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After centuries of injustice faced by women, the world is finally beginning to recognise this has led to an almost invisibly cloaked acceptance of women being ‘less than’ in a society claiming to be closing the gender gap when in fact, ‘equality’ isn’t what women want, it’s simply to be respected as equal value as a human being. It’s in this acknowledgement, we see more acceptance of women rising to claim their place beside men.

The global movement for women’s empowerment is seeing remarkable progress, thanks to the dedicated efforts of influential individuals and leaders who have played a vital role in challenging norms and advocating for gender equality. Several women leaders and visionaries have amplified women’s voices on the global stage. Their passionate commitment has contributed to an increased awareness of women’s needs and has inspired some positive shifts in societal attitudes and structures.

Alongside these visionaries, Maz Schirmer, Founder of the Un-Institute of Women®️, leads the way in transforming women’s lives through innovative methods. Accrediting women as Transformologists, she empowers them to liberate hearts from past pains, enhance emotional intelligence to prevent recurrence, and swiftly reset stress responses to their original design. As a successful entrepreneur prioritizing personal and financial empowerment, Maz shares her journey from a poor, single mother to the #1 position in a Fortune 500 company (at the time). Leading revenues exceeding $37 million, Maz’s approach offers an effortless, organic, and authentic pathway to success, inviting others to join this empowering journey.

A Decade of Empowering Women

Maz’s approach is shaped by her original insights rather than formal education. Her intimate understanding of the female psyche stems from years of personal experience, where she excelled despite initially adopting methodologies ill-suited for women. Realizing the inherent male-brained nature of conventional teachings, Maz Schirmer recognized the need for an alternative approach, giving birth to her transformative enterprise. 

She launched the Institute of Women internationally in 2012, marking the inception of her transformative venture. On the 10th anniversary, she rebranded it as the Un-Institute of Women. Recognizing that the term “Institute” inadvertently conveyed a sense of conventionality contrary to her mission, Maz embraced the concept of the Un-Institute. This rebranding symbolizes a commitment to freeing women from traditional expectations, allowing them to embrace authenticity, values, and morality. The Un-Institute of Women is a testament to a decade of empowering women, breaking conventions, and fostering a refreshingly unstoppable environment.

Ultimate Vision

From its inception, the Un-Institute of Women’s mission was to contribute to a more harmonious world by liberating and empowering women. The goal was to restore a sense of wholeness, value, and competence to women, envisioning a ripple effect extending to future generations. Recognizing the need to reset the dynamics between males and females, Maz Schirmer recruited and trained authentic role models through the Transformologist®️ Program.

These empowered women, having undergone the Creatrix resets, were poised to facilitate Creatrix globally, liberating millions of women to become self-respecting, self-loving, and self-expressing individuals. The ultimate vision is to create a better world where empowered women positively influence the next generation, fostering self-respect and healing for both genders.

Integrity, Empowerment, & Change

Maz is committed to achieving three key goals. Firstly, she strives to live authentically and shares what genuinely worked for her, demystifying the seeming chaos the corporate world misunderstood. Secondly, Maz dedicates herself to empowering women internally, fostering strength and self-worth. Her genuine care and the trust she earns make this endeavor both fulfilling and impactful.

Lastly, Maz confronts the persistent patterns of hardship endured by women across generations. Reflecting on her own family’s experiences, she questions the why behind this cycle and ardently works to break it. Her mission is clear: shield current and future generations from the challenges imposed simply by being born female. In her pursuit of change, Maz embodies a beacon of hope and empowerment for women seeking authenticity, strength, and a break from the shackles of inherited patterns.

Challenging Norms 

Maz was labeled a ‘fluke’ and encountered doubts about her capabilities from those who considered themselves business experts. The pressure to conform peaked during a nationwide conference, where Maz, despite her success, was compelled to teach strategies that contradicted her ethical principles. Choosing integrity over financial security, Maz walked away from the corporate world, rejecting the conventional teachings of acclaimed business authors. Her refusal to compromise her principles marked the beginning of a commitment to help women break free from stifling corporate predictions and focus on tangible results and self-esteem.

