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Susan L. Axelrod - Guiding Women to Empowerment | Axelrod Confidence Coaching LLC | CIO Women Magazine

“Listen to yourself, believe her, trust her.”

Susan L. Axelrod stands as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration, heralding a new era of leadership through her remarkable venture, Axelrod Confidence Coaching LLC. As an inspiring women leader of our time, Susan is dedicated to transforming the landscape for women in business, especially those forging their paths as entrepreneurs.  

Her commitment to nurturing and fortifying business confidence among women entrepreneurs has ignited a profound movement that resonates far beyond the corporate realm. With an impressive amalgamation of expertise, experience, and empathy, Susan L. Axelrod is at the forefront of championing women in business, paving the way for them to conquer their challenges and seize their rightful success.

A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Susan L. Axelrod embarked on her professional journey with an early passion for professional fundraising, a path she embraced at the age of 22. Right from the start, she found herself fusing her innate skills, affable personality, and keen interests, particularly her people-oriented disposition.

She says, “I became professionally certified in the field of fundraising (a Certified Fundraising Raising Executive, CFRE) at age 30 and maintained that certification for more than 35 years. At age 39, after 17 years as a practitioner, I chose to become a consultant to have flexibility with our young children.”

As 2015 dawned, she confidently embraced the title of a Coach, and her journey down this transformative path has persisted unabated since. Her diverse clientele encompasses mature women, young professionals, and nonprofit executives. Evidencing her steadfast commitment to professional growth and expertise, Susan achieved certification as a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP) from the Certified Coaches Alliance in 2018. 

This was followed by certification as a Trauma Informed Professional Coach (TIPC) by Lodestar in 2021. A moment of unexpected recognition arrived in 2019 when she was bestowed with the prestigious ‘Best of Rexford Award in the Life Coach Category,’ a distinction that underscored the impact she had effortlessly made in the lives of those she touched, even without actively pursuing it.

Shaping with Education

Blessed with the privilege of attending one of the most esteemed women’s colleges in the United States, Susan experienced an environment of respect and intellectual enrichment. Her academic journey at Mount Holyoke College not only provided her with a profound education but also allowed her to thrive without the usual competition she might have encountered in a mixed-gender setting. After graduation, she embarked on her journey armed with a degree that would significantly shape her path.

“I created my own independent study in the area of religion, politics and history and this gave me an outlook that opened my mind and has supported my ability to work with different kinds of people without judgment.”

In the initial decade of her career, Susan made a deliberate commitment to continuous professional growth, actively pursuing ongoing education. This deliberate choice exposed her to diverse perspectives, various realms of expertise, and new opportunities, laying the foundation for her remarkable three-decade professional journey.

As her career unfolded, Susan crafted her personal spiritual university. She diligently sought wisdom from countless spiritual and philosophical speakers, embracing an ever-evolving consciousness. This pursuit not only enriched her personal journey but also augmented her capacity to understand and connect with individuals from all walks of life, reflecting her commitment to growth and understanding.

The Essence of Axelrod Confidence Coaching

“I coach you to Confidence.”

In 2015, Susan L. Axelrod brought Axelrod Confidence Coaching LLC into existence, a venture through which she guides individuals toward a profound sense of confidence. Her coaching methodology revolves around collaboratively identifying and dismantling the barriers that impede personal growth, while also aligning the pathways to define one’s unique impact. By tapping into her clients’ authentic responses, she empowers them to unearth their own genuine solutions—answers that stand as reliable pillars supporting the realization of their envisioned life.

Susan’s specialization lies in partnering with individuals with a profound aspiration to effect positive change on a global scale. It’s for this reason that she is aptly known as a Legacy Coach. Grounded in a deep reverence for the wisdom and intuition inherent in each person’s life journey, Susan’s approach focuses on nurturing Soul Confidence as the catalyst for establishing a lasting legacy. Under her guidance, individuals are committed to personal growth and transformation.

