How To Maintain Your Health As A Gamer?

5 Best Tips To Maintain Your Health As A Gamer? | CIO Women Magazine

For billions of people, gaming is hardly a new frontier. It has finally entered the mainstream, with roughly three billion people playing online video games worldwide. Whether you play for fun on the weekends or for multi-hour marathons in the middle of the night, your gaming habits are highly likely to affect your health. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an impossible feat to achieve.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your health as a gamer;

1. Do not avoid sleep

5 Best Tips To Maintain Your Health As A Gamer? | CIO Women Magazine

‘One more game’ might sometimes do more harm than good. Sleep deprivation is prevalent in the united states, and sacrificing your needed rest for extra gaming time can harm your health as a gamer. It’s important to note that your body repairs your blood vessels when asleep at night. This helps enhances focus and improves your athletic performance. People who do not get enough sleep are more prone to diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, and depression. 

2. Engage in another activity and social hobby

Gaming is mostly quite an isolated, sedentary hobby without many physical benefits. You should consider combining it with another interest or hobby to enhance your cardiovascular health and social abilities. You can indulge in sports, hiking, dancing, or any other exercise that promotes physical fitness improves heart health, strengthens muscles, and ensures overall well-being.  You can also join a fitness club like Fitness 19 to help you get involved in exercises that will boost your overall lifestyle positively. The diversity and balance another hobby provides will help you appreciate gaming more. You will also gain time management skills and other mental cognitive benefits. 

3. Drink a lot of water

5 Best Tips To Maintain Your Health As A Gamer? | CIO Women Magazine

You must provide your body with the water it requires to function. If your eyes or joints get uncomfortable during a gaming session, you may be experiencing an adverse effect of dehydration. If you are the kind who reaches for soda when you are thirsty, do well to keep water available at all times and, if necessary, set a timer to drink water every fifteen minutes to maintain your health as a gamer. Once your body adjusts to proper hydration, you will be surprised how much healthier and more energetic you will feel.

4. Limit your gaming time

When you are immersed in a video game, it is usually easy to lose track of time. But it is necessary that gaming does not interfere with your daily life. Set and stick to time limits for how much time you allow yourself to play each day or week to maintain health as a gamer. 

5. Take a break and rest your eyes

5 Best Tips To Maintain Your Health As A Gamer? | CIO Women Magazine

Gaming puts much pressure on your eyes, which most people fail to recognize. Eye strain not only causes headaches, but it can also cause major harm. You should stretch your eyes-focusing ciliary muscles on a regular basis. Spend time looking away from your gaming screen and focus on other objects. Walk over to your window and breathe fresh air; your eyes will thank you. 



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