Motivated by a genuine desire to uplift women in business, Maz has invested 15,000 hours in intensive research, unveiling the deep-seated insecurities hindering female entrepreneurs. Her revelations challenged traditional business wisdom, questioning the effectiveness of goal-setting methods for women. Maz recognized the pervasive impact of generational female suppression, leading her to address this common thread and empower women by focusing on results and self-esteem.

As Maz delved into her memoir, “THE MAZ FACTOR,” the missing link became apparent during a radio interview. The pivotal moment in her journey lay in a wake-up call on the edge of a road. This realization fueled her relentless pursuit of empowering women in business, challenging the status quo, and disrupting the cycle of female suppression.

Empowering Thousands of Women

Through Maz’s life experiences and journey, thousands of women have found a unique liberation. She has pioneered a groundbreaking methodology, unparalleled in its ability to liberate women from past traumas, address a full range of short-term and long-term stress responses, foster emotional regulation, and elevate self-esteem.

This transformative approach signifies a monumental shift as the only female-formulated methodology ever created, recognizing and catering to the distinctive processing methods of women. Maz empowers women directly through her teachings and extends this empowerment to her facilitators, aptly named “TRANSFORMOLOGISTS,” aiding them in overcoming industry-limiting beliefs. 

The Silent Epidemic

Maz sheds light on the often-overlooked epidemic of women’s depression and anxiety, a pervasive issue surpassing cancer in its prevalence. She underscores the enduring nature of women’s suffering, emphasizing that being born female, predisposes girls to twice the amount of and intensity of pain, with emotional distress often surpassing physical agony. Drawing from her traumas, including several harrowing sexual experiences as a child, Maz articulates the profound impact of trauma on women’s lives.

Having been molested as a child and enduring further trauma, including violent episodes and life-threatening situations, Maz unveils the depth of emotional pain that women endure. Despite enduring atrocities, she finds purpose and determination in advocating for change. Maz’s life experiences fuel her daily commitment to bringing attention to this silent epidemic affecting countless women. 

From Desperation To Innovation

Maz experienced a wake-up call that changed the trajectory of her life. Stricken by an out of the blue epileptic fit at 32, she found herself in a phone box on the side of the road during a safety relocation program, fleeing with her four children. The moment’s shock, the stillness of time, and the world’s silence catalyzed profound self-realization.

Facing the responsibility for change, Maz recognized the urgent need for transformation. Learning to overcome deeply ingrained fears and insecurities, she embarked on a journey of personal growth that included simple yet profound changes—learning to smile, wearing shoes with a heel, and embracing human connections.

Despite the initial hardships of poverty, Maz’s resolve pushed her forward. The difficulties she encountered served as the crucible for the creation of Creatrix®️. Complemented by Transformology®️, a comprehensive system ensuring predictable outcomes, Maz’s story serves as a testament to the power of personal transformation and the creation of a simple solution to complex challenges.

Award-Winning Program

Maz Schirmer introduced Creatrix®️, an unparalleled methodology redefining the landscape of women’s empowerment. Departing from a lucrative career on ethical grounds, Maz’s journey unfolds as a response to the need for genuine, sustainable solutions in an industry that has been stagnant for well over 50 years.

With two decades of experience in sales, leadership, and personal development training, Maz’s departure from the norm marks a courageous shift. Creatrix®️, exclusively designed for women, emerges as a groundbreaking response to deep-seated patterns, offering a transformative alternative to traditional psychology. 

Creatrix®️ is a unique blend of deeply symbolic metaphors and a compelling storyline. Crafted specifically for the female unconscious mind, it defies conventional logic, tapping into the science of epigenetics and the female role in family patterning. Unhypnotic, Creatrix®️ addresses historical traumas within the female nervous system, offering a distinctly female-brained solution to heal and empower. 

Un-Institute’s Innovative Approach

Through the Un-Institute of Women, a team of empowered Transformologists is trained to license and deliver Creatrix®, departing from conventional approaches. Unveiling a new era in women’s empowerment, the Un-Institute, comprised of unapologetic women, achieves undeniable results that break free from historical norms. Its mission is to un-institutionalize women from the constraints of history, creating a transformative HERstory. With a decade of transformative results and a perfect 5-star review record, Maz Schirmer invites women to join as Transformologists and be part of this innovative movement shaping the future of women’s empowerment.

