13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients

13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients | CIO Women Magazine

Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting your feet wet as a coach with a small handful of clients or if you’re ready to take your company to the next level and bring on more customers. The correct tools in one’s toolbelt may help anybody.

Because coaching is a niche field, it’s crucial to use helpful, efficient tools. Here are a few coaching tools to help you establish a good initial and lasting impression with your clients when you begin the coaching process.

Here are the 13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients;

1. Satori

You’ll spend a lot of time in your inbox as your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients company expands. You may like talking to customers on the phone, but you also have administrative tasks like invoicing, questionnaire creation, client scheduling, and management to do.

The moment has come to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system if you find yourself spending more time on the administrative side of your company than the teaching side. By automating routine administrative chores, you may provide a more professional impression to new and existing customers alike.

You may be familiar with other CRM programs like Dubsado or Honeybook, but the great thing about Satori is that it was designed with coaches in mind from the start. This implies that the program was designed with one goal in mind: making it easier for you to create a successful online tutoring company.

Satori is designed specifically for coaches, giving you the freedom to establish a variety of Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients packages, and programs tailored to your clientele.

Satori’s ascent to prominence as a leading CRM solution for automating your online coaching company comes as no surprise, given the hundreds of coaches already utilizing it. For as little as $39 per month, Satori might be the lifesaver you’ve been looking for to streamline the expansion of your coaching company.

2. Calendly

Even if you’re not seeking as many features as Satori offers, you probably still want a simple method to book meetings with clients. If you and your coworkers are constantly exchanging meeting time suggestions through email, it may be time to use an automatic scheduling solution.

You may schedule meetings, appointments, and more with Calendly. The process of creating a Calendly account is really simple, and once you have one, you can quickly and easily set your availability and exclude certain days and hours. Depending on the nature of the Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients call, you have some leeway in determining how long each session lasts.

13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients | CIO Women Magazine

You may avoid double-booking yourself by connecting your Calendly account to your existing Google Calendar or iCalendar. We also appreciate that you may put some breathing space into your calendar by setting buffer intervals between meetings.

With over two million users, Calendly has proven to be an invaluable resource for companies of all sizes and individuals in charge of scheduling appointments. Before committing to the product, you may try it out for free with one event type to see whether it meets your needs. Many instructors like that their cheapest package just costs $8 per month per user.

3. You Can Book Me

You Can Book Me is an option to consider if your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients firm have expanded to the point where numerous team members are needed. They consider themselves the industry standard when it comes to team calendar scheduling software.

You may avoid double-booking appointments and having to postpone personal events by syncing your schedule with your event calendars, much as in Calendly. It also has a handy time zone converter, which might be useful for instructors working with an international clientele.

Both potential and existing customers may benefit from personalized email and SMS text message notifications and follow-ups. You can make your schedules and appointments seem exactly the way you want them to with the aid of this application, thanks to the variety of visual branding possibilities it provides.

You may evaluate the effectiveness of the software for yourself in a risk-free 14-day trial and then decide whether or not to purchase a subscription. For just $10 per month, you may have access to all of the features of the team calendar without paying more per user than you would with Calendly. They also boast top-notch Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients department that is always open and ready to take your call.

4. Acuity

One of the most popular scheduling apps among independent creatives is Acuity Scheduling. Besides being able to schedule Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients sessions, the platform also accepts payments via popular services like PayPal, Stripe, and Square. To further streamline accounting processes, it can sync automatically with software like Freshbooks, Quickbooks, and Xero.

While it’s true that Acuity isn’t a full-fledged customer relationship management system, it does provide more than your average calendar scheduling application. This makes it a good option for coaches who don’t need or can’t afford a customer relationship management system but would benefit from a more powerful scheduling and automatic payment processing solution.

In Acuity, you can monitor the expansion of your income and fine-tune the look and feel of your integrated forms to guarantee a smooth user experience. Acuity also allows you to sell gift cards, collect payments for memberships, and provide discounts on your packages.

Acuity automates scheduling and payments for coaches for as little as $15 per month for one calendar. This site offers a free trial that lasts for 14 days.

5. Assistant.to

Assistant.to might be just what you need if you do the majority of your customer communication via Gmail. You may arrange Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients sessions directly from your Gmail inbox using Assistant.to, rather than forking over money for an additional scheduling program.

With just a few clicks, you can create and send personalized schedule suggestions to your customers using this convenient application. While this is preferable to exchanging endless emails, it still won’t streamline the process of setting up meetings. There is still a need to manually enter your availability for each customer into the Gmail app.

If the trade-off is too great, you should investigate other timekeeping and planning methods. Assistant.to may be a suitable fit in Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients if you don’t mind not being able to automate this procedure and want to keep all of your correspondence inside Gmail.