At the core of her company’s vision remains a simple yet steady commitment: Susan’s desire to help and support others on their unique life journeys. Her goal is to streamline and expedite this journey for her clients, enabling them to traverse it with greater ease and swiftness than she herself experienced. The overarching aspiration, consistent since its inception, is to accelerate the recognition of opportunities for leaving a legacy and making impactful contributions on a global scale.

The Inspiration 

Inspiration to transition her journey towards coaching was sparked by Susan’s resounding success in her career. With over three decades as a professional fundraiser, she orchestrated continuous triumphs by guiding individuals in crafting their philanthropic legacies. 

As the second half of life beckoned and Susan L. Axelrod contemplated the road ahead, she meticulously assessed the value and skills accrued over her career, leading her to recognize that the coaching methodology encapsulated both innate and acquired abilities.

In the pages of her life story, a fitting title would be ‘In Soul Alignment,’ which notably serves as the forthcoming title of her fifth book. Susan has harvested the wisdom of residing in soul alignment—a profound shift that has irrevocably transformed her existence. Driven by a fervent desire to share this transformational experience with others, she has dedicated herself to aiding individuals in altering the course of their own lives through the wisdom encapsulated in her upcoming book.

Challenges to Opportunities

In the initial years, Susan faced the formidable task of grounding herself in the recognition and acceptance of her own intuition. The journey was marked by difficulties, especially the challenge of grappling with uncertainty about whether her interactions with clients were on the right track. Despite her feelings of inadequacy, Susan persevered in her commitment to the work, eventually finding her rhythm by embracing her intuition as a guiding force. 

This pivotal shift allowed her to discover a more authentic stride in her coaching practice. In the formative year after her transition into coaching, Susan embarked on an intensive process of client acquisition. She diligently engaged in numerous sessions daily, often at modest fees, sculpting a business immersion that would refine her approach. 

During her client interactions, she fostered deep listening and invited her intuition to guide her responses. The transformative outcome was a surge in unsolicited positive feedback, a testament to the impact she was making. Encouraged by this growing affirmation, Susan proactively sought feedback and testimonials, which contributed to her burgeoning self-assurance.

As her confidence grew, Susan transitioned to adjusting her pricing structure to establish greater financial stability, constituting the third significant challenge in her path. The fourth challenge revolved around streamlining her approach to potential clients and projects, refining her focus, and honing in on a defined market. 

Navigating Shifts

Amidst the array of challenges, the onset of the pandemic cast a significant shadow on Susan’s journey personally. And, the landscape of entrepreneurship underwent a transformation in the post-pandemic era, witnessing an influx of individuals venturing into independent work. 

This surge, fueled by the belief in the viability of remote accessibility through online platforms, led to a remarkable rise in entrepreneurship. However, this wave was not without its pitfalls. Many individuals, lacking prior business experience and a structured plan, fell prey to ill-conceived investments propagated by the industry offering ‘training’ to online entrepreneurs that proved non-productive.

Susan adds, “The pandemic-era entrepreneurial landscape became characterized by stark contrasts between male and female entrepreneurs.” Her observation discerned a growing cohort of women entrepreneurs taking on additional roles, providing economic support for husbands who had lost their jobs or were grappling with mental health challenges and addiction. 

The pursuit of entrepreneurship, fueled by a quest for flexibility in balancing familial responsibilities, often led these women onto a relentless hamster wheel of trying to meet the demands of various spheres—family, business, and caregiving—without respite. Despite aspirations of finding a holistic solution, entrepreneurship inadvertently became a cycle, reflecting the intricate challenges and expectations faced by women navigating multifaceted roles in a complex world.

Decades of Growth and Lasting Impact

Susan’s growth trajectory can be aptly characterized as a gradual and steady ascent, akin to a long, low-rising curve. Over the span of several decades, she dedicated herself to an enduring journey of work and personal development, consistently delving deeper into her understanding of the Soul. In the past decade, her journey has witnessed an accelerated rise, particularly in terms of her impact on others.

