Natalie VanOyen: Empowering the Real Estate Landscape with Influence and Expertise

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The real estate industry, like many others, can greatly benefit from the presence of women leaders. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the unique perspective and skills that women bring to the table. With their innate ability to foster strong relationships, communicate effectively, and empathize with clients, influential women leaders in real estate play a pivotal role in shaping the industry and driving positive change. The need for such leaders becomes even more crucial as the real estate landscape evolves, demanding adaptability, innovation, and a deep understanding of clients’ diverse needs. 

One such women leader in the real estate industry is Natalie VanOyen, an Associate Broker at RE/MAX Classic. Natalie has risen through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional skills and a genuine commitment to helping individuals navigate the complexities of real estate. She is highly regarded for her outstanding results and ability to guide and support clients through every step of their real estate journey. Her exceptional leadership and dedication make her an inspiring figure and a true role model for aspiring women leaders in the real estate industry.

Journey into Real Estate

Natalie embarked on her journey in real estate, driven by her passion for working with people and positively impacting their lives. While attending college, Natalie initially found employment at a bank, and her dedication and skills led to a promotion in the mortgage department. During her time in the mortgage department, she had the opportunity to interact with individuals seeking assistance with their mortgage needs. These encounters profoundly impacted her, fueling her desire to provide meaningful help to those navigating the complexities of real estate. 

Conquering Initial Challenges 

Natalie VanOyen faced significant challenges during the early years of her real estate career. The transition to a 100% commission-based income was particularly demanding, as her financial stability relied solely on closing sales. Additionally, she needed to invest in marketing efforts to establish her presence and engage potential clients through meaningful conversations. However, Natalie’s commitment to building genuine relationships and prioritizing clients propel her. She trusted the processes, remained patient, and treated others with the utmost care and respect. 

Professional Growth

Natalie’s professional background is characterized by a strong work ethic and a continuous pursuit of growth and success. After completing high school, she joined First of America, where she had the opportunity to participate in a program that reimbursed 80% of her college classes while working full-time. This valuable opportunity allowed her to gain practical experience while furthering her education. Her dedication and determination led to her promotion to the mortgage department, where she quickly excelled and became a top-producing loan officer. Natalie’s hard work often went unnoticed by many, except for her closest friends. Despite the long and demanding hours, she persevered and achieved remarkable results.

Subsequently, Natalie transitioned to Metropolitan Title, taking on a management role. A few years later, she received an enticing offer from Scott Pitcher’s office at RE/MAX Classic to join their management team. While enjoying her managerial positions, she longed to work directly with clients again. Motivated by this passion, she obtained her Real Estate Brokers License and decided to work independently at RE/MAX, where she has been working to date.

Elevating Real Estate Experiences

RE/MAX is a renowned real estate company with a rich history spanning over 50 years across the globe. Natalie takes pride in being a part of this thriving organization. After receiving her broker’s license in 2000, she embarked on her journey as an independent agent under the esteemed banner of RE/MAX Classic. The primary focus at RE/MAX Classic is providing clients with an exceptional home buying or selling experience. Natalie and her team approach each transaction with utmost care and dedication, treating their client’s real estate needs as their own. The company aims to earn its client’s trust and work together to bring them home successfully. 

Specializing in various aspects of the real estate market, including residential and condominium sales, new construction, luxury homes, and more, the company has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to deliver the desired results. Natalie’s team of professionals boasts a range of valued credentials, ensuring their clients receive top-notch service. They bring expertise to every transaction from ABR and CRS to SFR and SRES. With a strong presence in Livingston, Oakland & Northern Washtenaw Counties continues serving the community excellently in real estate services.

Entrepreneurial Drive

Initially expecting a traditional career path, Natalie VanOyen found inspiration in engaging with others, learning about their stories, and discovering their passions. This curiosity and genuine interest in people led her to question her path and explore a career aligned with her passions. Confidence in her ability to generate new business empowered Natalie to leap into entrepreneurship. Despite the initial fear and uncertainty, she discovered that stepping out alone was her best decision. 

