What is Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed in It?

What is Best Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed in It; 3 Easy Steps | CIO Women Magazine

Here are 3 Easy Steps For Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed;

1. What is Strategy Consulting?

The field of Strategy Consulting on helping businesses find the most effective ways to reach their objectives. Researching the subject at hand, then assessing the findings to determine the situation’s potential and threats, and finally suggesting solutions. A subcategory of management consulting in strategy consulting.

The primary emphasis of management consulting is on the organization and its operations, whereas the primary focus of strategy consulting is on individual projects. Strategic advice focuses more on the finer points, whereas management consultancy tends to focus on the larger picture.

The primary driver is the need for an impartial and objective third party in business decision-making. When millions of dollars are at stake, an incorrect judgment may be disastrous for a company. Strategy consultants provide guidance based on research and data in times of such uncertainty.

Strategy Consulting – considered among the most distinguished sectors in consulting – holds around one-eighth of the total consulting market.

2. How To Succeed In Strategy Consulting

Getting started with Strategy Consulting

1. Get the Right Degree(s)

A bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration or a related discipline, is usually required for entry into the profession of strategy consulting. However, a bachelor’s degree is the absolute minimum needed for a Strategy Consulting position. There’s no assurance it will lead you to your destination.

What is Best Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed in It; 3 Easy Steps | CIO Women Magazine

Although there is no universally accepted minimum educational requirement for consulting businesses, MBA graduates are usually given preference. Consulting businesses need responsible adults who have a thorough grasp of company management.

2. analytical skills, and a demonstrated knack for problem-solving.

During your time in school, you should look for internship opportunities, preferably with a consulting business or in a growing sector. In the long run, this will help you find a career in Strategy Consulting by giving you valuable experience in the field.

3. Get a Lot of Experience Under Your Belt

Being a strategy consultant calls for a high level of business and consulting expertise.

Knowing proper boardroom etiquette is essential. To succeed in your position, you must be able to communicate effectively and professionally with executives with whom you will work closely. Strategy consultants, like everyone else, often face thorny choice points. It’s their job, so of course, they’d do it. You’ll need self-assurance and sound judgment if you want to enter this sector and provide guidance that others will really You’ll need self-assurance and sound judgment if you want to enter this sector and provide guidance that others will really follow.

4. You’ll also need to be prepared to clearly explain the rationale behind it at any time.

Not everyone has these abilities right from the bat. They are acquired by living. You should plan on spending at least a few years in business and consulting to hone these skills. Keep in mind that strategy consultants often have in-depth knowledge of a certain industry or aspect of the company.

What is Best Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed in It; 3 Easy Steps | CIO Women Magazine

The executive team must respect your judgment. If you want to run a healthcare business but have never worked in the field, no one will take you seriously when making important choices.

5. Recognize the Terrain

Consulting is a growing industry, and prospective consultants would do well to familiarize themselves with its history and trajectory. The consulting industry had exceptional growth, increasing in value from $140 billion in 2008 to $160 billion in 2019. The worldwide expansion of this sector was slowed by the COVID-19 epidemic by around 19 percent. There was a worldwide drop of roughly 19% in growth because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, consultants may find more possibilities to assist businesses to innovate and develop a new vision for the future of work as many firms and sectors change their approach to work over the long term.

6. Familiarize Yourself with the Industry. 

Strategy consulting businesses may be divided into two broad categories. Either a company is a “pure-play,” providing just strategy consulting, or it provides strategy consulting as an additional service.

McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company are the top three pure-play companies in the world. Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Accenture, Oliver Wyman, and CapGemini are just a few examples of reputable companies with thriving strategy consulting divisions.

It would behoove you to be familiar with those names if you are considering a career in strategy consulting. Those connections might be the first step in establishing a network that leads to an interview.

3. How to Succeed in Consulting

I know what you’re thinking: how can I set myself apart from other consultants once I enter the workforce? Finding a specific consulting specialty is the first step toward professional fulfillment. In the corporate world, whatever particular field do you consider yourself an expert in? Is there a particular kind of difficulty that you excel at resolving? The most effective consultants know how to put their knowledge to work for their customers. Prior to joining the profession, give serious consideration to what you can offer.

What is Best Strategy Consulting & How to Succeed in It; 3 Easy Steps | CIO Women Magazine

If you desire repeat business from your current clientele, it takes more than just providing more value. In order to keep attracting new customers, you need to prove your worth to them. Successful consultants must be able to explain what value they offer and demonstrate why they are the greatest fit to help prospective clients, which may be done by providing important thought leadership material, case studies, or a roster of testimonials from former customers and projects.

Keeping your consulting skills strong is also essential to your career’s success. In 2020, consulting businesses see the need for new talents as their biggest problem, with 43.5 percent seeing it as such. Stay ahead of the curve by always honing your analytical and problem-solving prowess. The area of strategy consulting is stimulating and useful. It’s a method of providing firms with direction and helping them to remain on course. Although finding employment in the industry is challenging, those who put in the time and effort to acquire the necessary knowledge, abilities, and experience may increase their chances of success.


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