In her current stage, Susan boasts a fully booked roster of clients, encompassing a diverse spectrum. This includes fresh faces seeking her guidance, steadfast long-term clients who continue to benefit from her coaching, and referral-based clients who swiftly commit after initial Discovery sessions. Susan’s proprietary Intuitive Business System works.

Her annual revenue stands as a testament to the success of her endeavors of sustaining her own life. It also enables her to channel funds into her philanthropic pursuits, reflecting her deep commitment to giving back.

Sustaining Excellence

The bedrock of Susan’s enduring success lies in her unflagging commitment to learning and growth. She has shown a remarkable openness to confronting her personal issues and traumas, a quality that has contributed to the resilience of her coaching practice. 

A cornerstone of her approach is her direct engagement with people’s pain and trauma, an attribute that sets her apart. Many clients confide that they have entrusted her with revelations they’ve never shared before, underscoring her ability to create a space where souls can unfurl through candid discourse.

“I have learned to be in non-judgment, and to let the Soul rise through revelation.”

A unique aspect of her practice is her willingness to share her own life experiences-both the blessings and the flaws and traumas, cementing the connection between her and her clients. By showing her own human side and the realities of her own existence, she provides reassurance that her clients are not alone in their struggles. This shared humanity forms the bedrock of the relationships she fosters with those she guides on their transformative paths.

A Peek into the Future

Susan’s future plans encompass self-help and self-care, a dual commitment rooted in achieving a well-balanced state of mind and being. This foundation will allow her to continue sharing insights drawn from her life experiences and client engagements through various modalities.

In the realm of literature, Susan L. Axelrod wants to continue writing and publishing. With four self-help books already published and a fifth in progress, her dedication to sharing wisdom through words remains unwavering. Podcasting is another significant aspect of her journey, as she plans to continue hosting numerous podcasts to facilitate meaningful discussions and growth.

Susan’s commitment extends to supporting young professionals through mentoring, advising, and executive coaching. She is keenly attentive to the impact of COVID-19 on the younger generation and listens closely to their perspectives. Simultaneously, she will guide women in their later years to prioritize holistic well-being and share their wisdom with younger generations, contributing to a healthier world.

Furthermore, Susan plans to deepen her integration of Qigong—a holistic Chinese practice that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit—into her work. This commitment underscores her dedication to growth, evolution, and making a lasting positive impact.

Words to a Younger Susan

In her third book, aptly titled ‘Dear Younger Self,’ Susan L. Axelrod shares invaluable advice she would offer to her own younger self. Through this reflective lens, she imparts a heartfelt message:

Dear Younger Self: Appreciate the sun and the moon, the tides and the sand, the rain and the wind. And your breath. Appreciate your breath more. These are the markers of life. Material things are nice, they are not unimportant. But in the end, when things get so hard that you think you cannot bear it, there is one thing that you can still rely on–the earth will rotate, and dawn will arrive. So, make more time to sit in nature and breathe, just breathe.

Feel your breath connecting to the essence of the earth, the tone of the tides, or the majesty of the mountains. Please know that it is okay to believe in G-d as the universal source of all that is. But, know, too, that it is free will and choice that is your connection to Self. This connection will support you throughout the perilous journey that is one’s life. Connect back to your source, not to the material things, not to the success that others project. Go in, go deep. Come into your own, now; there is freedom the likes of which you cannot imagine now.

Parting Message to Budding Entrepreneurs

Understand what being self-healthy means. If you are not mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy, any structures you create will have weak links that may snap. You don’t have to be ‘perfectly’ well in all 4 areas of life, but being aware of Mental Awareness, Physical Awareness, Spiritual Awareness and Emotional Awareness will be game-changing for your entrepreneurial endeavors. They will be healthier from the start leading to faster achievement and quicker rise. 



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