Security Breach Exposes Personal Data of 82,000 Individuals Linked to National Amusements

Security Breach Exposes Personal Data of 82,000 Individuals Linked to National Amusements | CIO Women Magazine

National Amusements, the corporate parent overseeing Paramount Global, CBS, and Showcase Cinemas, has confirmed a significant security breach compromising the privacy of over 82,000 individuals. The revelation surfaced through a mandatory filing with Maine’s attorney general, shedding light on an incident that occurred between December 13 and 15, 2022. Although the breach was detected in August, the company only recently divulged the details after conducting an internal investigation. The compromised data includes sensitive personal information, raising concerns about the potential misuse and exploitation of individuals’ financial records, bank account details, credit card numbers, security codes, access codes, passwords, and PINs.

National Amusements took swift action upon discovering the breach, immediately engaging a leading forensic cybersecurity firm to investigate and contain the incident. In a statement to Cord Cutters News, the company expressed its commitment to information security, emphasizing that, based on its investigation, there is no indication of identity theft or fraud resulting from the breach. Nevertheless, as a precautionary measure, National Amusements has notified the affected individuals and encouraged them to take preventative steps. The company continues to implement enhancements to its processes and procedures to bolster security and mitigate the risk of future incidents.

Paramount’s Disclosures and Security Measures

The filing with Maine’s attorney general also revealed that the security breach at National Amusements is not an isolated incident within the entertainment conglomerate. Paramount, a subsidiary, had previously disclosed its security breach in August, prompting a filing with the Massachusetts attorney general. In this separate incident, hackers gained unauthorized access to customers’ personal information, including names, birthdays, social security numbers, driver’s license details, passport numbers, and other personal data. The dual disclosures underscore the challenges the entertainment industry faces in safeguarding sensitive information against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

In response to the breach, National Amusements is offering affected individuals 12 months of credit monitoring and identity theft services through Experian. The company maintains that, despite the scope of the breach, there is currently no evidence of identity theft or fraud resulting from the compromised data. The enrollment deadline for these services is March 15, 2024.

Future Security Measures and Industry Implications

Moving forward, National Amusements has committed to working diligently to enhance security measures and prevent future incidents of this nature. The company’s acknowledgment of the breach and its proactive response reflect a growing awareness within the entertainment industry about the critical importance of robust cybersecurity practices. As digital threats continue to evolve, companies in the sector face the ongoing challenge of staying one step ahead to safeguard the sensitive information entrusted to them by customers. The incidents at National Amusements and Paramount underscore the need for constant vigilance and the implementation of cutting-edge security protocols to protect against cyber threats that could compromise the privacy and financial well-being of individuals.

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