6. Voxer

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing calendar scheduling alternatives, but there are many more Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients worth considering.

Coaching professionals often struggle with deciding how to follow up with their clients following a session.

13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients | CIO Women Magazine

There will inevitably be some chit-chat in between coaching sessions since many instructors offer monthly or continuing coaching packages. Is there anything you can recommend to help you get these discussions away from your already overflowing inbox?

To begin, you may begin using Voxer in your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients sessions. Voxer bills itself as “the walkie-talkie app for team collaboration” since it enables users to communicate with one another and with customers through audio messages.

Send a voice recording to someone’s Voxer account instead of leaving a voicemail on their phone, and they may play it again whenever they choose. The software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it can be used to save and organize all of your customer communications in one convenient location.

It may be simpler for some of your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients to listen to a voice recording than to write out an email. Try Voxer out for free to see whether it can help you and your customers save time.

7. Loom

You haven’t lived until you’ve used Loom if you think the idea of delivering audio messages to your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients is cool. It’s a free piece of software that records videos so you may share them with your coaching customers in between sessions through the cloud.

You may either record yourself speaking with the camera on your smartphone or share your screen using their screen-sharing features. Of course, you may also just display a video of yourself instead of sharing your screen.

The fact that your recorded video is automatically uploaded to Loom’s servers and then kept in the cloud is one of our favorite features.

This program may save you from slowing down your computer or having to invest in numerous external hard drives if you intend to generate several films per customer that are longer than fifteen minutes. When you join Loom here, you may use it without paying anything like Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients.

8. Zoom

Zoom is worth looking at if the idea of video records for Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients intrigues you but you’re still trying to figure out how to conduct live sessions. For good reason, it has become a fan favorite among coaches.

Although Skype and Google Hangouts are also capable of video conferencing, Zoom has gained popularity due to its user-friendliness and the simplicity with which it can be scheduled. Those who want to run group Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients and have all participants join the live call at the same time will find this feature quite useful.

The video and audio quality on Zoom calls are among the best in the industry, and the app’s stable internet connection is another plus. The only things you need to do to get started sign up for an account and download the program.

9. HelloSign

In the preceding section, we discussed contracts in the context of customer relationship management software. Will it still be simple to create and send out contracts? HelloSign says yes!

You may use HelloSign to finalize a business collaboration by having both parties electronically sign a contract or proposal. Contracts may be signed quickly and simply between you and your customers. This will allow you to get started with your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients engagement sooner.

We highly advocate using a contract agreement for every customer you deal with, therefore this sort of tool is crucial. Yes, even if it’s a member of your own family or a close friend!

A contract is a legally binding agreement between you and your customer that specifies the services to be performed and the terms under which they must be performed.

Only pay for HelloSign if you expect to submit more than three contracts each month. If you truly like this product and are doing more than that in monthly contract work, you may want to consider upgrading Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients $13 per-month plan.

10. Evernote

You may find it useful to take notes during Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients. If you want to keep track of your ideas on paper, you may do so in a diary or notepad, but you’ll need to type them up before sending them to the customer.

Create an account with Evernote instead, and access your notes from any computer or mobile device.

With Evernote, you may set up a sophisticated filing system for your notes. When dealing with numerous customers at once, all of your notes on each of them may be found in one convenient location. This facilitates their discovery and dissemination to customers.

The “greatest note-taking app” has been crowned, and we couldn’t agree more! To save time in between meetings, you may use the documents to make to-do lists for customers, discuss ideas, and work together.

Remember that although you may try out Evernote without spending a dime, greater space and features will need a paid subscription. To make note-taking and document management more affordable, Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients subscriptions start at $7.99 per month per user.

11. Google Drive

It’s possible that you already make use of this resource, but we felt it was important enough to include in our rundown. Like Evernote, Google Drive lets you create shared documents like slideshows and spreadsheets, and it also lets you save notes online Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients.

Photos, films, and other media files might also benefit from being archived. With Google Drive, you can save all of your files in one convenient location. If you have a free Google account, you may access Google Drive on any computer, phone, or tablet.

12. Whatsapp

What if you want to test your Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients but don’t want to pay the high costs associated with sending and receiving SMS messages? With Whatsapp, you can quickly and safely send and receive messages and phone calls over the internet with anybody in your contact list.

13 Best Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients | CIO Women Magazine

Whatsapp is a great method to remain in touch with customers from other countries through text messages without having to pay exorbitant data fees. The app is mobile and desktop friendly.

13. Paperbell

If you enjoy Satori but want to see what else is out there Coaching Tools to Stay in Touch with Clients, Paperbell is worth considering. In order to streamline the process for your customers, they will only provide them with scheduling alternatives once they have paid. As a result, there is no longer any need to send out invoices or keep track of payments.



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