iOS 17.4 Introduces Major Changes, Including Third-Party App Store Support and Exciting New Features

iOS 17.4 Introduces Major Changes, Including Third-Party App Store Support and Exciting New Features | CIO Women Magazine

Source – India Today

In a groundbreaking move driven by the EU’s Digital Markets Act, iPhone users in the European Union are now witnessing a significant transformation with the release of iOS 17.4. The most noteworthy addition to this update is the long-awaited support for third-party app stores. This policy shift marks a departure from Apple’s exclusive App Store system, allowing EU iPhone users the freedom to download applications from sources beyond Apple’s official platform. While this development is a game-changer for EU consumers, it’s essential to highlight that the alteration is exclusively applicable to iPhone users within the European Union, as explicitly stated by Apple.

Diverse Emoji and Enhanced Podcast Experience Worldwide

Despite the EU-specific third-party app store revolution, iOS 17.4 brings an array of global enhancements. For users outside the EU, one of the standout features is the introduction of 18 new emojis. These additions include quirky symbols such as a mushroom, lime, broken chain, and even a captivating burning phoenix emoji.

The diverse set of emojis promises to enhance users’ communication experiences, injecting a fresh dose of creativity into their digital conversations. Additionally, the Apple Podcasts app receives a significant upgrade with the inclusion of written transcripts for episodes. Now available for English, French, Spanish, and German podcasts, these transcripts enable users to both read and listen to their favorite podcasts, providing a more inclusive and versatile experience.

Smaller Updates and Improved Functionality

iOS 17.4 is not just about major overhauls; it also brings several smaller updates and improvements. Music recognition now allows users to seamlessly add identified songs to their Apple Music Playlists and Library, including Apple Music Classical. Siri introduces a new feature to announce messages in any supported language, enhancing accessibility for users globally.

Stolen Device Protection receives additional security options across all locations. Users of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models can now access detailed battery health information in Settings, displaying cycle count, manufacture date, and first use. Furthermore, call identification in iOS 17.4 now showcases Apple-verified business information when available, ensuring users have a more reliable and secure communication experience.

How to Get iOS 17.4?

For those eager to experience the latest iOS update, obtaining iOS 17.4 is a straightforward process. Users can navigate to the Settings app, tap General, and select Software Update. The page should automatically refresh, presenting the option to update to iOS 17.4. As iPhone users around the world embrace these transformative changes, the tech community eagerly anticipates Apple’s future innovations and the impact they may have on the global digital landscape.



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