Determination and Resilience

Natalie faced several significant challenges when starting her entrepreneurial journey. One of the initial hurdles was securing funding for her new venture, which resulted in her accumulating a debt of approximately $30,000 in 2000. Despite being young and fearful, Natalie remained determined and asked herself, “If I can’t do it, then who?” This mindset propelled her forward, even in the face of uncertainty. Throughout her career, she encountered various obstacles. The real estate market downturn, battling cancer, and even slower months tested her resilience. However, she embraced fear as a motivator, keeping her humble and hungry. By cultivating a positive mindset and surrounding herself with supportive cheerleaders, Natalie found solace and strength during challenging times.

Success through Happy Clients

When Natalie VanOyen founded the company, her vision was simply to make enough money and savings to retire by 40. Her focus was not on becoming the top agent or achieving impressive sales numbers. Instead, she aimed for the satisfaction of having happy, successful clients and financial stability to meet her personal needs. Natalie believed prioritizing her client’s needs and working diligently could achieve her financial security and early retirement goals. However, her philosophy centers on putting clients first, considering their satisfaction as the ultimate measure of success. While awards and accolades may be an excellent addition, she finds fulfillment in providing exceptional service and helping more clients achieve their real estate goals. 

Steady Growth 

Throughout the years, Natalie’s business has experienced a consistent upward trajectory, marked by continuous growth and an expanding client base. Most of her business comes from referrals by satisfied past clients, friends, and family, which fills Natalie with immense pride. When clients are so pleased with her services that they eagerly recommend her to others, it confirms that she has met and exceeded their expectations.

The key to Natalie’s long-standing success lies in her unwavering commitment to prioritizing her clients. She has fostered strong relationships built on trust and satisfaction by prioritizing their needs and treating them with the utmost respect and care. In the post-pandemic era, Natalie has observed a notable shift in the mindset of entrepreneurs. People are more willing to lend a helping hand, valuing hard work and availability. 

Impressive Achievements

Natalie’s real estate business has thrived over the years, solidifying its position with substantial revenue and a loyal clientele base. With a remarkable track record and a wealth of experience spanning over 24 years, Natalie has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions. She is a recipient of prestigious awards such as the Top 500 of Oakland County Award, RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement Award, and HOUR Magazine’s “Best of the Best” Award, and consistently ranks among the top 5% of Realtors in Metro Detroit. Natalie’s commitment to excellence has also earned her the esteemed RE/MAX Platinum Award.

Advice for Reflection and Impactful Leadership

Looking back on her journey, Natalie VanOyen would advise her younger self to maintain the positive attitude and infectious smile that have become her trademark. She would emphasize the importance of worrying less and trusting the process, understanding that success takes time and patience.

In terms of leadership, Natalie received valuable advice from a wise and successful friend. This guidance resonated deeply with her. Her friend encouraged her to ignore the negativity of naysayers and individuals who do not support her success. Natalie learned to focus on those who genuinely want her to succeed and have her best interests at heart. Additionally, she realized the significance of happy clients who became her cheerleaders. She cherishes these relationships and frequently keeps in touch with them.

Education, Expertise, and Entrepreneurial Outlook

Natalie believes being open to learning is the cornerstone of her success in shaping her enterprise. She recognizes the importance of continuous education and growth to keep up with the industry’s changes. Her educational background has equipped her with the knowledge and adaptability to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape effectively. She started her journey right out of high school and still has many years to contribute to her profession. However, she envisions a time when she will bring someone on board who shares her passion and is interested in taking over her business. Natalie plans to work closely with the individual, sharing her invaluable insights, tips, and tricks to ensure a seamless transition.

To budding entrepreneurs, Natalie VanOyen offers a few words of advice. She emphasizes that success in any career, including real estate, requires time, hard work, and perseverance. Long hours and financial challenges are inevitable, but the rewards are worth it for those who stay committed. Natalie encourages celebrating small and significant milestones along the journey, acknowledging that growth and achievements often start modestly.


“Throughout the years, Natalie’s business has experienced a consistent upward trajectory, marked by continuous growth and an expanding client base.”



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