8 Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package

8 Best Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package | CIO Women Magazine

Here are eight options for doing your next training session Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package:

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of the numerous methods in which you might offer your learning program, but it will provide you with a good basis for designing your course:

Here are 8 Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package;


As it incorporates many training delivery techniques into one, blended learning has the potential to be the most efficient and all-encompassing. Learners are more likely to have their needs fulfilled and to be fully challenged because of this support for a variety of learning modalities and styles & Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

One practical use is the way I teach a Business Development Program to franchise organizations; the lessons are presented in asynchronous online tutorials and are fed to the cohort gradually so that everyone learns at the same rate.

We have collaborated with the franchise group to develop training modules that present the principles of learning in a manner consistent with their workplace policies and procedures, and then we have contextualized the activities so that they can be practiced and applied in their actual working environment Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

Franchisees may ask me questions about the material covered in the preceding module during a monthly live Q&A webinar that is accessible from anywhere in the globe. Quarterly assessments of their workplaces with their franchisors and an annual in-person training class as a group at the franchise group’s annual conference further mix their learning into practice.

Then, if they need more help, students have access to optional one-on-one coaching or consultation sessions.

How may you, as in my above-described real-world example, Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package integrate several training delivery techniques to significantly improve your learner’s experience?

All of the training delivery options should be carefully considered to provide the best possible environment for the trainees.


Those pesky online classes. Training thousands of people from all over the world at once while sipping a pina colada on the Gili Islands (I do this a lot!) expands access to education that might not otherwise be available to students due to geographical location; increases profits by eliminating overheads such as venue hire; and makes your business super scalable Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

In order to create a self-paced online course, all you need to do is create a virtual classroom where students may sign up whenever it’s convenient for them and go at their own pace through the material at their own pace Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

That enrollment for a student need not coincide with that of any other student is what is meant by the word “asynchronistic.” This means, for instance, that there are no “cohorts” or “intakes” of students who all begin classes at the same time. By definition, asynchronous events allow participants to begin and end at their own convenience.


‘Synchronistic’ delivery works well for the instructor-led online course.

This is the case when the online course has a more rigid structure, including beginning and ending dates, as well as intermediate goals for completing different parts of the course, including completing modules and tests & Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

A synchronistic approach to education would primarily involve instructor-led components in addition to the self-paced elements of the course, such as webinars, live discussions, or one-on-one mentoring sessions at key milestones, to guarantee that all students in the group are making the same progress through the course of study. When it comes to providing corporate training and certified education, this approach shines.


While there is no doubt that online education has many advantages, it is impossible to deny the value of in-person instruction.

Face-to-face instruction is unlikely to ever become obsolete since there will always be students who prefer it. This is not because these students are ‘old school,’ but rather because they just learn best in this format.

Social media use is rooted in the human need for interpersonal connection and contact since humans are essentially sociable beings Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

8 Best Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package | CIO Women Magazine

Some of this can be replicated in online learning via tools like discussion boards and online communities, but they can’t replace the personal connections made between instructors and students in traditional classroom settings.

Due to the actual presence, more engaging and practical activities are feasible that would not be possible online, catering to a wider range of learning modes and styles and allowing for ad hoc instructor support & Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

Face-to-face instruction will always have advantages for the student and the learning process as a whole, but it will be more costly, less scalable, and more difficult to organize than online instruction. That style won’t go away anytime soon.


During simulation or scenario-based training, the actual environment in which the acquired skills and knowledge will be used is recreated as accurately as possible so that the learner’s abilities may be assessed under the same conditions as those under which they would be used in the real world. Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package Professional and occupational education may benefit greatly from this approach.

In the case of fire safety training, for instance, students are exposed to actual flames and extinguishers in a safe but realistic setting. Simulations allow pilots to train in a safe, but realistic, environment before they ever get behind the controls of a real plane, and they also allow customer service representatives to hone their profession via practice with fictitious customers and scripted role-play.

Although more practical (and thus face-to-face) in nature, the concept of scenarios can be used very effectively in online courses by “setting a scene” that the learners are confronted with and facilitating a guided discussion, Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package a series of open-ended questions, or multiple choice questions to ascertain what the student would do in that situation.


The delivery of training and evaluation in vocational education is quickly being taken over by virtual reality education because it provides risk-free, immersive learning experiences for the most high-risk, hazardous, or difficult-to-prepare-for occupations.

8 Best Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package | CIO Women Magazine

Learning environments like mines, oil rigs, battlefields, and operating rooms for heart surgery can be recreated in virtual reality, with the help of careful curriculum design and VR technology, in such a Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package that they respond to the actions of the learners and trigger consequences that could actually occur depending on their behavior. Because our brains can’t tell the difference between the real and the virtual while we’re in the middle of a virtual encounter, it’s an ideal way to evaluate a student’s performance in a professional setting.


There are times when getting your hands filthy is the only way to learn something (that isn’t really harmful). Because it incorporates all four types of knowledge—theoretical, practical, contextual, and the unexpected, real-world—experience-based learning is very beneficial. On-the-job training that really works follows a sequence of learning objectives with measurable, recordable performance criteria that an assessor may use in the workplace Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

Creating a comprehensive “observation checklist” that walks the learner and their “assessor” through the activity and the circumstances under which the task may or may not be accomplished is one method to include workplace training in your online or offline courses. The ‘assessor’ (who may be the student’s direct boss at work if this is not formalized training) would then watch the student do the job and ‘check off’ each instance when the task was performed correctly. Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package Students may submit this checklist by email, Google Drive, or DropBox as proof of course completion.

In my online course, Advanced Train the Trainer & Curriculum Design, I go into much more depth on the topic of planning and delivering training in the workplace.


Both coaching and mentoring are great methods to teach learners and pass on your experience; I discuss the differences between the two in more depth in my online course “Mentoring in the Workplace.” Coaching and mentoring may be integrated into a larger training program, or the full ‘course’ of growth can be delivered one-on-one.

8 Best Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package | CIO Women Magazine

I’ve included ‘up-sell’ options in my video training courses where students may pay extra to get personalized coaching and assistance from me to develop their own video courses after they’ve completed the course material. For those who want or need it, this provides an additional cushion of support Ways to Set Your Online Coaching Package.

People appreciate the one-on-one attention and genuine connection that comes with coaching, so much so that my Course Creation Group Coaching Program has skyrocketed in popularity since co-vid-19.



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