Jeya Jeyakanthan – Building her Real Estate Legacy Brick by Brick 

Jeya Jeyakanthan - Building her Real Estate Legacy Brick by Brick | Lucky Exclusive Estate | CIO Women Magazine

Historically, the real estate industry has been majorly male-dominated. Today though, the face of the industry has changed quite a bit and continues to do so as more and more women make their way up in the industry. Until a few years ago, women in real estate majorly worked in administrative roles. However, the industry is seeing a significant increase in the number of women leaders, brokers, and agents emerging in successful roles.

Taking this leap wasn’t a walk in the park, due to a number of social, financial, and other hurdles these women along the way. It is by tackling these challenges, that women ultimately paved the way for themselves and other budding women wanting to make their presence known in the real estate industry.

Jeya Jeyakanthan is one of those talented women. CIO Women Magazine has recently featured her story in its latest issue, “The Most Influential Women Leaders in Real Estate.” 

The Journey leading up to Success Point

Jeya Jeyakanthan is a very well-informed and hardworking woman based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After gaining a vast experience of over a decade in the corporate world, she decided it was time to explore her other interests. Thus, in 2016, Jeya started studying real estate part-time, while simultaneously fulfilling her motherly duties of taking care of both of her kids. Eventually, in 2018, she got hold of her general real estate license and built a giant network across the real estate industry in a blink of an eye. 

Striking the right balance with Devotion

In 2020, Jeya Jeyakanthan obtained her license and started taking steps toward becoming a real estate broker. Interestingly enough, her official journey commenced in 2021 as she started being a full-time broker. After gathering more experience in the industry, Jeya Jeyakanthan understood the importance of a great work-life balance. As a result, she precisely split her time to manage her professional and personal interests. 

Golden Moments

Jeya Jeyakanthan describes these moments as the key achievements of her real estate journey. One of those proud moments is winning the prestigious Royal Lepage President’s Gold Award. Notably, in December 2022, she also received the Diamond Award for the top 10% National Level.

Adored by All

Presently, Jeya is working as an independent agent for Royal Lepage Ignite Realty. She is loved by all her clients, thanks to her honesty, upfront approach, and personal touch on projects. With her direct approach and integrity, she provides her best services to each of her clients, enhancing their lives in the process. This continuous dedication toward her work is the secret recipe to her client retention and plenty of referrals.

Vision tied up with Growth

Expanding on her vision for the future, Jeya Jeyakanthan says that she is laser-focused on growing her business to the next level. She aims to achieve this by emphasizing more on the development side of the real estate industry.

Humanitarian Endeavors 

Making strides in the real estate industry, Jeya also does a lot of philanthropic work. Alongside her professional prowess, helping people in need is one of her visions. Through charity, she supports causes like animal welfare, arts and culture, disaster and humanitarian relief, education, environment, politics, and social services. 

Enunciating her views on philanthropy and charity, Jeya says, “We send all of our profits made abroad to charities. Specifically, we support orphanages, people with disabilities, and women and children in need.”

Striving to become the Industry Benchmark

Jeya Jeyakanthan starts her day with the thought of conquering the corporate world. All of her spare time is dedicated to achieving that goal diligently. She loves challenging herself to be the best version of herself. A big believer in dreaming big, she wants to be ‘the benchmark’ of the real estate brokers in the city. To motivate the budding with her humble words, Jeya says that if she can do it, anybody can.



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