A Multimillion-Dollar Force

Today, the Un-Institute of Women stands as a multimillion-dollar powerhouse, making a profound impact on the lives of hundreds of women and their families. Through the efforts of empowered Transformologists, the company has financially empowered women on a significant scale, creating a ripple effect that extends to thousands of transformed lives.

Transformologists, having conducted thousands of resets using Creatrix, have contributed to healing numerous nervous systems, relationships, and families. The immeasurable and priceless benefit of witnessing women transition from sorrow, grief, and brokenness to liberation, control, peace, love, and joy is at the core of the company’s success.

The impact extends to future generations, with the emergence of Creatrix children born to mothers who have broken family patterns. Maz aims to empower girls for centuries to come, ensuring they know suffering is not an inevitable fate and that, if it occurs, there is a transformative path to healing and moving forward.

Forging Authentic Paths

Maz’s leadership style is profoundly shaped by the lessons gleaned from past leaders. Rather than receiving impactful advice, she drew inspiration from what not to emulate. The inauthenticity, dismissal for her achievements, jealousy, constant fee escalation, manipulation, and masking behaviors of previous leaders guided what she aimed to avoid. This collection of negative experiences became the foundation for her unique leadership approach, one that prioritizes authenticity and rejects the toxic traits she encountered in her past.

Expanding Empowerment Horizons

Maz envisions a global expansion of her transformative services through subsidiaries of the Un-Institute of Women (UIW) with dedicated trainers of Transformologists in every country. With an existing reach of 24 countries and an online teaching platform based in Australia, Maz Schirmer dreams of a future where her program operates worldwide, breaking language barriers and making the transformative power of Creatrix® accessible to women everywhere.

Beyond geographical expansion, Maz harbors a dream to personally liberate the most influential female leaders globally. By setting these leaders free, she aims to unleash their potential to multiply and maximize their impact on making the world a better place. 

Meaningful Entrepreneurship 

Maz’s entrepreneurial program signifies a transformative shift, catering to women’s quest for meaningful entrepreneurship. Guided by Creatrix Transformologists (CTs), the program offers a three-tiered support system featuring ongoing access to free Creatrix, a file vault containing her proven success resources, monthly live mentoring with Maz, and a nurturing sisterhood.

Tailored to address diverse needs, this holistic approach emphasizes simplicity and rewiring processes, ensuring women achieve financial self-sufficiency, even without prior experience. Maz pioneers a model in this new era where women find purpose, support, and genuine empowerment in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Literary Journey: Unveiling Life’s Puzzles

Maz Schirmer has authored several impactful books, each revealing a unique facet of her extraordinary life journey. “The Maz Factor’’ offers a glimpse into her compelling story, while “I’m NOT OK! W.T.F. do I do NOW?”  is a transformational handbook for anyone down and out, her latest publication is “Self Empowerment Journal & Workbook” to help women activate their potential. Her literary contributions extend to “The 10 Secrets to Female Success” and “The 7 In Session Ways to Crush Sabotage,” providing insights and strategies for personal growth and achievement.

In a remarkable turn of events, Maz found herself being filmed delivering her Creatrix methodology in a reality documentary, to ensure it would reach production…Ironically, the women featured became uncoachable just eight months into the reality shoot designed to prove the efficacy of coaching. The film directors searched the globe in the hope there was a method designed to cut through to the depth of emotional healing required for the women, as it became obvious the women required more. 

Embracing Uniqueness

In retrospect, Maz imparts timeless advice to her younger self, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and authenticity. Discouraging the acceptance of judgments from those who claim to know her, she underscores the value of being true to oneself. 

The Power of Tenacity

Overcoming the challenges of promoting innovation and navigating societal stigmas, Maz has faced the rejection of unconventional ideas and the skepticism that comes with not fitting established molds. 

In an industry where self-promotion is often met with skepticism, Maz Schirmer looks forward to the day influential figures will champion her cause, recognizing the undeniable results achieved through her methodologies. She challenges the prevailing notion that success is solely determined by adherence to established processes, emphasizing the need for a paradigm shift that prioritizes problem-solving and values tangible outcomes. 


“Maz pioneers a model in this new era where women find purpose, support, and genuine empowerment in their entrepreneurial journeys.”



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