute to memory loss and irritation. Remain concentrated by getting at least 8 hours of sleep when studying, particularly around test time to Thrive During The Exam Rush.

9. Examine Previous Exam Papers

One of the most efficient strategies to prepare for tests is to go through previous exam papers. This will also assist you in becoming acquainted with the format and structure of the question papers. Teachers often look back to former test papers when setting examinations, thus digging out past exam papers is a great tool in ensuring that you have studied the proper subjects and ideas. CambriLearn provides a range of old papers for students to study through. Speak with your instructor about gaining access to prior test papers on our site.

10. Find a Study Partner or Group

10 Best ways to Thrive During the Exam Rush | CIO Women Magazine

Gather your pals for study sessions to Thrive During The Exam Rush(just make sure you actually study). Utilize the chance to bounce ideas around and question each other. A study group is an excellent approach to pushing yourself; however, remember to keep focused on your study objectives. Connect with other students by using the CambriLearn platform’s student forum.

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