7 Ideas for Engaging Homework Online

7 Best Ideas for Engaging Homework Online | CIO Women Magazine

How can you design homework tasks that expand on the concepts taught during the day and foster creative, self-directed learning on the part of the students? It is a struggle for most instructors, particularly since Ideas for Engaging Homework Online for students to do their homework may add a whole new dimension to the instructional plans that they use. But, it is necessary to bridge the gap between the learning that occurs in the classroom and that which occurs outside of it. The information you get in class is reinforced by the skills you acquire via independent study, in addition to a number of additional advantages, including the following:

Students are given the opportunity to study at their own speed and in their own settings outside of the confines of the traditional school day via the use of extended learning time.

Learning on one’s own is one of the most important abilities for test preparation and higher education.

Educates children to think creatively and solve problems on their own by teaching them how to be resourceful.

Students are given the opportunity to study in a way that is personally meaningful to them, to develop important problem-solving skills, and to grow confidence in their own talents.

Here are 7 Ideas for Engaging Homework Online;

1. Tests

In addition to having fun in the classroom, you might give your students homework in the form of a test; this could be anything from a pre-made grammar quiz to a self-designed vocabulary evaluation. There are a wide variety of online quizzes available, but the one I think adolescents’ Ideas for Engaging Homework Online would like the most is Quizizz since it’s free, hilarious, and allows them to utilize a variety of memes.

7 Best Ideas for Engaging Homework Online | CIO Women Magazine

Examples: quizizz, kahoot, quizlet

2. Class blogs

A concentrated group of students that are experienced with self-evaluation would be an Ideas for Engaging Homework Online for this kind of project that spans the whole of the academic year. You may choose to write about a variety of subjects on the blog, such as school life, novels, movies, famous people, etc., but instead of doing that, why not create a blog based on classroom notes from English classes? It would be of tremendous assistance to pupils who were unable to attend class, in addition to being of assistance in general before examinations.

3. Listening

Listening activities in the classroom aren’t particularly diverse and primarily pertain to the subject of the coursebook, so we may give a song or a podcast as an intriguing homework project — this might be their first interaction with “real” English, as opposed to the relatively tight classroom atmosphere.

LyricsTraining.com and ELLLO.org are two examples of Ideas for Engaging Homework Online.

4. Mobile apps

It’s possible that the “homework” of the 21st century will consist of instructing pupils to use a certain program on their mobile devices on a consistent basis. We might ask the whole class to use the same app as a kind of year-long competition, or we could modify many applications to meet the specific requirements of each of our students, so improving their ability to take an individualized approach.

7 Best Ideas for Engaging Homework Online | CIO Women Magazine

Memrise, Knudge.me, 6 Minute English, and several more programs developed by the British Council are some examples of Ideas for Engaging Homework Online.

5. Online grammar exercises

There are a lot of helpful websites that students may use to do their exercises, and if they perform their drills online, they may get results immediately after they finish, so they don’t have to wait for the instructor to correct their work. You may make a padlet with all of the helpful activities and then inform your students that the next graded exam would be based on those exercises. This will encourage them to practice on their own outside of class.

Websites such as englishgrammar.org and perfect-English-grammar.com are two examples of Ideas for Engaging Homework Online.

6. Videos

Everyone enjoys viewing movies for their schoolwork; thus, you should do it more often. You may choose an engaging video that summarizes the lesson or provides an introduction to the next subject, and you could also require students to write an essay that makes reference to the film. Here, you have the opportunity to build assignments on the interests of your pupils, turning dull homework into a pleasant pastime.

Websites such as ed.ted.com, www.ted.com, youtube.com, and truetube.co.uk are some examples of Ideas for Engaging Homework Online.

7. HiNative

7 Best Ideas for Engaging Homework Online | CIO Women Magazine

Students who are studying a foreign language are the target audience for this application (not only English). You have the ability to ask questions about languages and cultures to native speakers located all over the globe, and not only will you get a response to your inquiry, but what’s even better is that you may also be questioned about your own native language. Those who are relatively reserved yet need to practice talking with native speakers or who are interested in learning more about other cultures may find this to be a very helpful tool.



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