Instagram to launch Twitter Rival “Thread” on Thursday

Instagram to launch Twitter Rival “Thread” on Thursday | CIO Women Magazine

The App Store page for Instagram Threads, a Twitter rival from Meta, indicates that the app will debut on July 6th with an iPhone-compatible version. The Google Play Store also looks to have an early listing, which first appeared over the weekend, according to sleuths.

More about the Latest App

A launch date teaser has also been published by Meta to the Instagram app. The search bar displays a ticket icon when you type “threads” (or any of a range of other phrases) into the search box. When you tap it, a spinning ticket with your Instagram username and a local launch time that is converted from 10AM ET on the 6th appears. The spinning ticket also has a QR code that connects to, which appears to be the online homepage for the brand-new social media platform. You can see a countdown clock here that will expire on June 6 at 10AM ET.

Similar screenshots of the app are displayed in both the App Store and Google Play Store listings, demonstrating how to log in using your Instagram handle, locate the Instagram accounts you follow on the new app, and post using a user interface resembling that of Twitter, Mastodon, Bluesky, or any other text-focused social apps.

During a company-wide meeting last month, Meta officials revealed that Instagram Threads will work with ActivityPub, Mastodon’s decentralised social media protocol. This information was relayed by my colleague Alex Heath. The executive who added, “We’ve been hearing from creators and public figures who are interested in having a platform that is sanely run,” also took place in the meeting, which sparked rumours of a duel between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Instagram to Launch ‘Threads’ to Compete With Twitter

A Probable Threat for Twitter?

After a particularly chaotic few days at its primary competitor Twitter, news of Threads’ launch has surfaced. Last week, the Elon Musk-owned social media platform set temporary rate limits for logged-in users that may block you after reading hundreds or thousands of Tweets in a day. It also blocked unregistered users from seeing tweets. Users were unable to browse the service throughout the weekend as a result of these adjustments.

In addition, Twitter is abruptly implementing significant modifications to TweetDeck, a tool used by many journalists and social media experts, immediately after the programme started to malfunction due to what is thought to be the pressure of scrapers mining for data to feed AI models. Additionally, TweetDeck will start to cost money in roughly a month. Over the holiday weekend, many Twitter users attempted to use Bluesky, but that service temporarily stopped new user signups in order to address problems brought on by the influx of users. However, Mastodon’s CEO seems to be in excellent spirits.

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